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Pokemon Stadium Fusion

Name: Pokemon Stadium Fusion
Remade by: Seohaine
Based on: Pokemon Stadium
Twitter’s Seohaine: https://twitter.com/HaseoHaine
Youtube’s Seohaine: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcbpVy-LrGFTkT_u2ko0bMw
Twitch’s Seohaine: https://www.twitch.tv/seohaine
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Stadium Fusion by Seoluis! It’s a Nintendo 64 Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Stadium.

All Pokemon are fused with HD Graphics, new songs, new moves, new animations, new type, Dmax, Improved AI and more.. It’s beta in English when I made this video. And now, Let’s play!

Pokemon Stadium Fusion is a Hack Rom that implements all stuff for all gens and make amazing fusions for every pokemon
all 151 pokemon are balanced which means you can battle with bruterpie (caterpie + bruxish) vs Glaking (nidoking + glalie).

-Graphics Improved HD
-New songs (other game pokemon songs and remasters)
-New textures for fusions
-FRZ and SLP fixed
-SPD added
-New moves
-New animations
-Move split
-Dark, Steel, Fairy added
-Dual and triple boost and decreaser effects
-All fusions have uber stats (LC and NFE included)
-some items improved
-Lots of abilities improved
-New abilities
-Abilities, items and berries added
– Each pkm can have 1 berry and 1 item
-Menu for abilities,items and berries in rental
-18 weathers/fields added
-AI improved (it’s like online battles in showdown)

-The game will be like those JRPG where you can set various items in this case
a berry + some other item (sitrus berry + life orb)
-Rentals will begin with 9 pokemon to choose you need to progress and win cups to unlock every tier
-Every pokemon will have 5 abilities cap , 4 of them are unlockables
-Every pokemon will have 25 items cap to choose but 20 are unlockables
-Every pokemon will have 20 moves cap but 14 are unlockables

Beta 1 Changelog:
Don’t play other cups, only PETIT is available!!

this mod updates to 8th gen mechanics and combines 2 pokemon, typing,
stats, etc

there is about 200+ moves
special defense added
Mega evolution stats
split physical and special
status condition updated
fairy, steel and dark added
multiple boost/debuff moves
AI improved

this time this beta will have a randomized cup (PETIT CUP) with
18 weather/terrain included

This game is an N64 Hack ROM. It’s Beta in English!



Download Pokemon Stadium Fusion Beta (Beta)
Download Pokemon Stadium Fusion Emulator

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