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Pokemon Bloody Red

Name: Pokemon Bloody Red
Remade by: DarkSanae
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source Link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=450980
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Bloody Red by DarkSanae! It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red.


It has Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi starter when the rival starter is Kecleon, Rayquaza, and Bloody Rayquaza. The map is changed and the gameplay is harder. It’s completed in English.

Pokemon Bloody Red is just some generic difficulty hack of Fire Red but a ridiculously high one. Inspired by kaizo games by SHF, Bloody Platinum by Buffy and Touhoumon Insane by Drakuaza


The mysterious and terrifying alien life forms have invaded the region. Mimicking all of the legendary pokemon as their referred weaponry and creating them into a horrific evil clone known as the “Bloody Legendaries”. They have fully controlled the elite four and hunt down to those who roam in the wild alone. All of the pokemon including the legendaries will join forces from the hero to battle against the otherworldly evil and retrieve Kanto region back to its own.


=====[Rival Starter]=====
Kecleon => Rayquaza => Bloody Rayquaza


=====[Gym level curves]=====
Brock = 18-20
Misty = 38-40
Lt. Surge = 58-60
Erika = 78-80
Koga = 98-100
Sabrina = 98-100
Koichi = 98-100
Blaine = 100
Giovanni = 100

=====[Rival level curves]=====
Route 22 = 20-24
Cerulean City = 40-42
SS Anne = 58-60
Pokemon Tower = 78-80
Silph Co. = 98-100
Route 22 part 2 = 100
Final Battle = 100

=====[Bloody Legendaries]=====
The main antagonists of this hack.
– Customized stats, moves, types, and abilities
– Max EVs
– All legendaries except the starters
– cannot be caught

– completely gen 3 experience
– cannot get out of gyms until you defeat the boss
– trainer battles with ubers
– trainers with EVs
– boss battles with 6 team and full restores
– revives aren’t allowed
– LVL 100 elite four
– flash mazes
– unchanged movepools except for the starters
– Pokeball and safari balls only
– run away ability is replaced with illuminate
– no crying allowed

=====[Changed Evolutions]=====
feebas ====> 40 milotic
kadabra ====> 33 alakazam
machoke ====> 42 machamp
graveler ====> 45 golem
seadra ====> 51 kingdra
haunter ====> 45 gengar
onix ====> 34 steelix
scyther ====> 36 scizor
porygon ====> 40 porygon2
poliwhirl ====> 52 poliwrath
golbat ====> 40 crobat
slowpoke ====> slowking w/ sun stone
poliwhirl ====> politoed w/ water stone
clamperl ====> huntail w/ moon stone
clamperl ====> gorebyss w/ sun stone
eevee ====> umbreon w/ moon stone
eevee ====> espeon w/ sun stone

=====[New 2nd Abilities]=====
Venusaur = chlorophyll
Blastoise = rain dish
Raichu = lightning rod
Ninetales = drought
Vileplume = effect spore
Parasect = damp
Rapidash line = flame body
Tyrouge = vital spirit
Kingdra = damp
Electabuzz = vital spirit
Magmar = vital spirit
Flareon = guts
Umbreon = inner focus
Zapdos = static
Moltres = flame body
Dragonite line = marvel scale
Typhlosion line = flash fire
Ampharos line = plus
Beast Trio = inner focus
Blaziken line = speed boost
Swampert line = damp
Dustox = compound eyes
Masquerain = rain dish
Plusle = lightning rod
Minun = volt absorb
Sharpedo line = speed boost
Cacturne line = water absorb
Altaria line = cloud nine
Armaldo line = swift swim
Huntail = water veil
Regirock = sturdy
Tyranitar = intimidate

=====[Changed Legendary Abilities]=====

Articuno = compound eyes
Mewtwo / Deoxys = synchronize
Lugia = intimidate
Ho-oh = drought

=====[Gift Pokemon]=====
Hitmonlee = Tyrogue
Hitmonchan = Hitmontop
Lapras = Beldum

Changed player sprites

This game is a GBA Hack ROM. It’s Completed in English!



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Bloody Red Cheat Code
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—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Bloody Red CIA (Completed)

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