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Pokemon Prism v0.95 Build 0248
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Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism
Name: Pokemon Prism
Remake From: Pokemon Crystal
Remake by: Koolboyman + RainbowDevs
The Source is Take Down a long time ago!
Pokémon Prism is a super customized Pokémon Crystal mod that takes place in a previously unexplored region. It contains new mechanics unseen in its inspired franchise, while refining existing gameplay.


Boasting an expansive landscape to adventure in filled with unique challenges, fresh areas to explore, and new ways to play, Pokémon Prism is an entirely new experience that gamers of all ages are sure to enjoy!

Trainer Customization
Select from a wide range of styles!


New Pokémon
Catch and tame up to 251 monsters ranging across the generations.

Play as your Pokémon
Directly control your team members!

Explore new regions
Discover up to 6 regions, both new and old!

New Trainers and Leaders
Earn up to 20 badges!

Unique storytelling
Take a journey to create your legacy!

Version 0.95, build 0248 (18 July 2023):
* Bug fixes:
* Fixed possible softlocks with Cage Keys and with wandering NPC in Saxifrage
prison cell
* Fixed map reloading after using Dynamite in Mound Cave
* Cave walls in Rijon Tunnel are no longer recognized as headbuttable trees
* Goldenrod’s haircut brothers now function correctly (allowing one haircut
per day)
* Radios no longer attempt to bring up the smelting interface
* Incense burners no longer complain about fast currents
* Trainers no longer approach the player from off screen or through walls
* Hall of Fame music now works properly with text speed set to Instant
* Teleport and Whirlwind now properly end the turn when used
* Snow Cloak and Sand Veil now reduce accuracy as expected under the correct
* Persim Berry can now be used from the bag in battle
* Double Slap, ThunderPunch, DrainingKiss, Flare Blitz, Hi Jump Kick,
ExtremeSpeed, DynamicPunch and Ghost Hammer now properly register as
contact moves
* Corrected Lick’s damage category to Physical
* Grass types are now immune to Cotton Spore
* Bass Tremor can no longer hit flying opponents after using Lock-On or Mind
* Ghost Hammer now has proper type matchups for a Ghost-type move (except for
hitting Normal types at regular effectiveness)
* Vaporize can no longer hit opponents while flying or underground, after
using Protect, etc.
* Everstone now correctly checks for all evolution types
* Power Herb and Safe Goggles now work in battle as expected
* Fixed move-type-based item boosts for Cigarette, Megaphone and Pink Bow
* Overworld and map improvements:
* Players can now move faster while surfing by holding B
* Allowed the Salon in Oxalis City to change the player’s gender and skin
tone when selecting a new model
* Added new locations: Faraway Island, South Rijon Gate, Ember Brook, Espo
Clearing, Espo Forest, Olcan Chine and Olcan Isle
* Power Plant is now expanded, with extra floors
* Heath Village, Spurge City and Routes 69, 74 and 75 now properly fit with
the rest of the map
* Renamed some maps: Caper City to Caper Ridge, Routes 47-B and 48-B to Old
Routes 47 and 48, and Route 57 Gym to Equality River Gym
* Location signs now contain additional information (such as island and
route names)
* Removed Bill’s Teleport system (as it is now redundant with the Magnet
Train system)
* Added new Magnet Train ground-level and elevated train tracks and new
train stations to improve mobility
* Added new flypoints for Naljo Battle Tower, Route 81 and Olcan Isle
(existing saves will need to revisit them to enable them)
* Clathrite Tunnel’s puzzle now remains solved after solving it once
* Updated blocking NPC in Magikarp Caverns to check for the Marsh Badge, not
the Plain Badge
* Players can now mine in Rijon, Tunod and Johto
* Algernon Laboratories now have new journal entries, hidden items, more
story elements and updated maps
* Added some new NPCs in Spurge City Casino, Acania Lighthouse, Laurel
Forest’s gate and Saxifrage Island
* Added static encounters for some missing legendaries: Mew in Faraway Island
and Zapdos in the Power Plant
* Reduced wild Pokemon encounter rate in dungeons
* Added wild Pokemon encounters to maps that were missing them, including
special encounters (Rock Smash, Headbutt, Surf, fishing, etc.)
* Post-game wild encounters have been updated (both in terms of level and in
terms of evolutionary stage) to match the stage of the game
* Snorlax can now be caught in the wild
* Added new areas where ash can be collected if the player has a Soot Sack
(Ember Brook, Mt. Ember, Olcan Isle and Route 85)
* Redesigned the entire Tunod tileset
* Fixed and improved some overworld sprites
* General overworld improvements and fixes in many areas
* Improved Town Maps for all regions
* Trainer and battle facility changes:
* Added 22 new trainers to the overworld (mostly in new maps)
* Updated trainer parties for move legality
* Improved trainer parties to have better strategy and/or flavour
* Updated classes of trainers for variety
* Added 10 new trainer classes to the Battle Tower
* Trainers using Return now have its power set to 102
* Some late-game trainers will now use held items and tailored movesets
* Updated movesets for the Battle Tower and Battle Arcade for move legality
and strategic difficulty
* Southerly City’s Stamina Challenge now gives a Big Nugget as a reward
* Updated parties of the Mystery League to be the final, most difficult
series of battles of the game (fully leveled up, using items, etc.)
* Pokemon and move updates:
* Changed the type of some Pokemon: Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff are
now Sound/Fairy, Misdreavus and Mismagius are now Ghost/Sound, and
Porygon-Z is now Normal/Sound
* Majorly overhauled all move learnsets, including level-up, TM, tutor and
egg moves, to improve movesets, remove redundancy, fix errors and adapt to
changes in modern games
* Eevee can now evolve into Leafeon in the new Espo Clearing map
* Gallade can now also have Sharpness as its ability
* Renamed gas-themed moves for sensitivity and flavour reasons: Lewisite is
now Miasma, Nerve Gas is now Shock Smog and Mustard Gas is now Burning Mist
* Updated spelling of some moves to adapt to newer conventions while keeping
the 12-character length limit (e.g., Dragonbreath is now DragonBreath)
* Adapted some moves’ stats to match modern values: Absorb, Dragon Pulse,
Future Sight, Heal Bell, Moonlight, Outrage, Rapid Spin, Recover, Scary
Face, Smog, Swagger, Sweet Kiss, Thunder and Transform had their power,
type, accuracy and/or PP adjusted
* Updated the PP, accuracy, effect chance and power of some new moves (Boil,
Crystal Bolt, Noise Pulse, Spring Buds, Steel Eater and Void Sphere)
* Body Slam now hits opponents using Minimize for double damage
* Rapid Spin now boosts Speed when it hits
* Conversion2, Foresight, Mind Reader, Pain Split, Roar, Struggle and
Whirlwind now have perfect accuracy
* Thunder Fang now has independent chances to flinch and paralyze
* Updated moves to hit with perfect accuracy under special conditions:
Blizzard during Hail, Body Slam and Stomp against Minimized opponents, and
Toxic when used by Poison-type Pokemon
* Dust Devil and Storm Front now deal double damage to flying opponents
* Ghost Hammer now gets buffed by Iron Fist
* Steel Eater now deals super effective damage to Steel-type opponents
* King’s Rock will now add a flinch chance to moves as expected in modern
games, including having separate chances per hit for multi-hit moves
* Miscellaneous enhancements:
* Players can now swap party members in the party menu using SELECT
* Added 40 new music tracks, and updated the music used throughout the game
in various locations and circumstances
* Updated many music tracks to properly use stereo panning, and set “stereo”
as the default mode when starting a new game
* Special Attack and Special Defense are now consistently abbreviated as
“Sp.Atk.” and “Sp.Def.”
* Renamed the Polkadot Bow to Silk Scarf
* Evolutionary items are now more widely available: access to Trade Stones
has been improved, and evolutionary items for Electabuzz, Gligar, Magmar,
Misdreavus, Onix, Porygon2 and Scyther are available earlier
* Added new items to several marts and updated some item prices (including
the sale prices of ring items)
* Improved access to items via special means (mining, Pickup, item balls)
* Removed Sun Stones from marts, mining, Pickup and Bingo rewards
* Reduced the number of victories required for Bingo card number 3
* Professor Ilk now has a custom sprite, and his background storyline is
mentioned in the game
* Improved, polished and redid many sprites
* Corrected footprints for many Pokemon and added new ones for the Naljo
* Minor text fixes everywhere


This game is a GBC Hack ROM. It’s Completed.

Pokemon Prism

Download Pokemon Prism v0.95 Build 0248 (Completed)

–CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below–

Download Pokemon Prism v0.95 Build 0248 CIA (Completed)

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