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Pokemon Quetzal

Name: Pokemon Quetzal
Remade by: TennmaRH
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source link – credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXn1TCTDN5Or6MsQHyUX2Eg
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Quetzal by TennmaRH. It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Emerald. If you actually know Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer, You should play this game.


It’s actually a new version of Pokemon Emerald Multiplayer. You can have more options to choose your player characters, starter up to Gen 8, Walking Pokemon for all pokemon, Mega Evolution, Multiplayer features, and more… it’s still beta but it’s playable in Pokemon Emerald English. And now, Let’s play if you want!

Pokemon quetzal (formerly called pokemon emerald multiplayer), is a GBA hack rom programmed by Tenma.
This game arose after a random investigation I did on the GBA multiplayer (at the request of a user).


-It takes place in the Hoenn region (it’s the same story, at least for now).
-It has pokemon up to 9 gen (including alola, galar, hisui and ogerpon dlc forms).
-The battle system is updated up to 9 gen.
-There are all objects up to 9 gen.
-It has megas and Z moves.

-You can select up to 72 different characters:
KANTO: Red, Ash, Green, Oak, Giovanni, Leaf, Rocket, Blue, Brock, Koga, James, Joy, Janine, Sabrina, Agatha, Misty, Jessie
JOHTO: Gold, Lance, Silver, Crystal, Lyra
HOENN: Brendan, May, Steven, Magma, Birch, Wally, Maxie, Wallace, Helena
SINNOH: Dawn, Lucas, Rei, Cynthia, Adaman, Cyrus, Akari
UNOVA: Hilbert, N, Nate, Rosa, Colress, Alder, Ghetsis, Hugh, Iris, Hilda
KALOS: Calem, Diantha, Serena, Tierno, Lysandre
ALOLA: Selene, Elio, Hau, Gladion, Kukui, Lillie, Lusamine
GALAR: Gloria, Marnie, Victor, Bede, Leon, Klara
PALDEA: Geeta, Florian, Juliana, Penny, Iono, Nemona

-It has a very epic COOP multiplayer system:
1)From 1-4 players.
2)You can see the other person moving in the environment.
3)You can do battles (single, double, multiple) from anywhere with MEGAS and MOVES Z.
4)You can fight with another person against the other trainers in the game (for example against the leaders).
5)You can make exchanges from anywhere.

-It has a unique companion pokemon (follower pokemon) system:
1) 0 to 6 pokemon can follow you (you can select it).
2)There are all the companion pokemon from 1 to 9 gen (alola form, galar, hisui, megas, ash greninja and all other forms).
3)If the pokemon is shiny, its shiny form will also follow you.
4)In multiplayer the pokemon also follows you.

-Wild pokemon appear on the map (watch my videos to get a better idea).
-The game has space for more than 2000 Pokémon on PC (67 boxes, 30 Pokémon each box).
-It has a practically infinite bag.

-The daycare system is completely renovated:
1)You can put up to 6 nursery pokemon.
3)The daycare is accessed from the same PC.
2)You can see on the map the pokemon that you put in the daycare.
3)You have an exclusive box for 30 eggs, it is no longer necessary to have them on the computer to open them.


-ALL Pokémon can be captured, from Bulbasaur to Ogerpon (except Arceus).
-You can choose from more than 70 initials.
-All pokemon have 3 different types of shiny (radiant pokemon).
-The game has revenge matches so you can fight as many times as you want against the game’s trainers.
-The game has a movement tutor system from the team menu where you can teach new attacks very comfortably.
-Object and berry respawn system.
-MOs are not necessary.
-You can select several game modes (normal, random, cheats).
-Difficulty levels (very easy, easy, normal, hard, very hard).
-You can select the probability of shiny (very low, low, normal, high, very high, always).

This game is a GBA Game. It’s Alpha and Playable in English.

Pokemon Quetzal

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Quetzal Cheat Codes
Pokemon Quetzal alpha 0.7.0 (Playable)

—CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below———

Pokemon Quetzal alpha 0.7.0 CIA (Playable)

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