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Pokemon Sister

Pokemon Sister cover is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Sister
Remade by: SlaySlaySl
Based on: Pokemon Blue
Discord: Click here!
Pokemon Sister is a GB ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Blue. You play as Green and your rival is Daisy. The story is the same as Pokemon Red/Blue but the dialogue change to make the character recognized as female. All player and rival are 16 years old. It’s complete in English. You can play Pokemon BlacX if you want.


What it is about:
Basically just a hack where I replaced the sprites of the male protagonist and the rival with female counterparts. The story is the same as the original game

-Slight dialogue change to make the character recognized as female by NPCs. (Slight TW, some of these may be s**ist, I made this on purpose because I like the idea that women being Pokémon trainers in Gen1 wasn’t common) The player and rival are both around 16 years old.


-Green(m) and Daisy switched places, thus the rival is nicer to you (with a twist) and her team is different. The rival’s team will stay the same, she will always pick Clefairy as a starter while the player can choose the original 3 starters. Red can be met as the player’s younger brother at home instead of the mom.

-The music (Beginning theme) has a different duty cycle and the rival’s theme was changed to the Pokémon lullaby from GSC (or at least I tried to change it into that)

This game is a GB ROM Hack. It’s Complete in English.

Pokemon Sister screenshots

Cheat Codes:
Cheat Codes
Pokemon Sister v1.1 (Complete)

Posted by Ducumon