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Pokemon Team Rocket ROR Prepare for Trouble

Pokemon Team Rocket ROR Prepare for Trouble covers is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Team Rocket ROR Prepare for Trouble
Remade by: ???? I don’t know
Based on: Pokemon Crystal
Source link: ???? I don’t know
It’s a GBC ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Crystal. You play as Jessie or James and your starter is Meowth. The region in this game is Kanto, You start at Mt. Moon, obtain fossil, and make a journey when you are Team Rocket. It’s complete in English. Thank you Joel Stockwell for sending this game. You can play Pokemon Team Rocket Edition if you want to play more Team Rocket ROM Hack.


Pokémon Crystal Version is a role-playing video game developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color handheld console. It was released in Japan in December 2000 and internationally in 2001. The game is an enhanced edition of Pokémon Gold and Silver, featuring several additions and improvements to the core gameplay of its predecessors.

Team Rocket is a serious threat, stealing and capturing Pokémon for their own nefarious purposes. They are typically portrayed as foes that the player needs to defeat in order to progress through the game.


Play as Jessie or James
Pokemon starter is Meowth
Rival is Red
Kanto Region
New Story

This game is a GBC ROM Hack. It’s Complete in English!

Pokemon Team Rocket ROR Prepare for Trouble screenshots

Cheat Codes:
Cheat Codes
Pokemon Team Rocket ROR Prepare for Trouble C (Complete)

Posted by Ducumon