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Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition covers is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Team Rocket Edition
Remade by: Eric (DragonsdenTV)
Translated by Eric (DragonsdenTV) and his team.
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source link: Click here!
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Pokemon Team Rocket Edition is a GBA ROM Hack based on Pokemon Emerald by Eric (DragonsdenTV) and his team. The original version (Pokemon Edición Team Rocket) is Spanish and you can play as Team Rocket. The new story is up to Hoenn now with the new DLC. Here is the English version, You can play up to Kanto and Sevii now. If you want to find a game about Team Rocket, I highly recommend you play this game.


You start as a mere Grunt at Five Island Warehouse. Intending to gradually ascend within the organization by successfully completing the missions assigned by your superiors.

Your story unfolds within the same timeline as the beginning of Red and Blue’s adventure. Since you’ll be transferred to Kanto at a certain point, you’ll have the chance to witness Red/Blue’s story from the perspective of a Team Rocket member. Moreover, you’ll get to see everything that happened behind the scenes (here, of course, we delve into theories), aiming for everything that occurs to be considered canonical within the original games.


Therefore, the idea of this hack is that you, as a random Rocket Grunt, can do everything in your power to reverse the classic scenario where Team Rocket and Giovanni are defeated by Red, partly seeking justice by giving a villain our player ability. This will lead to a clash between this and the canonical story (which will be maintained in this hack) that we all know.

All that being said is, albeit a percentage, only the initial part of our adventure (KANTO), as we’ll also journey to Sevii, Johto…, we’ll see some of the biggest projects that Team Rocket had, with a good portion of the game dedicated to revealing several secrets and theories that many of us may have suspected but were never confirmed, in addition to experiencing events such as the collapse of Lavender Tower, the construction of the train tracks, etc.

Physical/Special split system from 4th gen.
Replaceable HMs and unlimited TMs.
Pokémon, moves, and items up to 8th gen (some from 9th).
Up to 99,000,000 POKÉ as new money limit (Team Rocket pays well).
Quick EV train system ( 3000 Poké per Vitamin, and allows the use up to 250 Evs).
Indoor running activated.
Trade evolution system removed, allowing all Pokémon to evolve by level or other methods (document within the download indicates all changes).
Slight modification to Base Stats and types of some Pokémon: Affecting only a few Pokémon and will be quite light, making them, in my opinion, more coherent with what they should be as Pokémon, and in other cases coherent with their role within this hack (document within the download indicates all changes).
New Pokémon (Rocket experiments, unique Pokémon…) with lore that explains their presence within the canon.

Experience the true face of the Kanto region: Discover the reality behind each character once Red disappears from the scene, and the various conflicts and interests within the region, as well as the actual situation in Kanto.
Hierarchical system within Team Rocket. You will ascend as you complete missions, and your appearance will change accordingly.
Currently around 45 hours of gameplay (30-35 hours in Kanto, 10-15 hours in Sevii).
Customized music for most important battles, as well as for numerous unexplored areas in FireRed.
A lot of optional events and sidequests aimed at enriching your role as a Rocket recruit while obtaining unique items and Pokémon.
Countless new maps covering unexplored areas in the original games.

Complete Kanto and Sevii included, Johto and DLC coming soon

This game is a GBA ROM. It’s Complete in English!


Pokemon Team Rocket Edition screenshots

Pokemon Locations & Evolutions
Item Locations
Base Stats
Pokemon Team Rocket Edition v2024-03-24 (Complete)

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