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Pokemon Orange – TheAdmiral1701

Pokemon Orange covers is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Orange
Created by: TheAdmiral1701
Source link: Click here!
Discord: Click here!
Pokemon Orange is a Fan-made Game by TheAdmiral1701. You’re a trainer in the Flora Region where you can have more regional forms, new mega evolution, new story, and more… It’s still beta in English when I made this video. If you want to play more game, you can play Pokemon Orange ROM Hack.


The game is set in the Flora Region, a region based on the American state of Florida as well as a WIP second region based on the Florida Keys. With 6 new megas and 2 regional lines there is plenty to do in Flora.
Teams Neoplasma and Cipher are threatening the Flora Region, and you just moved there. Stop Plasma and Cipher as they are working together and spreading Shadow Pokemon across the region. Assist the newest Vigilante in the region in her fight against the evil teams. Travel across the regions to high snowy mountain peaks of South City, to the underground caves of Palmetto town, the swampy Belle Town, and the beachfront city of Closeburg and Coral City. Battle the 8 Gym Leaders across the lands, Defeat the Elite 4 and Champion, Stop Team Cipher and Neo-Plasma, Master Mega Evolutions, and heal the Shadow Pokemon you encounter.

Progress: The main story is completed as well as a short post-game story that leads into the second region, which is still very much in development. It has 2 accessible gyms, but no trainers or wild encounters. Other than that there are still 8 main story gyms, two evil teams in Cipher and Neo-Plasma, every gym leader has their own “custom” image.


6 New Mega Evolutions: The three starters, Delphox, Samurott, and Decidueye. The other three are Gigalith, Haxorus, and Mismagius
New Regional Forms: Krookodile Line becomes Fire/Dark and Drednaw becomes Water/Grass
242 Available Pokemon: There are pokemon from Gens 1-8, but not all of them. The count also includes previous and later evolution stages.
Gyms: There are 10 of them! Each with their own puzzle and city as well. Each has their own unique leaders as well!
New Regions: The game is set in the Flora region, based on Florida, but with maybe a bit more variation in elevation. As well as a WIP second region based on the Florida Keys.
New Story: There is a new story to follow, it was written by me, so it may not be the best ever, but there is a story.
Post-Game Boss Fights: Two trainers in two of the towns act as boss fights and only are there on certain days.

In Development Notes AKA the Changelog* * *
New Stuff
Finished Story.
Elite 4 and Champion added.
Short Post-Game added.
Added the rest of the new mega stones to the world.
New Post-Game rooms for catching Mythical Pokemon and Ultra Beasts.
Populated some cities and towns.
Added interiors to first few cities.
Added Regional Pokedex for all wild encounters.
New Notes
I’m planning on adding a second shorter region for another set of gyms so you can use the Mythical Pokemon and Deoxys that you get from the main story. The new area will be based on the Florida Keys. I dunno when it’ll be done, but it’ll be a while.
Old Notes
I’m only one dude working on it in my free time, which I don’t really have much of.
I’ve been focusing on the story and gyms, so most towns will probably feel empty. Most buildings don’t have interiors.
Some interiors may also be from the Starter Kit as well, the department store, Pokemon Centers, and Pokemarts come to mind first.
Typos may be fairly frequent. Other than one guy, I’m the only one who tests the game and I’m garbage at typing and catching typos. If you see any typos, please let me know.
balance might be a tad bit unbalanced.​

This game is a RPGXP Game. It’s Beta in English!

Pokemon Orange screenshots

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Orange v16 (Beta)

Posted by Ducumon