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Celia’s Stupid Romhack

Name: Celia’s Stupid Romhack
Remade by: CeliaDawn
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source link: click here!
This is a Comedy/Trivia/Puzzle hack, originally made to be played with my friends.
Enjoy a cavalcade of hilarity, nonsense, and fun! Grab some friends and sit around and enjoy the show together!
Every line of dialogue is quirky and fun, and every Pokemon has been changed in some way.


Original, witty writing!
Custom art and music!
Clever yet fair puzzles!
Several in-game hint systems to keep you on-track!
Absolute stupidity!

Talk to everyone! Every NPC, including trainers, has new dialogue. Many regular trainers will give vital clues about what you should do.
Take your time! This game is full of fun little nooks and crannies!
Play with friends! This hack is designed to be played together. Sit around in a discord call while someone plays – I promise it’ll be worth the hassle!
Don’t try to challenge run! This is a puzzle hack first-and-foremost. Nuzlockes and other types of playthroughs will be frustrating and unfun!
Complete the Pokedex!! This is VERY strongly recommended! There are signs in every town giving you an indication of how much progress you should be making towards the goal.


The demo goes from the beginning through Celadon City – it’s about 6-9 hours of content!
Demo version 2

This game is a GBA Hack ROM. It’s Demo in English!



Cheat Codes:
Cheat Codes
Celia’s Stupid Romhack Demo v2 (Demo)

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