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Pokemon Sors 2

Pokemon Sors 2 covers is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Sors 2
Remade by: Vytron
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Discord: Click here!
Youtube channel: Click here!
Pokemon Sors 2 is a GBA ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Fire Red by Vytron. It’s version 2 of Pokemon Sors. You’re a member of Pokemon International Police after the events of Pokemon Sors. It’s a Demo in English now. You can play Pokemon Sors if you want.


The International Police has set its foot in Hupest after the events of Pokémon Sors. Siara’s staff was arrested and the organization was disbanded, Asher’s group wasn’t safe from law either. While Asher and Valora did not face any charges, Jackson (Asher’s father) and Prof. Ivo were facing charges, however due to a deal between Asher and the IP they were given a pardon, in return of their knowledge of Eclipsing, support in research and Asher’s Eclipsing related artifacts. 3 years later in Aclyn (the International Police’s main HQ’s location), the IP is organizing a new ITP Group after the collapse of the trio from Pokémon Saiph 2. Micah left the police and his location is unknown, and Darlo was laid off due to the Regris incident. Lori is tasked with organizing and leading a new, larger ITP Group. Around the same time Asher decided to break his deal with the IP and raided Aclyn’s HQ to steal the artifacts. His reasons and motives are unknown to the police. Due to these turn of events, a young citizen of Aclyn, Rene/Haru decides to become a cadet in Lori’s new ITP Group at the International Police, and a year later they become an official cadet. Will they be able to climb the ranks? Will they become part of something bigger than what they ever imagined? Find out in Pokémon Sors 2!

A new region to explore, Aclyn!
The Complete Fire Red Upgrade as the game engine (Items, moves, abilities, Pokémon, pss split etc. Updated to Gen 8/PLA standards)
Proper Battle AI
Multiple modes to play the game in! (Randomizer, Level Scaling, Hero Mode. These modes can be combined as you please!)
Toggleable Exp. All
For the dedicated players: Hero Mode!
What is Hero Mode?
Hero Mode is essentially the game’s “Hard Mode” with various changes applied to your gameplay!


Trainers Scale based on your highest leveled Pokémon
Forced Set Mode
Harder Boss Battles
Saving tied to Pokémon Ranger like save spots (no start menu saving)
Level Caps (caps at next Boss’ max level)
Regional and National Dex
Side Quests & Achievements (Proper Quest Log Ui)
PokéNests to conquer
HMs replaced with Field Moves not requiring HMs
Eclipsing (Tech doesn’t feature this yet)

Day/Night System and possible D&N events (the emulator needs to support RTC)
What it means:
Day/Night cycle in the overworld/battles based on RTC (also affects lamps & windows)

Wild Encounters changing based on time
Time Based Events
Playtime is not sped up by using Fast Forward on emulators

Tech Demo (Evolution Fix) 2024 April 15th
Length: Until first Rank Up (around 1.5-2 hours)

Bugs (Tech Demo)
“Poison Survivor” task can’t be completed
The Select button is not turned off in the Alja Mountainside nest, which can result in a softlock if the ITPNav is used

This game is a GBA ROM Hack. It’s Demo in English.


Pokemon Sors 2 screenshots

Pokemon Sors 2 Tech Demo by Vytron (Evolution Fix) 2024 April 15th (Demo)

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