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Pokemon FlashBack

Pokemon FlashBack is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon FlashBack
Created by: ichigogeta
Source link: Click here!
Youtube Channel: Click here!
Discord: Click here!
The legend of Kanto finally comes to life. From current times to ancient times ago. With some flashbacks to ancient times. Time travel is going to happen and Pokémon legends are resurrected from their DNA. Giovanni has contact with other teams from other regions who will help achieve his evil plan. Meanwhile, the pokemon that controls space-time will be angry at his evil actions. What different mystery will this region hide? Can you stop Giovanni’s evil plan? Why do you have contact with other teams from other regions?


Features: The Region is an improved Kanto. It has:
– New areas.
– Renovated gyms.
– New level curvature.
– Different climates on certain routes.
– Cinematics.

How many game modes does it have?
– Easy
– Normal
– Difficult


– Nuzlocke
– Randomlocke
– Without Locke

In what languages ​​can you play?
– Spanish.
– English.
– French.

– PS: The audios and some small things are only in Spanish. The rest of the game and story can be chosen in the language of your choice.
– Pd2: The Randomlocke is deactivated when you reach handsome and it is time to travel through time. It can then be activated again when leaving the temporary zone.

What Pokemon do you have?
– All from Kanto (Pokemon Yellow and RF/VH)
– Some from Jotho, Hoen and Sinnoh.
– 10% chance of Shiny.

POKEDEX ———-> Up to 282 Pokemon
There are several flashback graphics from various games at certain points in the story as it tells a legend about Mewtwo, Lugia, Giratina and the Legendary Birds in Kanto.

What graphics do you have?
– 1st Gen -> When you travel in time.
– 3rd Gen -> The NPCs and some buildings.
– 5th Gen -> Mapping.


It’s a Fan-made Game. It’s Complete in English, Spanish, French.

Pokemon FlashBack screenshots

Pokemon FlashBack Full Game (Complete)

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