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Pokemon Delta Sapphire

Pokemon Delta Sapphire
Name: Pokemon Delta Sapphire
Hacked by: Air9321
Based on: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Source – credit: https://discord.gg/TG79t8UkB6
Pokemon Delta Sapphire is a Rom Hack of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire by Air9321. This game will also feature many QoL changes, namely ground item changes, mart changes, addition of the move reminder and deleter to each pokemon center, and many more! This game will have an increased level curve, built around an exp share set to Off(current champion level cap is 82).


Trainers will be moved to make a lot of the optional battles required, and each trainer will have a completely overhauled custom made team, making the game difficult, while still maintaining the fun experiences. If you want to play another Pokemon Alpha Sapphire hack rom, you can play Pokemon Shadow Sapphire. It has Shadow Forms, It’s so cool.

Custom Formes!
This hack will feature many custom formes, specifically shadow pokemon. These pokemon will have their textures changed, base stats and move pools overhauled completely, and will feature new typings! (Dark type+primary type from original typing)


Built to be Nuzlocked
This game will feature an overhaul of every trainer battle, these teams will not be overwhelming, but will increase the difficulty of the game. Boss battles will be significantly harder as well. This is not meant to be an easy hack, but it is also meant to be enjoyable. Several optional battles will be moved to be required.

Pokemon Changes
Every pokemon catchable in the game, and every pokemon that can be battled will be reviewed individually and have their movesets, and base stats overhauled. Pesky evolutions, like friendship, trade and some specific evolution methods like inkay and eevee into sylveon will also be changed. Some pokemon will also have their abilities changed.

Move Changes
Certain specific moves from Sun and Moon all the way to Scarlet and Violet will be added. Some moves will be buffed or nerfed accordingly as well. Status moves will have their pp nerfed, to prevent stale gameplay, like sand attack, and dragon dance.

Quality of Life
After gym 1 and 2, several QoL items will be added to marts, like ability capsules, heart scales, rare candies and max repel’s to make nuzlocking easier. Items like Potions and Poke Balls will have their price reduced to make them easier to obtain. Move Reminder and Deleter will be in every Pokemon Center. Shiny odds are now 1/500.

Beta 0.1, roxanne split, pre trainer moves, bst changes, moveset changes – after gym one that will stop after gym one, etc

This game is a 3DS Hack Rom. It’s Beta.


Pokemon Nidoqueen Mega

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Delta Sapphire Cheat Codes
v0.1 (Beta)

—CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—

v0.1 CIA (Beta)

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