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Pokemon Re:Sun

Pokemon Re:Sun
Name: Pokemon Re:Sun
Remade by: Monad-2
Based on: Pokemon Ultra Sun
Source link: pokecommunity.com/threads/pok%C3%A9mon-re-sun.524873/
This is the third Re:Worked romhack. It is a “rebalancing” hack of Pokémon Ultra Sun made in cooperation with APrimarinaTempress. Currently, only a Demo is available, going through the story up to the battle with Olivia. You can win using your favorites, or try something new! All Pokémon are available, all type combos covered, so there’s plenty of options for you and your team. If you are finding a good 3ds hack rom, you can play Pokemon Star decrypted Citra


All Pokémon up to Gen VII are obtainable without trading
Pokémon have changed movesets, abilities, types, etc.
The type chart has been changed
Moves have been updated in terms of power, accuracy, and PP to coincide with Scarlet/Violet
Many moves have been changed
The shiny rate has been increased excessively
Most previously unbreedable Pokémon are now breedable
Many Poké Marts have different inventories, including all items needed for evolution
Some items have been changed in terms of price or function, such as new TMs, better vitamins, or cheaper Poké Balls
Only trainers up to the second Grand Trial have been edited so far

This game is 3DS Hack ROM! It is Demo in English but it’s playable.


Pokemon Re:Sun

Cheat Codes:
Cheat Codes
Demo (Playable)

—CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—

Demo (Playable)

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