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Pokemon Lost Memories

Name: Pokemon Lost Memories
Remade by: Polar
Source link: https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/pokemon-son-of-the-moon-actualizacion-14-11-2023.66597/
This is a story of pain and commitment. This is a story of betrayal. This is a story of bringing light to the hopeless. This is a story of friendship and enmity. This is my story!


What If…? Pokémon Shadows of the Almia . In Almia, stood the Altru Tower, where Team Pocalux was going to carry out its dark purposes. However, the power of the Dark Crystal got out of control and after that no one knows what happened, because there is no one to tell. What happened gave rise to the apocalypse and the new era of Pokémon, one where humans do not exist.

Your story begins in a remote forest in the Acheron region. You are a Zoroark who must guide his clan through the darkness of Darkrai, and keep the corrupted at bay; They are Pokémon with a clouded and lost mind, with an aggressiveness that has no explanation. A strange discovery will change things and take us beyond the limits of our tribe, on a mission to recover the ancient light of the world.


•An extensive forest and different biomes to explore; with its hidden mysteries.
•A good story from the Pokémon perspective.
•Well developed secondary missions.
•Renewed music.
•Difficult combats.
•2 VS 1
•Capture Pokémon after beating them: accept or reject them.
•More adult and deeper story.
•Unlocking zones after some main events.
•All main interfaces changed.

This game is a Fan-made Game. It’s Beta in Spanish!



Cheat Codes:
Beta 1 (Beta)

Posted by Ducumon