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Pokemon Parallel Platinum

Pokemon Parallel Platinum
Name: Pokemon Parallel Platinum
Remake From: Pokemon Omega Ruby
Remake by: exr team
Source – Credit: https://www.team-exr.org/exr-originals/pok%C3%A9mon-parallel-platinum
Pokémon Parallel Platinum is set in a parallel version of the Hoenn region. In this version of the region, there are new forms called Parallel Forms, new characters, new Mega Evolutions and even brand new Pokémon.


Parallel Pokémon are a variation of Pokémon that were created when Hoenn’s time and space were shifted. They have changed typings, stats, movesets, and abilities. The Pokémon’s typing is often, but not always, opposite to the original – for example Water-type Torchic and Fire-type Turtwig. However, the Pokémon sometimes changed lifestyle – for example a sinister Dragon/Ice-type Lapras and an ice-dwelling Ice/Steel-type Deino.

When the starter Pokémon in Birch’s bag morphed into different species, they also gained the ability to Mega Evolve, just like the ones that were there originally. Two of the new Mega Evolutions available in the game are Mega Empoleon and Mega Serperior, however there are many more!


Team Azure were brought to Hoenn as a result of the parallel shift. They were artificially created, and this brought them together. They are united by the fact that they all share the same desire to find out about their true past: where they came from, why they are here and how the parallel shift happened in the first place. As the player, you will team up with Team Azure to learn more about the cause of the shift.

After the parallel shift, a strange thing happened. Eevee across Hoenn lost their signature ability to evolve into many different species. Instead, Ditto were found to be morphing into different species depending on what they were exposed to – similar to how Eevee evolves. Two of the species currently discovered are Enchanto and Destructo, which are Psychic-type and Dark-type respectively. You will be able to discover many more of these genetically bizarre Ditto during the game.

The Pokémon Parallel Platinum pre-alpha version is now live to the public.
This game is not complete, and not very good. It’s being released due to high demand of people wanting to try something out, and low chance of something good being made in the next year or so.

This game is a 3DS Hack ROM. It’s alpha and playable in English.

Pokemon Parallel Platinum

Cheat Code:
Pokemon Parallel Platinum Cheat Codes
Pokemon Parallel Platinum pre-alpha for Citra (playable)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—-


Pokemon Parallel Platinum pre-alpha CIA (playable)