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Pokemon Wish 2023

Pokemon Wish 2023
Name: Pokemon Wish 2023
Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Prof. Leon Dias
Source – Credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=408587
The Acromia Region sits upon thousands of years of history. Kingdoms and Empires have risen and fallen on the diverse terrain where the Acromians call home. Several thousand years ago, the Ancient Acromians made contact with forces far beyond their control, and through their own hubris would end up decimating the world around them. To ensure peace and prosperity, a young woman and her band of heroes appealed to the Wishmaker and its five guardian keys to end the senseless violence and wars caused by their fellow man.


Fast forward to today, Acromia is under the management of a new, controversial government, and the Cult of Black Star seeks to revive the Wishmaker for their own nefarious purposes. A young hero is sent off on a journey to help the questionable Professor Aspen. Along the way, this hero will encounter immeasurable odds, meet lifelong friends and allies, and learn the history of their forefathers in the days of yore. Our hero must tread lightly in a world that is increasingly out to get those who do not willingly fall in line, while trying to maintain their youthful innocence.

Just who is the new President of Acromia and what are her aims?
Why does the Black Star Cult seek to revive the Wishmaker?
Who or what is the mysterious being(s?) guiding our hero?
Will our hero be successful in their quest to challenge the Acromia League and complete the Pokedex?
All of these questions and more will be answered. It is up to you- the player, to figure them out.


– A whole new region to explore
– An all original cast of characters, lore, and events
– Over 450 Pokemon available during the main campaign
– Mechanics updated to Generation 8, courtesy of CFRU (aka what Unbound and Radical Red are built off of)
– Custom level up learnsets for every single Pokemon
– Custom TM’s and Move Tutors
– Pokemon from all 9 Generations so far make their appearance in Acromia (Gen 9 pending)
– Gen 3.5 art style
– Various UI Changes
– Dexnav unlocked after a certain point in the story
– Mega Evolutions. Z moves and Dynamax possibly available in the postgame
– Deletable HM’s, only 4 of the 8 required to finish the main campaign
– Decapitalization of everything you can imagine, the whole game is grammatically correct
– Day and Night system with some wild encounters dependent on the time
– 1.5 regions, the main campaign being Acromia, and the postgame taking place on affiliated islands

To Do List (will be updated occasionally)
– Continue the game lol

Where do I get the National Dex?
Beat the main campaign.

What can I expect?
A plot that takes itself seriously, but isnt afraid to poke fun. Some fourth wall breaks occur. Doesn’t deviate TOO much from the general formula.
Aspects of the plot are darker in nature, but are mostly subtle and told through subtext if you really pay attention to the dialogue. We try to stray away from anything that would be found in a cringey fanfic written by a middle schooler. Expect a story with soul.

When Can I Expect Updates?
They come when they come, I have college and work to balance as well. I try to work on this every single day, however. I won’t keep you waiting too long.

Are Updates Compatible with Previous Saves?
The game is built entirely differently from the ground up, so no.


How many Pokemon are in the hack?
Over 450 in the main campaign, undetermined amount for the post-game.

Known Bugs
– Occassionally, mugshots will glitch out
– Certain moves like Confusion affect Battle Backgrounds

Pokemon Wish 2023

Pokemon Wish 2023 Guide
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Pokemon Wish 2023 Cheat Codes
Pokemon Wish 2023 Demo v1.02 (Beta)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS below—-

Pokemon Wish 2023 Demo v1.02 CIA (Beta)