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Pokemon Sweltering Sun

Name: Pokemon Sweltering Sun
Remade by: Dooz
Based on: Pokemon Ultra Sun
Dooz’s youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@doozsromhacks
Source link: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/comments/1580jg0/pokemon_sweltering_sun_completed/
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Sweltering Sun by Dooz. It’s a 3DS Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Ultra Sun v1.0. He had a plan for this game for a long time. In 2023, This game is released with more features such as, over 600+ Buffs to All Pokemon, over 130 New Moves, Custom New Abilities, New Item Buff, and more… It’s complete with documentation and pokedex you can use if you want. Check Dooz Youtube Channel to know more.

Pokemon Sweltering Sun (from Ultra Sun) is VERY different from the average ROM Hack that you might be accustomed to. It has EXTREMELY in depth buffs and changes to EVERY single Gen 1-7 Pokemon, 670+ move changes (with 130+ brand new moves), 20+ custom new abilities, game-changing item buffs and so more to offer.
Also, fair warning that this is a long, wordy post.
I would just recommend checking out the in depth documentation linked below. Everything you could ever want to know about the hack is on there. This project is absolutely massive and took a LOT of time to complete and perfect. The best way to see it is to check it out yourself. I’m very detail oriented as you’ll see from the documentation, but it means there is a lot of new stuff and I have trouble summarizing it all.

If I had to summarize the goal of Sweltering Sun in one sentence, it’d be:
“To make the game feel fresh and new, be fun, rewarding and FAIR to Nuzlocke, and to have every single Pokemon be fun and viable to use for the entirety of the game (while still making logical sense with their buffs) thanks to new moves, abilities and so much more.”
(One hell of a run-on, I know.)

It’s a very fun hack. Embrace all the new stuff and crazy changes and enjoy yourself. It’s still balanced to be a (fair) challenge and Nuzlockes are encouraged. I have more info on the Boss Fight Guide regarding difficulty and rulesets you can try, but regardless of how you choose to play it’ll be fun.To be honest, I can’t properly summarize JUST how in-depth the hack is and I really just encourage you to check out the documentation and if it seems appealing, give it a shot, join the Discord, etc. The documentation is EXTREMELY detailed and easy to navigate. If it’s too laggy, I have a showdown Pokedex as well where you can still see all new move effects and descriptions, abilities, and of course, Pokemon themselves, with a lag-free Google Sheet with all the remaining info on the game you’d need.

Everything is excellently organized so you can easily search for Moves, Pokemon Changes, Boss Fights, etc. The discord server also has channels for questions, fight planning, and playthroughs to share your experience, and it’s very active, with I myself even being active. The hack has actually been out for a few months now with hundreds of people playing it, but I put off making this post for a long time since I had a viewership from my YouTube and summarizing the hack in it’s vast scope seemed really intimidating to me. Even now I’m hesitant to share on here since I know it won’t do it true justice.

ANY and ALL Pokemon in this game are HEAVILY and EQUALLY buffed and viable in this game, more than you’ve ever seen before. To those who have not played the game, it may seem like absurd power creep and making “every Pokemon broken.” In a competitive sense, this is 100% true. Not only in the more obvious/eye-catching offensive ways, but all kinds of crazy defensive Pokemon with defensive abilities, buffed Black Sludge and also crazy utility in all sorts of new moves and pre-existing utility moves being much more common and widespread. But if you truly play the game you’ll soon see how the interactions work and that every Pokemon feels like they’re on an even playing field. You aren’t meant to look at the Pokemon changes or move changes in a vacuum, or as if this was a thing in a real Pokemon game with online play. It’s all relative to itself.

Your favorite Pokemon, and traditionally “bad” or “mid” Pokemon will be genuinely good and fun to use from as soon as you can catch it until the end of the game. You can use whatever Pokemon you want and still come up with some sort of plan for a boss fight to defeat it with the right moves and items and abilities equipped. And I mean it, in the Discord Server people beat boss fights with teams of Pokemon you’d never expect to be able to do on paper thanks to all the new things that have been implemented. The lowest BST of a fully evolved Pokemon in this game is 480 BST, (bar some obvious exceptions) which is a jump for sure, but this game is NOT made for competitive play. These changes specifically suit the in-game playstyle of Pokemon. BST isn’t everything, all Pokemon were given specific care to be viable for the entire game thanks to their moves and abilities as you progress, even the “lower” 480 BST mons. Even NFE pokemon are made more viable and have a use beyond their evolved forms if that fits your tastes. There are dozens of new Psuedos (2 and 3 stage) as well as what I dub “Semi-Psuedos” (1-3 stage) with 575 BST, and 550 is a common BST benchmark now especially for 3 stagers. Again, BST is not everything now that I put specific thought on every single Pokemon, so don’t let a “lower” end BST discourage you, it’s a lot more nuanced than just the raw stat numbers, or even just the abilities. I even put massive thought into the levels at which mons learn moves, trying to optimize them for the level caps in the game. Same goes for everything else you get access to. Items, TMs and Tutors and much more.Every Pokemon has 2 fitting, unique and great abilities they are intended to switch between depending on the situation with an infinite use ability capsule provided at the beginning of the game. Your EVs can be easily and quickly changed at will with EV items from the beginning as well. Every Pokemon has fun move options with widely distributed new move tropes such as priority moves, higher base power moves, utility moves, you name it. (Categories include New Priority Moves, Draco Meteor Variants, Close Combat Variants, Recoil Moves, Multi-Hit Moves, 100% Critical Hit Moves, Trapping Moves, HP Restoring Moves, and MORE!)

Sweltering Sun is more specifically designed around Teamlocked Nuzlocke gameplay, in which you cannot switch your pokemon in your party to your PC unless one of your Pokemon faints. This challenge is made possible by the fact that all Pokemon have gained new tools to play a variety of roles. Several examples include early infinite use ability capsules to switch between 2 great abilities, dozens of TMs/Move Tutors throughout the game, instant EV Training available (Vitamins + EV Reducing Berries), 600+ Move Changes, and Item Changes.

However, if you want to do a standard HC Nuzlocke, or just a regular run, the game will be enjoyable for you regardless. Just depends on your personal preferences and skill level. If you find a standard HC nuzlocke to be “too easy” you can always try Teamlocked.

Over 600+ Buffs to All Pokemon each Uniquely different from one another.174 Different Type Changes + All Combinations of 18 types represented.Every Pokemon has a great movepool and two useful, fitting abilities to switch between.
Over 600+ Move Changes (Categories include New Priority Moves, Draco Meteor Variants, Close Combat Variants, Recoil Moves, Multi-Hit Moves, Critical Hit Moves, Trapping Moves, HP Restoring Moves, and MORE!)
New Moves also can have different Z-Move Effects
20+ Old Abilities are renamed to be applied to more Pokemon.Custom New Abilities- Rapid Fire, Amplifier & Sinister.
New Item Buffs to Quick Claw, Eject Button, Shell Bell, Big Root, Black Sludge, and MORE!
Bug Type Offensive Buff (Now does Neutral Damage to Fairy, Ghost, Fighting)
Ice Type Defensive Buff (Now resists Flying, Ground, Dragon as well as Ice)
Discord includes Links to Swelt Sun Pokedex with easy searching for Pokemon, moves, abilities, etc. Also includes Swelt Sun Damage Calc with Boss Fights sets already implemented. Finally, a Swelt Sun PKHex is available in the discord that is needed for easy importing sets into calculator and for enabling mega evolution and BP for Move Tutors.

Easy EV Vitamins + Wings & EV reducing Berries after first Trial
Restore Wings are Purchasable and act as Full Restore/PP Restore to avoid going to the Pokemon Center
“Training Candies” to prevent tedious grinding.
Very organized and detailed documentation + Custom Damage Calc/PkHex

v2.0 – added TEN NEW, CUSTOM regional form evolutionary lines!

This game is a 3DS Hack ROM. It’s Completed.


Main Google Sheet (DoozDex)
Lag-free version of DoozDex to be used alongside the Showdown Dex
Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Sweltering Sun Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Sweltering Sun v2.0 for Citra Emulator (Completed)

—-CIA Version for 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Sweltering Sun v2.0 CIA (Completed)

Posted by Ducumon