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Pokemon Compass

Name: Pokemon Compass
Remade by: Aria Seri and Kas Seri
Based on: Pokemon Violet and Scarlet
Source link: https://compass.winterfall.org/download
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Compass by Aria Seri and Kas Seri.

It’s Scarlet/Violet Overhaul Hack ROM with Higher difficulty, 210 new raids, no-trade evolution, giving better access to EV items, recovery consumables, etc.

Primary Features
A Trainer & Gym overhaul that manually reworks 387 encounters and allies
Tougher Titan fights

Tougher Team Star scenarios
Higher difficulty and max level repeatable post-game tournament and Team Star rematches
Removal of all version-exclusive Pokémon and raids, including the box legendaries
Higher levels for wild Pokémon
New evolution methods and items used for no-trade and version-specific evolutions
All currently-available HOME Pokémon have been added into the game
An expanded Pokédex with entries for the newly-added Pokémon
New evolution methods to gain regional variants have been included
Raid overhaul touching on every raid for increased difficulty, reward, or encounters

210 new raids added for many HOME Pokémon, including high-challenge mythical and special legendary fights
Special 3★, 4★, 5★, 6★, and 7★ “event” raids for acquisition of rare or transfer-only forms
Raid Ally Overhaul for better NPC support during Raids
Revamped raid levels and appearance rates for more consistent challenge and fewer low-ranked raids in the endgame
Wholly overhauled raid loot rewards for better team growth and training
Reworked hidden item loot tables
Updated map and map labels for more-clear progression direction

Changes to Pikachu and Eevee moveset and BST to put them more in line with their Let’s Go variant
Modified Poké Mart and Delibird Presents shops
Shiny Lock Removal
A workaround for the godawful sandwich mini-game
And honestly, a whole lot more.

A Word on Difficulty
Compass isn’t, strictly speaking, a difficulty overhaul.

While the changes to the trainers and other major fights will result in an increase in difficulty, this is not strictly for the purpose of creating “high difficulty”.

The intention is to create a smoother sense of progression with some amount of increased challenge throughout your journey. At the same time, this will remove the ridiculous design principle behind trainers that are 3-5 or more levels under the wild Pokémon in their local vicinity with only a single, bare-minimum Pokémon, even late in the game.

It is meant to have some pushback, but not turn every encounter into a struggle.

It does not give every trainer max stats and competitive teams from the beginning, for example; the prevailing design principle is the idea that the difficulty should increase as you progress through the game consistently, so that as you are provided with more opportunity for building a strong team, so too will the fights against you become tougher.

Note: For Violet, replace:
0100A3D008C5C000 with 01008F6008C5E000

Copy the resulting romFS folder into:

This game is a Switch Hack ROM. It’s Completed.



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Download Pokemon Compass v1.0 Patch (Completed)

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