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Lolimon v6 Cover is made by Ducumon
Name: Lolimon
Created by: Private Hero (The author doesn’t want to show the nickname)
Source Link – Credit: This link is removed from a request!
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Lolimon/Shotamon by Private Hero (The author doesn’t want to show the nickname). It’s a Fan-made Game on Windows.


HOW TO PLAY LOLIMON on ANDROID with JOIPLAY Emulator Full Tutorial 2021 on Ducumon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gwfnskMv8E

This game is a true pokemon game and it has a story but it has h-scenes, ero scenes. It’s an ero Pokemon Fangame with n.a.k.ed animation together… it’s still beta but it’s great to play if you’re an adult pokemon player. And now, Let’s play!


An open-ended Pokemon game.

The region is very lawless and very few crimes are pursued. You play as either an alternate Leaf or Red and set out on your own pokemon adventure from Tapple Town in the Lolian Region. S.e.x is commonplace in this region, as are any number of things that would be considered taboos in other regions. Even the pokemon themselves seem much more randy and sexually open than is typical.

Fight, catch, and fuck your way to the top. Very few people (or pokémon) you meet will keep their hands to themselves.

*This is an ero Pokémon fan game. What that means is that this is a true Pokémon game, not just a porn game with a few loose gameplay elements holding it together. I’ve tried to make this game as authentic as possible, while still filling it to the brim with h-scenes. The ero scenes are all hand drawn pixel art animations, and the visual aesthetic is kept as close to Gen III (FireRed/LeafGreen) as possible. I’ve put thousands of hours into developing this game, and the region is larger than any other official Pokémon game or even any other fan game that I know of. Enjoy!

*PLATFORM NOTICE: This game was made using RPG Maker XP, which by default only supports Windows.

For other platforms:
– To play on Android, you can use JoiPlay Make sure to download the RPG Maker Plugin for JoiPlay or it WILL NOT WORK!
*NOTE: There is still a chance this will not work! Joiplay is highly experimental and the game may not run properly on your device. Also if you get a black screen after attempting to load the game, let it sit there for a few minutes and it may still load!
– To play on Mac/Linux, you can use Wine to run it. I recommend using a version prior to v3.0. Some people have reported that v2.21 works well. EDIT: This version info is several years old now and I have no idea how the modern wine builds are running the game. If someone wants to test more recent versions and let me know, that’d be great!
*DISCLAIMER: As I am not the developer of either Joiplay nor Wine, I cannot properly support any issues you may or may not run into that are specific to running the game in those apps. If you are reporting a bug while playing on anything other than Windows, please tell me what you’re playing on when you post the bug report!


**PERFORMANCE NOTICE: RPG Maker XP uses a very old version of the Ruby programming language. It’s slow and is the source of all the lag in the game. We are working on updating to a newer version of Ruby, which should completely eliminate all of the input and framerate lag.

Known Issues:
– Problem: Fonts aren’t installed/fonts are installed, but the game says they aren’t.
– Cause: Windows 10+ deprecated support for just SO much legacy stuff. Thus the auto font installer fails and there’s nothing I can do about it.
– Solution: To fix the issue on your end, go into the “Fonts” folder, select all the fonts, right click, and select “Install for All Users”.

– Problem: Game runs too slowly.
– Cause: Game uses a slow and old-ass engine…
– Solution: Nothing you can do on your end sadly, this on me to try and update the engine. However, this is beyond my skill at coding for the moment.

– Male players can now get female pokemon pregnant. This is treated like an irremovable status ailment on the pokemon, which is balanced out by having their base speed halved while pregnant.
– The beginnings of the battle s.e.x catching system have been implemented. To unlock it, you will need to take a workshop course at the Pokemon University.
* The system still needs some work and will be subject to changes and additions in the future!
– Added shiny variants for the rest of of the male pokemon party s.e.x sprites (female pokemon already had them).
– Added a complete list of fuckable Pokemon to the [Readme & Walkthrough] folder.
– Added a Photo Album to the PokeNav. This will be used to keep track of collected photographs you find.
* Some examples include the photo taken by the man in the Ski Resort Poke Mart, the pictures found on Danni’s computer, and the ones given to you by the old lady in Bounder Town after you complete her quest.
– Added a new lap dance scene with a special stripper Lopunny to BunBun’s 4th floor. You can also purchase one of the new Lopunny from the man found there (sprite credit: Eyeofnaomi).
– Added the gay male version of the Sailor dating system in Port Town. Straight males may also now watch the little girl on the S.S. Date Rape get fucked by the sailor.
– Added a Lolian form for Gallade.
– Rewrote Kurt’s Cum Ball scene to support male players, along with other tweaks, fixes, and additions to those scenes.
– Added three new boys to the city slums area that can be recruited for the BunBun Strip Club.
– Added a passive viewing s.e.x scene to Route 8’s hidden forest grotto.
– Added an overworld scene for Gardenia and Bayleef to the Gardenia Center.
– Finished the scenes and animations for after the puzzle in the caves beneath the Jagged Caverns.
– Finished drawing the rest of Leaf’s pregnant sprites.
– Added the following to the list of fuckable male pokemon via the party interface (cowgirl animation):
* Arbok (Credit: Private Hero)
* Diglett (Credit: Private Hero)
* Dugtrio (Credit: Private Hero)
– Added the following to the list of fuckable male Pokémon via the party interface (doggystyle animation):
* Dratini (Credit: Fallsmeyer & Private Hero)
* Trevenant (Credit: Fallsmeyer & Private Hero)
* Pidgeot (Credit: Private Hero)
* Pikachu (Credit: Private Hero)
* Raichu (Credit: Private Hero)
* Sandshrew (Credit: Private Hero)
* Sandslash (Credit: Private Hero)
* Nidoran♂ (Credit: Private Hero)
* Nidorino (Credit: Private Hero)
* Nidoking (Credit: Private Hero)
* Clefairy (Credit: Private Hero)
* Clefable (Credit: Private Hero)
* Vulpix (Credit: Private Hero)
* Ninetales (Credit: Private Hero)
* Jigglypuff (Credit: Private Hero)
* Wigglytuff (Credit: Private Hero)
* Zubat (Credit: Private Hero)
* Golbat (Credit: Private Hero)
* Oddish (Credit: Private Hero)
* Gloom (Credit: Private Hero)
* Vileplume (Credit: Private Hero)
* Paras (Credit: Private Hero)
* Parasect (Credit: Private Hero)
* Venonat (Credit: Private Hero)
* Venomoth (Credit: Private Hero)
* Meowth (Credit: Private Hero)
* Persian (Credit: Private Hero)
* Psyduck (Credit: Private Hero)
* Golduck (Credit: Private Hero)
* Mankey (Credit: Private Hero)
* Primeape (Credit: Private Hero)
* Growlithe (Credit: Private Hero)
* Arcanine (Credit: Private Hero)
* Poliwag (Credit: Private Hero)
* Poliwhirl (Credit: Private Hero)
* Poliwrath (Credit: Private Hero)
* Abra (Credit: Private Hero)
* Kadabra (Credit: Private Hero)
* Alakazam (Credit: Private Hero)
* Machop (Credit: Private Hero)
* Machoke (Credit: Private Hero)
* Mew (Credit: Private Hero)
* Typhlosion (Credit: Oxy)
* Houndoom (Credit: Oxy)
* Luxray (Credit: Oxy)
* Mightyena (Credit: Oxy)
* Tyrantrum (Credit: Oxy)
* Lycanroc [Midnight] (Credit: Oxy)
– Added the following to the list of fuckable female Pokémon via the party interface (doggystyle animation):
* Ralts [New Special Form] (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Beedrill (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Spearow (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Fearow (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Arbok (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Pikachu (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Raichu (Credit: CynderQuill & Private Hero)
* Sandshrew (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Sandslash (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Nidoran♂ (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Nidorina (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Nidoqueen (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Geodude (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Doduo (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Dodrio (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Mew (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Rockruff (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Lycanroc (Midday) (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Lycanroc (Midnight) (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Lycanroc (Dusk) (Credit: CynderQuill)
* Meloetta (Credit: CynderQuill & Private Hero)
– Added the following to the list of Psychic Control trainers:
* Poke Kid (Eevee Girl, SwSh)
~ This trainer type has some extra functions, like unzipping her costume without taking it off and enticing her Eevee to fuck her.
* Schoolkid (Female, RSE)
* Schoolkid (Female, DP)
* Schoolkid (Female, BW)
* Hex Maniac (XY)
* Ghost Girl (Custom)
* Fairy Tale Girl (XY)
* Idol Lisia (ORAS)

– A lot of maps now have more location notification pop-ups for entering different places (e.g. bathrooms).
– Weather moves can now be used as field moves to change the weather on maps (e.g. Rain Dance).
– Added a Pokemon Center to the City Slums.
– The house with all the plants in Commerce City was changed to the Gardenia Center. You can buy plants for your Secret Bases here.
– The Squirt Bottle was removed from the starting items.
* It’s now obtained from the girl by the berry plot next to the Gardenia Center in Commerce City.
– The Amulet Coin was removed from the starting items. It can be found on several different maps now (go look for it!).
– Added berry plots to a lot of maps (particularly Routes) that didn’t have any or had space for more.
– Mt. Moon was added. It can be reached through the Null Cave at the Mountain Pass.
– Added a Secret Base to Honeysuckle Farms (bush).
– Added a Secret Base to the Canyon Pass (rock).
– Added a Rock Climb wall and some trainers to Canyon Pass.
– Lilac Town (formerly Lavender Town) was mapped and is now accessible.
– The Transportation Hub in Empire City changed. New maps were added, and it was reorganized into much more of a “hub”.
– Added a new map attached to the Forgotten Woods. You can reach it through the old church.
– Added a Ruins Expert to the Forgotten Woods to provide some backstory (and foreshadowing) for the area.

– Added a camping feature to the pause menu. This acts as an alternate way to proposition your party Pokemon for sex.
– Added Habitats, similar to how they worked in BW. They can be viewed from either the Pokedex or Region Map screens and help you keep track of which Pokemon you’ve found in an area.
– Added the Berry Pots from Gen IV – you can grow berries mobily wherever you go with them. Buy them at the new flower shop in Lilac Town!
– Added a pop-up that shows the icon and description for a new item you find in the overworld (Gen 8-style).
– Added background images for the location notification pop-up window.
– Added an animation for using certain items and TMs/HMs from the bag.
– Added a short CG scene for when player changes their clothes.
– Added many new PC Box wallpapers (NSFW & SFW).
– Added an option to override the seasonal splash screen so you can use whichever you want.

– Added sprites for the Twins trainer class from Gen VI/XY (custom made).
– Added an animation for watering berries.
– Added rare Secret Base dolls for every mythical pokemon.
* The previously unused NPC behind the counter on the second floor of then Candy Corner in Commerce City sells them for now.
– Added Secret Base dolls for every bug type pokemon.
* They can be purchased from the new girl in the Cabin in the Deep Woods.
– Added pokemon affection effects for battles (enduring, avoiding, critical hits, misc. messages, etc.).
* There is an NPC inside Commerce City’s Pokemon Center that can disable/enable this feature (default is enabled).
– Added a quest log entry for the job offer at the BunBun Strip Club.
– Added a satirical scene to the Park in the American Suburbs.
– Added the dust movement animation for when pushing boulders.
– Better tutorialized a couple key features at the start of the game for people who have never played a Pokemon game before.
– Mizuki has an additional reward after you find an Ice Stone for Lillie.

– The following moves are now Psychic Control candidates:
* Supersonic (Control)
* Sweet Kiss (Control)
* Psybeam (Control)
* Dizzy Punch (Control)
* Teeter Dance (Control)
* Spore (Sleep)
– Having a pokemon with the ability Flame Body or Magma Armor in the party now reduces the number of player pregnancy steps by half just like it does for egg hatching steps.
– Changed the type of scene with the rapist in Port Town to the gay version if the player is male and has their sexual preference set to bisexual.
* Moving forward, scenes for bisexual players with multiple paths will be decided with the following rules:
~ If a non-con scene, play the default option (no having the Leaf/Red show up and get fucked instead).
~ For consensual scenes, let the player choose each time which scene to play.
– Scenes that use a deus-ex machina event where Leaf shows up to get fucked for straight male players now also have a variant where Red shows up and gets fucked (yaoi).
* In most cases, this will be used for lesbian players. I know this isn’t a perfect solution, but I really don’t want to deal with gender-bending the aggressors/givers.
– Overhauled all of the FrLg Lass sprites, including the recolors and variants.
– Added a lesbian path for Ivy’s three-way scene at Hamlet.
– Added a lesbian path for the Treehouse gang-rape scene in the Hidden Grove.
– Added some saliva to Lickitung’s licking animations.
– Made the Sally+Umbreon animation loopable and able to be exited early by pressing the usual buttons.
– Made it so that Ivy’s three-way scene at Hamlet asks which path to play if the player is bi.
– Made it so that a player-laid egg takes much fewer steps to hatch.
– Tate and Liza’s bathroom animations now all loop and can be exited early by pressing the usual buttons.
– Recolored Tate and Liza’s sprites in their bathroom animations for constancy.
– Substantially reduced the number of steps required for player pregnancy (from 3500 to 1250).
– Lengthened the scene at the Bike Shop in Empire City.
– Removed the sexual preference check from the two boys you can kidnap as part of the Hypno’s post-quest for the sake of future content.
– Tweaked the names of the Secret Base paintings for better clarity and organization. The format is now “Scene | Position (Characters)” for most of them.

*CHANGES (Maps):
– You can now cut grass with the Cut field move like you could in Gen III.
– Walking on sideways stairs now moves the player diagonally.
– It will now snow at the Ski Resort will randomly, and it will always be snowing at the Mountain Highlands.
– Null Cave got a face lift, and is also now the access point for Mt. Moon.
– Added a lava bubbling background sound to maps with lava.
– Made Ralts significantly more common to find on both Routes 1 and 2.
– Added berries plots to several towns and routes that previously had none.
– Added a new mach bike slope to Boulder Town that lets you bypass the cave.
– Added grass encounters to Cape Luminos, and redesigned its encounter lists.
– All the mushrooms in the Dark Woods are now pickable.
– Computers, laptops, and screens that face left or right can now only be activated from those sides.
– Berries no longer cause the background music to stop before picking them.
– The water currents at the Construction Site now function as intended.
– Increased the light level in the Dark Woods a little bit.
– Separated Three Way Town on the Town Map into two parts with different fly locations (left is Pokemon Center, right is Animation Gallery).
– Renamed Lover’s Crevice to Lover’s Nook, then renamed Lover’s Nook to Siren’s Crevice at the Nude Beach, and then remade the newly named Siren’s Crevice.
– Overhauled the Lifeguards at the Nude Beach. Most of the things done are under-the-hood type stuff, but a number of QoL improvements were added.
– Modified the collision on the Palms Trees to make navigating maps like Tropical Island much easier.
– Lichen Grotto on Route 8 has been overhauled, and a new puzzle was added.
* Wild encounters added to Lichen Grotto (I forgot to include them).
– The train station in Empire City now takes you to and from the slums area used in the BunBun Strip Club recruiting job.
* More content may be added to this region in the future.
– Added a way to obtain both of the prize pokemon from the Empire City Dojo.

– The Paper Doll will now automatically hide itself when an event or scene is running/playing.
– Apricorns are now sorted into the Berries tab in the bag.
– Moved the Nickname option to the bottom of the Party Pokemon Select menu (it felt in the way).
– Selecting a Ribbon on the Summery Screen now shows its description and lets you rearrange them.
– Overhauled the Party Screen again to look even more like how it did in FrLg.
– Overhauled the Summery Screen to better match other GUI elements (e.g. FrLg-styled).
– Overhauled the PokeNav Screen to look more like how it did in Emerald.
– Overhauled the Map Screen to look more like how it did in FrLg.
– Overhauled the Pokedex Screen (custom).
– Reworked the Unstuck feature into a pop-up menu with options to fix common issues and even enable noclip mode to get out of certain situations without having to teleport away.
– Reworked the trainer card. It has two sides now (similar to HGSS), and holds more information.
– The Town Map now has a proper town marker for Three Way Town.
– You can no longer press B to stop evolutions if they were triggered by using an item on a Pokemon.

*CHANGES (Other):
– Changed a bunch of music tracks, sound effects, and other audio files.
– Made trainer battle intros loop.
– The gender of your started pokemon for bi players is now chosen based on your Sexual Priority setting.
– The Ride Pager was removed from the starting items. A new scene on Route 2 has been added to introduce players to the item.
– The Soot Sack was removed from the starting items. Drysand Village is now set up as a soot harvest spot, and now includes a glass maker NPC to turn soot into items.
– Eevee no longer evolves into Umbreon when using a Dusk Stone (using a Moon Stone or leveling up with high happiness at night still work).
*Dusk Stone evolution may be used for a new Eevee form sometime in the future.
– Flying mounts such as Flygon can now fly up mach bike slopes.
– Gave the Hypno that joins your party after the quest at the Mountain Pass a unique move: Hypnoblast.
*Hypnoblast works as both a sleep and control move for use on trainers.
**If you already got this Hypno before the update or want to teach it to other Hypnos, a new Hypno in the cave will serve as a move tutor.
– Changed the overworld sprite for the FrLg Twins to look more like their battle sprite.
– Changed the “Pokemon Caught” jingle so that it loops endlessly instead of going back to the normal battle music after playing once.
– Rockruff can now be evolved into the various Lycanroc forms using the Sun, Moon, and Dusk Stones respectively.
– The move Attract now works on same-gender pokemon if the player’s sexual preference is set to either gay or bi.
– Made using mulch on berry plots much easier (you no longer have to select it in the bag manually each time).
– Filled Cum Bottles now function as berry mulch. They vastly reduce the time it takes for a berry plant to grow and increase their moisture level!
– Rebalanced the sell price of many treasure items.
– Rebalanced many achievement counts and their rewards.
– Made a a lot more background music tracks loop properly.

– Fixed a bug in the animator code that caused the wrong frames to be used in certain places for some animations.
– Fixed a bug in the animator code causing animations with additional frames to to have their visuals and audio desync over time.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the pregnancy system to stop working.
– Fixed a bug with psychically controlling sleeping Beauties incorrectly showing the Nurse Joy’s “HEAL” option.
– Fixed a bug that caused some of the dialog with the kids fucking inside the tents at the Camp Grounds using random numbers instead of their names.
– Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when trying to fuck a Ditto or any other genderless pokemon through the party screen.
– Fixed several more issues with the Ralts line changing into their Lolian forms.
– Fixed several inconsistency issues with the right twin on Route 7.
– Fixed several event sequencing and graphical bugs with the Burglary Room scenes at the BunBun Strip Club.
– Fixed several event sequencing and graphical bugs with Mizuki and Lillie’s player scenes.
– Fixed Bugsy’s Male Player + Female Scyther animation only showing one frame by mistake.
– Fixed Noctowl’s party s.e.x animation not registering correctly.
– Fixed being able to give Sally a Sylveon if you had only one pokemon in your party.
– Fixed being able to give Sally a female Sylveon.
– Fixed some lag issues with certain h-scenes (i.e. Dragapult). (credit: Syran)
– Fixed several bugs related to Kirlia and Ralts changing forms after having sex.
– Fixed an issue with the psychic control scenes for the Youngster FrLg (White).
– Fixed some issues with the first scene in your house causing the friend/rival NPC’s overworld sprite to disappear after sex.
– Fixed a critical bug with the way the Psychic Control system handled the inside of Poke Marts and any other place where a group in a location got controlled all at once.
– Fixed the choices for a bisexual female player in the scene with Ivy at Hamlet playing the opposite of the one you picked.
– Fixed the windowbox pictures not being removed properly after the Route 69 Police Station groping scene for male players.
– Fixed the scene with the Nurse Loli in Empire City’s Pokemon Center using the wrong windowbox animation during sleeping s.e.x if the player is male.
– Fixed the Battle Girl (RSE) using the wrong windowbox animation during sleeping s.e.x if the player is male.
– Fixed a few bugs for the scene with the loli nurse hiding in the supply room in Empire City’s Pokemon Center.
– Fixed an issue that caused some trainers to have the wrong descriptions for their pokemon actions when telling them to act like a pokemon while being psychically controlled.

– The Boss in the Klay Mines no longer repeats her pre-fight banter line after you beat her.
– Picking up more Soft Clay after already obtaining 10 no longer plays the message about the quest being updated each time.
– Ledges now properly play the collision SFX when they cannot be crossed because something is blocking them on the other side.
– Fixed flying to the Nude Beach map placing you inside the bounds, thus causing problems with the Lifeguard scenes.
– Fixed a bug preventing you from leaving Suzie’s parent’s room.
– Fixed the Juggler’s Voltorb on Route 2 knowing the OP move Sonic Boom at level 4.
– Fixed several missing NPCs in Boulder Town’s, Hamlet’s, and Port Town’s Poké Mart & Center.
– Fixed the Youngster (Green) at the Forest skipping the battle with him.
– Fixed the animation of the treehouse doors in the Dark Woods.
– Fixed not being able to fly to Tropical Island properly after visiting it (only HM fly was broken, not the Ride Pager).
– Fixed the female Swimmer on Route 71 challenging you while on land unintentionally.
– Fixed the female Swimmer (BW) in the water at the Nude Beach challenging you again and again after being defeated.
– Fixed the Lifeguards at the Nude Beach getting angry at you for having clothes on when you hadn’t actually entered the beach yet.
– Fixed a soft lock issue when talking to the owner of the BunBun Strip Club right after entering it for the first time.
– Fixed the Camper (FrLg) on Route 9 using the Camper (RSE) psychic control graphics by mistake.
– Fixed flying to a certain point of the Canyon Pass getting you stuck in a tree.
– Fixed several issues with the Soot Sack glass blower NPC.
– Fixed the poke balls in the back of the Fighting Dojo in Empire City accidentally moving toward the player you try to walk past the Dojo Leader.
– Fixed the braziers in the City Slums not animating correctly.
– Fixed using Cut on Soot Grass tiles causing some graphical inconsistencies.
– Fixed some of the paintings in the Animation Gallery changing their picture when activated.
– Fixed a few more issues with the scene at the Bike Shop in Empire City.
– Fixed swamp water encounters being able to occur anywhere on the map at Swamp Town.
– Fixed the three houses in the American Suburbs all going to the same interior.
– Fixed the missing shiny female Kirlia party s.e.x frames, causing a crash when trying to fuck her.
– Fixed not being able to push Strength Boulders with the Machamp Ride Pager Mount over places where Rock Smash Rocks used to be and over hidden items. (credit: Syran)
– Fixed selecting the option to leave before the kids fucking see you inside the Lover’s Nook at the Nude Beach causing the choices to and misalign the scene.
– Fixed activating an item, trainer, etc. while over diveable water, under surfaceable water, facing surf water, etc. asking if you want to dive/surf/etc. immediately after playing the item/trainer messages (credit: Syran).
– Fixed the grass rustle animation playing on the non-corporeal ghosts in the graveyard at the Forgotten Woods.
– Fixed several Mach Bike Slopes not being set up to take into account pregnancy sprites and Ride Pager mounts.
– Fixed a bug causing the Port Town arrest scene to trigger improperly, teleporting you back to the Police Station every time you try to enter Port Town without resolving the scene.
– Fixed a mapping oversight when using waterfall to climb the big vertical waterfall at Hamlet on the far left or right gets surf stuck on because the waterfall climb can’t finish properly.
– Fixed the collision when surfing behind the Lighthouse at Cape Luminos.
– Fixed several maps lacking metadata (which controls things like backgrounds, map positions, etc.).
– Fixed more minor map collision and graphical issues.

– Fixed the dialog choices for Clerk in the Bike Shop in Empire City.
– Fixed the shiny icon for enemies during battle being placed incorrectly.
– Fixed the pause menu breaking if you attempted to change clothes while on a vehicle (i.e. Pokeride Mount, Bike, Surfing, Diving, etc.).
– Fixed the description for Super Potions saying that they heal for 50 when they actually heal for 60.
– Fixed the text in the bag moving too high up when you scroll down. (credit: Syran)
– Fixed the title/continue screen options moving too high up when you scroll down. (credit: Syran)
– Fixed the buttons in the PokeNav moving too high up when you scroll down. (credit: Syran)
– Fixed the Red Arrow used to denote menu scrolling shows up when starting/loading a game from main menu in fullscreen mode. (credit: Syran)
– Fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to deposit a pokemon holding mail.
– Fixed a bug that caused the quest “A Picture’s Worth…” at the Ski Resort to have a duplicate entry in the Quest Log.

*BUGFIXES (Other):
– Dying pots in the Pottery Shop in Boulder Town after the quest now works correctly.
– Using the Vs Seeker or any action that plays the Poke Ball opening overworld animation while surfing or diving no longer dismounts you.
– Fixed a rare crash that occurred when helping Kurk with his machine when you’re both n.a.k.ed and pregnant.
– Fixed toilets beeping like computers when activated.
– Fixed an error that broke some of the female free diver trainers.
– Fixed the Dream Ball being sold for free.
– Fixed several battle issues with the moves Self-Destruct and Explosion. (credit: Syran)
– Fixed the multiple save file system not remembering the last save game loaded. (credit: Syran)
– Fixed several issues with how the Roulette tables work.
– Fixed the Comet Core treasure item incorrectly having its name displayed as Comet Shard.
– Fixed the wrong music playing on the splash screen for the seasonal splash screens during extended seasonal splash months.
– Fixed Gardevoir’s mega evolution sprites being the wrong size.
– Fixed the Vs. Seeker. The step counter now works correctly.
– Fixed an issue that caused the player’s run sprite to not work after doing certain actions like using HM Fly and the Vs. Seeker.
– Fixed a crash that resulted when trying to feed berries to Pokemon via the Pokemon Amie app.
– Fixed using the Unstuck teleport not resetting the place you go to when you lose a battle.
– Fixed more spelling, typo, and grammatical errors.
– Probably a lot of other small things I forgot to write down.

Remember Ducumon.com just uploaded and stored this game. You can download it on the Source link! We don’t force you to download from Ducumon.com!

This game is a Fan-made Game! It’s Beta in English!

Lolimon screenshots

Lolimon Walkthrough
Lolimon Beta 6 Bug testing Hot fix Patch 1 (Beta – 11/15/2023)