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Pokemon The Last Fire Red

Name: Pokemon The Last Fire Red
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Romsprid SB
Source Link: https://www.romsprid.xyz/2020/08/pokemon-last-fire-red.html
Romsprid SB’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh93xdwIXJvU1LhBw57t6uA
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play a Pokemon The Last Fire Red. It’s a new Feature HACK ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red by Romsprid SB.

It has over 48 Features such as Mega Evolution, Dynamax, Z moves, New Events, and more and more… The story is same as Pokemon Fire Red. It’s completed in English. Let’s play.

Features :
-Fairy Type
-High difficulty
-New Rivals (Ash,Ritchie,Brendan,May,Tracey,N,)
-Team Rocket & Magma & Aqua in the game
-Removable Hms
-Auto Runing (L Button)
-Expanded PC Boxes (up to 24!)
-Expanded Bag
-All Moves, Abilities, Items, Item Effects through Gen 7
-A complete set of move animations
-Vastly improved AI system with decision-making skills for all new battle effects
-Z Moves with Annimations
-Mega Evolution / Primal Reversion / Ultra Burst
-Ability pop-ups
-Hidden Abilities
-Dissapearing HP-bars during Attack Animations
-New Items (Shiny Charm,GEMs,Mega Stones,Z-Crytals,and more)
-Totem Pokémon
-Item Image on obtain
-Mega Evolution in Battle
-Dynamax in Battle
-Wild double battles
-Trainers with EVs
-Class-based Poké Balls
-Team Magma & Aqua
-Some New Events
-Graphics Updated
-New Spirits
-Running indoors
-All Pokemons From Gen 1 to 7
-Pokes’ IVs
-Double battles
-PSS System
-Physical Special Split
-New Overworlds
-New Trainers
-New Evolution Methods
-Level Scaling (Trainer Pokemon levels will be set to the highest in your party)
-Ash Greninja-z (transforms in battle with his ability)
-Gen 1 Starters but all Starters in the Game except Gen8
-Exp Share (a device to enable / disable EXP sharing)
-New Evolution Stones (Dawn Stone,Dusk Stone,Shiny Stone,Trade Stone,Ice Stone,Oval Stone)
-Alolan Form
-Evolution at night & day and evening (for example rockruff in the night evolve to Lycanroc Night, and during the day it evolve to lycanrock Day or in the evening it evolve to Lycanrock Dusk)
-Every trainer have improved AI
-Day/Night/Seasons System
-Poke Montures
-And More to discover

More info :
-Froakie in Route 1
-All New Item in Celadon City (and you have to search for other npc’s to find other items like toxic orb, fire, orb, and other )
-All Ultra Beasts in Altering Cave
-All Legendaries in random place in the game (some in safari zone)
-Ash Will Give you EXP-Share
-May will Give you DexNav & Shiny Charm
-N Will Give Life Orb
-All Gen 1-7 Starters in route 16 & 17

-If you talk to the gym leader after you defeat him you get another TM (I left it like that)
-in gym 8 if you Talk to Giovanni after you defeat him the Game will freeze (don’t talk to him)

Fixed Bugs:
-Froakie removed from pewter city to route 1
-You can get Cut in SS Anne
-Route 25 fixed

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It’s Completed!



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon The Last Fire Red Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon The Last Fire Red v1.20 (Completed)

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Download Pokemon The Last Fire Red v1.20 CIA (Completed)

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