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Pokemon Nebula

Name: Pokemon Nebula
Created by: AmirX (Amir, Mr.Paradox)
Source Link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=430236
Amir’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgEjaU09OfQ
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Nebula. It’s a new Fan-made game on PC by AmirX or Amir. Well, the main story is completed, it means it’s playable.

You are a trainer in Kanto 2.0. It’s the Kanto region but it’s changed. 24 starters are waiting for you with mega evolution, 24/7 Gym, and Team Unity. Now, Team Unity is dangerous and you must defeat theirs. Anyway, Let’s play, bro!

Attention all pokemon veterans, this is not a drill, this game will test your skills as a pokemon trainer and here’s why you should be prepared. After the events that happened in alola region, Kanto 2.0 was constructed as an extension to the old Kanto, You’re gonna meet a lot of similar faces and an old rival but don’t be fooled, the challenges are much more difficult than before and here is the kicker, all the evil teams you faced before in official previous games are in an organization called “unity” to conquer the world (BTW: this is not rainbow rocket script, it’s an entirely bigger scale and more terrorizing than before, so as you see trainer, your job isn’t just becoming a champion but also making sure your world doesn’t fall apart.

The main story is complete and there is a post-game content

Day-night System
Gen 5 style mapping
Movie scenes
mega evolution
all pokemon from gen 1-7 dynamic (very few pokemon are static though)
Follow Pokemon
Extreme challenges
Different outfits for trainers are found in the game
24/7 gym: a gym that you can train in anytime you want
the chance of catching some legendaries in the post-game

update 1.02
fixed the intro volume
fixed HMs moves
Fixed the badge problem
fixed the tunnel problem

update 1.03
Enhanced some of the pokemon battlers
now you can get your pokedex after receiving your starter
and as for starters: you can get starters from Kanto til Alola

Update 1.07.5
-Fixed the losing scenario at the dojo event
-Rebalancing the extreme challenges
-minor bugs fixed
-Update of new legendary encounters post game
-Zarude in route 5
-Spectrier in Raven town
-Glastrier in Vc mountain
-Calyrex in Victory mountain
-Regidrago in sand floor
-Regieleki in sand floor

This game is a Fan-made Game in English. The storyline is mainly completed. It’s playable. It’s beta in features!



Download Pokemon Nebula v1.07.5 (Beta – official link)
—-Back-up Link—-

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