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Pokemon Police Force

Name: Pokemon Police Force
Created by: NoodlesButt
Source – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/651/
Today is the day! You’ve completed the required training and are now a fully fledged Pokémon Police Officer. You are assigned to a position on Three Island where a young girl is missing and biker gangs terrorise the locals. It’s time for YOU to figure out the mysterious disappearance and defeat the hooligans once and for all!

What’s New?
Delta Pokémon! –
There are eight delta species to catch on Three Island, a new one on every route.
(These delta Pokémon were made for a project I created before Police Force (In 2014) but I never got to use them so why not now?)
– More Items! –
TMs, berries & pokéballs have been added around the Island.
– Less Lag! –
Three Island had a terrible lag issue so I did some event changing and it should run a lot better now.
– Bug Fixes! –
A game breaking bug at the end and other glitches have been fixed.
– Pokémon Changes! –
There are some different wild Pokémon to encounter and events in the overworld. Trade evolutions also evolve by level up and some Pokémon evolve earlier than normal. (The boss battles have also been tweaked.)
– Quieter Music! –
I lowered the volume of every BGM so hopefully you won’t go deaf playing this…
– Lower File Size! –
From 406mb to 118mb (audio files are big lol)
– A gift for completing the game! –
Complete the game to receive a sweet Pokémon 😉

– 1-2 hours of gameplay
– TURBO! Use the Alt key to speed up the game
– 1/900 Shiny Chance!
– GEN 3 visuals and Pokémon
– 8 Delta Species



Download Pokemon Police Force v1.0 (Completed)

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