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Pokemon Emerald 2

Pokemon Emerald 2
Name: Pokemon Emerald 2
Remake From: Pokemon Emerald
Remake by: luuma
Source: Click here!
This game is well balanced man. healthordisease.com. The difficulty curve is on point; every one of its 386 obtainable Pokemon has been given a fresh, healthy lick of paint; the world of Hoenn has gotten a dirty great global route makeover, with three or four all new routes and four cheeky puzzle islands to explore on the endless ocean; I’ve added some grubby looking tiles that count as safe zones in caves where wild pokemon cannot appear; the game’s story and route progression’s had a few changes; the pokedex has had some bant added, there’s a few new moves, two new mons, the trainer battles have been redone, the gyms and E4 are more varied than ever, and (last but not least) you can check the clocks in Pokemarts to get the current time.

Alongside this we have the classic spattering of reuseable tms and move tutors, the phys/spec split, BW repels system, ORAS easy berry planting, pokemarts inside pokecenters, and day and night. And a free of charge gym difficulty patch if you feel under-challenged.

This isn’t the most unique, up-to-date, or flashy rom, but oh man is it polished!


Ice is immune to Water
Dragon is weak to Poison
Ghost and Dark are neutral hits on Steel types

Constrict now 25 power, grass type, physical, 100% chance to lower speed
Sheer Cold now 25 power, 70% accuracy, 100% chance to freeze
Cut is now Bug-type

Mate, it’s like everyone got an alolan form over here
Torkoal is now fire/steel type, Base stats now 70/75/170/75/65/20, learns metal claw at lv23, heat wave at lv30, rock slide at lv43. fissure at lv46
Hariyama stats now 154/70/60/100/58/50, learns Belly Drum at lv4, sand tomb (55 BP, special) at lv 22, Future Sight at lv 51, Reversal at lv55 (now special). Learns Feint Attack (65 power, special), Psychic, and Calm Mind by TM
Corsola stats now 75/65/115/65/115/25, Spike Cannon now Water type, physical. Learns Disarm (60 BP, Flying, lowers attack) by TM
Rapidash now normal/fire type, base attack now 105, Ponyta evolves at lv37 now, learns Fire Spin at lv14, Flame Wheel at lv 25, Tail Whip at lv 29 (10 power), Take Down at lv 33, Fury Attack at lv 37 (22BP, Flying), Blaze Kick at lv 48, Bounce at lv 59.
Spinda now has 110 base sp.atk and sp.def. Learns Psych Up at lv 5, Hypnosis at lv 9, Feint Attack at lv 14, Dizzy Punch at lv 18, Uproar at lv 23, Psybeam at lv 26, every move named “dance” in the game from level 30 until level 36, Encore at lv 39, Boomburst at lv 42, and Reversal at lv 50

Several level up evolutions now occur at different levels.
A really small number of items and TMs (like 10) are in different spots.
Other evolution changes
Vulpix -> Ninetales @lv33

Poliwhirl -> Poliwrath @lv36 if atk >/= def,
-> Politoed if atk < def Kadabra -> Alakazam @lv36
Machoke -> Machamp when happiness is maxed
Graveler -> Golem @lv30

Slowbro -> Slowking @ lv37 if atk > def,
-> Slowbro if atk </= def Haunter -> Gengar at night (PM) when happiness is maxed

Onix ->Steelix @lv39

Seadra -> Kingdra @lv42

Scyther -> Scizor @lv39

Eevee and evolutions -> Umbreon with Moon stone
-> Espeon with the Sun stone
-> Each other with their respective stones

Porygon -> Porygon2 @lv22
Porygon2 -> Porygon @lv23
Porygon -> Porygon2 @lv24
Porygon2 -> Porygon @lv25

Breed mew for mewtwo

Wurmple -> Silcoon @lv6 if atk >/= def
-> Cascoon if atk < def Feebas -> Milotic when either beauty or happiness is maxed

Clamperl -> Gorebyss when happiness is maxed (day)
-> Huntail when happiness is maxed (night)

Secret stuff
Tickets in Mt. Pyre (Ho-oh/lugia), Birch’s Lab (Deoxys), Granite Cave (mew), and rt 119 (with cut, lati@s). A guy in slateport makes em work.
You get suicune off steven in mossdeep for beating the champion, rather than beldum, which is in the wild.
i think I removed entei and raikou from some secret new pokemon. I’m really sorry to the fans.
moltres, zapdos and articuno are gifts for beating the HOENN dex (the one with only the 200 basic forms or starter evolutions)
mew breeds with ditto, making mewtwo
Celebi is on rt 104 in a little grove, lv30
!ERROR in VICTORY ROAD: Warp outside of recommended parameters. This is not a Bug, it’s actually Bird/Normal.

Girafarig, Banette, Sunflora, Grumpig, Smeargle, Eeveelutions, Porygon, Farfetch’d, Ralts, Cacnea, Roselia, Ariados, Geodude, Baltoy, Spinda, Shedinja obviously, Togetic, and honestly, whatever you want, am I right?

Pokemon Emerald 2
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