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Pokemon Smeargle Splat

Name: Pokemon Smeargle Splat
Created by: Manurocker95
The premise is simple. At PSS we put ourselves in the shoes of Mirguel the Smeargle. Professor Haya has asked her to try to paint all the Pokémon she finds to fill the PintaDex . To do this, Mirguel must go through each labyrinth in the shortest time possible and try to capture all the Pokémon that she paints.

Game Modes:
In PSS there are 3 game modes:

– Capture mode: Go through the maze before time runs out starting at a random point in the maze. Picking up PokéBall will give you a few extra seconds. Once you finish the maze you must enter the name of the Pokémon to capture. You can only capture it if you do it correctly.

– Classic mode: Go through each level without a time limit. Doing it in less time and with fewer steps will give you extra points. Learn each level and go through it as quickly as possible. If you manage to beat all 150 levels with a maximum score, something magical may happen.

– Limited Ink Mode: Similar to the classic mode but with limited ink. If Mirguel runs out of ink he will not be able to continue through the level and will lose his opportunity.

Level Editor and connection with the Whack a Hack account:

PSS has its own level editor so that each player can unleash all their creativity. Additionally, you can log into the game with your Whack a Hack account to upload the levels you have created so that other players can try them out. This functionality is completely optional.

Location and Gameplay (Controls):
Although it now appears in English, the game will be available in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese for all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS). In all of them you can play with a mouse/touch by swiping (dragging your finger to the sides while touching the screen), with the WASD/arrow keys on the keyboard, or a console controller. If you want the mobile experience even on PC, it is best to play by swiping with the mouse (click + drag).

This game is a Fan-made Game in English. It’s Beta!


v0.0.3 Android (Completed)
v0.0.3 iOS (Completed)
v0.0.3 Linux (Completed)
v0.0.3 Mac (Completed)

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