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Pokemon Yellow 97

Pokemon Yellow 97 cover is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Yellow 97
Remade by: Cremason
Based on: Pokemon Yellow
Source link: Click here!
Pokemon Yellow 97 is a GBC ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Yellow by Cremason. All Back Sprites are replaced with Original Space World 97 back sprites. It’s Beta and Playable in English. You can play Pokemon Yellow Cross if you want.


This took quite a while to figure out and sure it would have been easy for people that understand coding but had to learn how just by constant failures assembling the game. Will happily provide credits where credits are due so if there is not proper credit, please inform and will do my best to make sure their work is appreciated.

The wait is finally over!


Thrilled to introduce a Space World 97 (Back Sprites) Hack for Pokémon Yellow!

Key Features:
Original Space World 97 back sprites
Revamped Trainer Backsprites
Red Sprite Backsprite (by Poketto)
Old Man Backsprite (by SteppoBlazer) –
Oak Backsprite (by Mateo)
All spaceworld 97 Back Sprites were ripped from the redstarbluestar hack by Rangi42

Warning! This hack has been through VERY limited testing. Inform if anything comes up graphically that is corrupted in any way.


Title Screen changed to reflect 97 instead of version.

Fixed Backsprites for Hall of Fame vid


This game is a GBC ROM Hack. It’s Beta and Playable in English.

Pokemon Yellow 97 screenshots

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Yellow 97 Cheat Codes
Pokemon Yellow 97 v1.2 (Beta)

Posted by Ducumon