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Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens

Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens cover is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens
Created by: Jos_Louis
Source link: Click here!
Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens is a Fan-made Game by Jos_Louis. The Main Story is complete in English with over 800 Pokemon, Mega Evolution, 3 new types, new moves and more.


You feel a voice calling out to you in your sleep on the night before your 21st birthday. The voice is calling out to you for help and to find her as she is in trouble and vulnerable. You will soon find yourself caught up in a plot that involves assisting a visitor from an alternate universe as she investigates and attempts to unravel the objectives of the Ethereal Guild, a loosely associated band of mercenaries, pirates, and profiteers who have ambitions for intertemporal dominance. While their organization lurks in the shadows, it appears as their influence runs deeper than anticipated, threatening the stability of the Orion region.

The following contains a list of the features of the game:
The flagship feature of this game is that it contains a Pokedex of over 800 regional variant Pokemon and ONLY regional variant Pokemon (i.e. no canon forms at all!)
Generation 4-style graphics
Mega Evolution
3 new types (Cosmic, Sound and Light) with accompanying changes to the type chart
New moves and abilities, both for the new types as well as existing types.
Estimated 25 hours of content
Similar to Soulstones 1, this is not a gym/league challenge story and is more of an RPG with story progression.
Similar to Soulstones 1, side quests are making a return, and some have multiple steps to it to create “mini-stories” which will compel players to pursue side plots.
Features a number of unique scripts such as Voltseon’s pause menu, Encounters UI, Randomizer X, multiple save files, and the Quest Log UI.


Patch 1.1.14
– The Auriga Resort bed was not a save checkpoint
– Certain Breloom terminals now act as a save checkpoint but not all of them.
– Soul shield had priority and a sound flag in error.
– Dirty bomb was missing the Bomb flag
– Ethereal burst description edited to clarify that it hits everyone on the field.
– Modified kits of: Incineroar (moves), Raticate (telepathy instead of infiltrator ability), Aegismash (Contrary instead of Conductor ability), Aegibow (mixed attacker with BST and moveset changes), Mismagius (Ethereal swapped out for Healer), Dracarys is now compatible with Aurorus and T.Sylveon, Grapploct (BST, move and ability tweaks).
– Refraction wasn’t doing anything. Like literally nothing.
– Clarifies the ability description of Genius, Pure Power and Huge Power to specify that they double the respective stat.
– Nebula cloud wasn’t working correctly for partners.
– Adjusted quest reward in Triton Cave to give you Ice Gems rather than an Ice Stone to avoid giving you an early evolve mon way too early.
– Anomaly story boss battles now are a bit tougher as they have more than just one enemy (Galvantula, Hoopa, etc.)
– You can now choose to randomize boss battles at the beginning of the game if you want. For existing save files, the last boss’s team that you faced will determine what team number you are facing from now on.
– Some more AI improvements to fix misplays
– Changes (unused) in the F1 control menu to the appropriate speed change trigger
– At the end of the game, WT now lets you choose your tier you want to trade from.
– Manaphy now has Hidden Power (Fairy) in the Swalot battle so it doesn’t end up being a stall war.
– Modified kits of: Golisopod (Hyper Cutter instead of Vengeful, and removed compatibility with Nectar Tap.
– Reworked difficulty a bunch. MBD effects are greatly scaled back in standard difficulty now to allow lower skilled players to be successful. For example:
– MBD Standard difficulty: Instead of getting “toxic” spikes and stealth rocks on entry, it’s been scaled down to be poison on entry (i.e. toxic spikes variant 1 rather than variant 2 where you get “badly” poisoned) and one layer of spikes
– MBD Standard difficulty: In many cases, where screens were tossed up, it’s now 3 turns instead of 5.
– MBD Standard difficulty: in many cases where there were multiple stat boosts on certain triggers being met, it’s now been scaled back so it’s fewer stats and in some cases, an entire set of triggers have been removed.
– Fixed an issue with the free boat ride events in Auriga Bay and Lyra City.
– Fixed a bug around Instruct locking the enemy into a chain of moves that couldn’t end until out of PP.
– Changed how the demonic eye works. It is now a key item that can be activated or turned off at will and no longer needs to be held. This will only work on new save files going forward.
– Reoriented the mining game graphics for unique fossil graphics for each fossil mon.
– Adjusted quest reward for Temple Sentries to now award you a Power Stone as a Swarm Stone was found in close proximity already.
– Made underwater air vents as part of story in Chapter 7 more visible.
– Modified kits of: Unfezant (BST), Cherrim (BST), Forretress (BST), Mudsdale (Scrappy replaces Stalwart), Centiskorch (moves and egg moves)

This game is a Fan-made Game. It’s Complete and Playable in English. Post Content is still beta.

Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens screenshots

Pokemon Soulstones 2 Time Wardens v1.1.15 (Playable)

Posted by Ducumon