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Pokemon Emerald X2

Pokemon Emerald X2 cover is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon Emerald X2
Remade by: WitherSnow
Based on: Pokemon Emerald
Source Link: Click here!
Pokemon Emerald X2 is a GBA ROM Hack and based on Pokemon Emerald by WitherSnow. It’s a simple doubles Hack ROM with some small and large map changes, massive move and movepool changes, tons of stat changes, and most of all. It’s complete and playable in English. If you want to play the same game, you can play Pokemon Emerald Double Edition.


What was just a simple doubles hack became a love letter to hard Pokemon hacks that have come out. The massive Pokemon changes like in Vintage White, the gauntlets like in Garbage Green, the hard bosses like in Emerald Kaizo. The few trainers who carry on the legacy of Camper Tiffany from Crystal Kaizo +, He made not just something that has the parts of others, but something that is unique.

Many moves have been changed with new moves added from newer games and completely new moves with custom animations added. Movepools have changed a lot. This hack has a few extra maps that add to the number of encounters. Every legendary is available to catch. It fallows the path of the original Pokemon Emerald but with a little extra. It’s Pokemon, but times two! Pokemon X2, times two, get it?


Level Cap What
7 Route 102 (soft Cap)
17 Roxanne
24 Brawly
32 Wattson
44 Flannery
48 Norman
57 Winona
73 Tate&Liza
85 Juan
95 Evergrand City (Soft Cap)

Soft Cap:
You can exceed this cap via natural level ups so long as you aren’t
intentionally grinding. You may not exceed the cap with Rare Candies.

Known Issues:
Route 124’s surfing encounters are corrupted resulting in the encounters being Pupitar with levels that seem to range from 1 to 100.

Some Pokedex entries are misalligned, either having the wrong text or in some cases, the wrong name and picture. He tried to edit the dex order to be more in line with how you encounter the pokemon in the hack. It didn’t exactly work out as you can tell.

This game is a GBA ROM Hack. It’s Complete and Playable in English.

Pokemon Emerald X2 screenshots

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Emerald X2 Cheat Codes
Pokemon Emerald X2 V1 (Playable – Complete)