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Pokemon The New Order

Pokemon The New Order cover is made by Ducumon
Name: Pokemon The New Order
Created by: Pe_Zero
Discord Link: Click here!
Pokemon The New Order is a Fan-made Game on Windows by Pe_Zero. It is inspired by colonelsalt’s Team Rocket Edition ROM Hack with a new story, a new region, and some more features. It’s still Beta in English but It’s very lag because this game is using an old game engine. You can play Pokemon Order and Chaos if you want.


The game takes place in the Fabelle region, a brand-new place with lots of new challenges to take on!
However, the game is inspired by colonelsalt’s Team Rocket Edition ROM Hack. That means the gameplay will take an unexpected turn. This isn’t your usual Pokémon game with you being a child completing your dream as a champion…

The Plot
You finally make your dream come true. Through your contacts, you manage to join the infamous Team Cipher, the dominant mafia group in the whole region of Fabelle!
Complete numerous missions and climb up the ranks to fulfill your very own destiny! Develop bonds with your teammates!
Fight off other villainous groups to reach the top!
Discover the dark side of Fabellian history and all the secrets the government has been keeping away from the public eye!


The whole new region of Fabelle!
Many new locations to explore and many new trainers to battle!
Gen. IX Pokémon
While it may not be anything too new anymore, Gen IX Pokémon are included in the game.
A unique, branching story
Play the game, while making choices that branch the game, changing the story as you progress, and determining how the characters see you.
Gen 3 style map
The whole game gives off a nostalgic vibe from the old gen 3
Mechanics and abilities up to Gen IX
With Gen VIII Pokémon come their abilities!
Miscelanous features that improve the gameplay
More features, like HMs for items, reusable TMs, nature changers, an item updating your current objective and more…

This game is a Fan-made Game. It’s Beta in English.

Pokemon The New Order screenshots

Encounters and More
Pokemon The New Order Beta v3 (Beta)

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