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Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum Español

Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum Español
Name: Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum Español
Remade by: Drayano, Mikelan98, AdAstra
Translated by: christt105
Based on: Pokemon Platinum
Source link: https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/pokemon-following-renegade-platinum-espanol.68016/
I have integrated my translation of Pokémon Following Platinum and Drakyem ‘s Pokémon Renegade Platinum into the Pokémon Following Renegade Platinum Spanish ROM. The game has the addition of being followed by the Pokémon in the Renegade. I haven’t been able to fully test it yet, so if you see any errors you can let me know here.

This ROM is quite complex and has several extra patches. I haven’t tested the patches, but it should work the same as on the English ROM. Any problem or if you try it and see that it works, you can let me know.

I have only translated the texts, so all the texts that are in images are not translated, such as the types and some menus. PC/Android

Your wishes have been granted! Ever since the release of the amazing Pokemon Following Platinum by Mikelan98 and AdAstra in November, there have been many people asking for an integration of the hack with the equally amazing Pokemon Renegade Platinum (Drayano) hack to produce “the perfect Gen IV experience.” It appeared that the creators of these two hacks were (and likely still are) preoccupied with other projects, and the integration process would be nontrivial and tedious. I thus took it upon myself to embark on this small integration project.

Bug Fixes and Updates:

(15/1/2022 12:40 PM EST) Changed link to V1.1, which fixes a crash when talking to Looker more than once in the Route 213 hotel.

(15/1/2022 5:30 PM EST) Added fixed Classic version patch at link. Not thoroughly tested, but I expect it to work.

(16/1/2022 1:12 AM EST) Changed link to V1.4. Hooray, fixed flavour / descriptive text issue when talking to your following Pokemon! Also, framerate unlock has been “fixed”—it has actually been in the game this whole time, but the text for the options screen was accidentally overwritten by Renegade text when I ported it over (thank you to u/Doofguy for pointing this out!). Now the text has been put back, and you may adjust the framerate accordingly in the options menu.

(17/1/2022 1:35 AM EST) Changed link to V1.6. Fixed type chart issues with stealth rock (thank you to u/chromarica for bringing this up). This did involve a risky process of redirecting the type chart, so let me know if there are any issues with type interactions. Also includes a minor fix for item icons.

(17/1/2022 6:15 PM EST) Changed link to V1.7. Work-around for inconsistent double battle crash. The slide-in animation for your following pokemon has been removed temporarily (the default Pokeball animation is used instead) for this work-around to prioritise playability until the authors of Following Platinum fix the root issue.

(17/1/2022 8:40 PM EST) Changed link to V1.8. Pokemart fix for Veilstone Dpt. Store, Snowpoint City vendor, and Veilstone Game Corner. Dazzling Gleam TM colouring fix.

(19/1/2022 5:33 PM EST) Changed link to V1.9. Includes the fixed FollowingRenegadePlatinum3541 patch. The previous patch was made against a corrupted ROM. Also includes Pokedex location fix. People playing the Classic version should redownload this patch (21/1/2022) as there was a patching error.

Remember Ducumon Website just uploaded and stored this game. You can download it on the Source link! We don’t force you to download from Ducumon Website!

This game is an NDS Hack ROM! It’s Completed in English!

Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum

Pokemon Pokemon Following Renegade Platinum Español 17032023 (Completed)

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