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Pokemon The Ultimate Rock Clicking Adventure

Name: Pokemon The Ultimate Rock Clicking Adventure
Created by: CrimsonTy
Source link: https://reliccastle.com/threads/4800/
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon The Ultimate Rock Clicking Adventure by CrimsonTy!

It’s a Fan-made Game and it’s a real clicker game. You will spend over 10 minutes completing this game. It’s so fun if you love it!

Plot Point: Technical Difficulties
Key Character: Neighbor (This only makes sense if Pokemon Super Kawaii Dating Sim Extra Edition! was played)
Notes: Might take 10+ minutes to complete

ver 1.1 –
-Main Area now has Background Music. You can grow your Rock Empire while jamming get it, cause Game Jam.
-Top Row Auto-Rock now cost 25 points (Middle and Bottom still stay as 50). To make the game a little quicker.
-Removed the points you’d get from the Award Room when interacting with statue. Sometimes it would unlock other awards.
-Speaking of which, I fixed the Awards Room so that you’d keep the awards instead of losing them when your points go below the award’s celebratory number.
-A really cool plant
-Special Events no longer give you points. Sorry they’re not that special.
-Final Special Rock now gives 5K points instead of 10K until you get every Special Event
-You can’t walk on a certain wall.
-Brock the Rock will a really big Lock now has a character portrait

This game is a Fan-made Game. It’s Completed in English.



Download Pokemon The Ultimate Rock Clicking Adventure v1.1

Posted by Pokemoner.com