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Pokemon Hatching Project

Name: Pokemon Hatching Project
Created by: Aligatueur
Source link – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/5107/
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. Today, we will play Pokemon Hatching Project by Aligatueur! It’s a Fan-made Sandbox Game.

It’s playable and this game is for you if you want to play a new game style. It’s playable in English and can be updated in the future. And now, Let’s play!

This is a sandbox game mixed to a guy with little knowledge in RPG Maker. So the game is playable, looks like what I wanted to a base. It’s really something for fun, to chill and find another game style.

I/ Presentation of the game :
The idea of the game is that the user will just spend (waste ?) time with hatching eggs. That’s the only goal of the game. You don’t have battles, you don’t have trainers. At least at the moment, even if I want to stay in a sandbox idea. You start the game with some money, some items, and you have to set up your first breeding pair. Earn some money by hatching eggs. Get new Pokémon, buy items to help you hatching more and faster. That’s the game.

The game is REALLY oriented to the huge fan of Shiny Hunting and breeding. Don’t except a big story or a big adventure. But if you want to catch’em all, except an incredible gameplay time.

I also wanted to make the game oriented about two game style : Authentic and Relaxing Mode. Each mode offers a different way to enjoy the game. If you want to just chill on the game, hatch some eggs and avoid the frustration to get nothing, then the Relaxing Mode is for you. If you want a more difficult but accurate gameplay style, then you’ll love the Authentic Style.

My idea in the long run is also to offer a way for the player to enjoy your Pokémon outside of the game. That way you have motivation to play it for various reasons. But I’m not really sure if I can do that.

II / Features :
It’s really difficult to list that or to explain how it works. It’s a unique way to play the game. From far away it looks like there’s no big difference, but in the end, you’ll see that the game has many changes :

– Keeping being updated with new Pokémon without having to worry about your save data. It’s the most important point for me. I want you to be able to start a game, and enjoy Gen 9 on my game as soon as I support them, without having to restart ANYTHING.
– You’ll play in the Lyrit Region, with 2 Towns and one Route at the moment.

Every Pokémon (up to Legends : Arceus) is in game. Atm not everything is obtainable (like many Legendaries or some form) but you can already enjoy 95% of the Pokémon. I just think about a way to code them in as it should be.
Modern Breeding System : IVs passing, ball passing, nature passing.
Custom messages when you hatch a Shiny to avoid any fail with a display of the amount of eggs hatched.
Updated PokéDex that keeps track of the amount of Egg you hatched for a specific species

Pokémon Sellers (you can in some way do some Shiny Hunting by Soft Resetting for these Pokémon)
No Shiny Lock
100 Boxes
IVs / EVs display in the menu to setup your parents in an easier way
Items Upgrades to make your adventure more easier (Bicycle, Egg Hatcher, OvalCharm etc etc)

Ball Switching (You can use a PokéBall to one of your Pokémon to switch it. Useful to mix with Ball Passing when Breeding. Cherish Ball also passes down, but is done that you can’t abuse to have any Pokémon with a Cherish Ball and keep some prestige for Events)
Summoning Items for Legendary (and Ditto which is the ultimate goal of the game)

Adventures. You can send your Pokemon on mission in order to explore the world ! They can come back with nice surprises like Summoning Items !
Mystery Events (You’ll have to go to the Cypress Town store, activate it by checking the papers on the counter and then checking the actual Mystery Event)

Now, before talking about each gameplay, it’s important to do a little summary of what is shared byboth gameplay :

A core factor of the game is money. (who said CheatEngine is a thing ?) You need to buy items with money and Pokémon with money. So money is everything. Since you can’t battle, well only adventures could give you money right ? Well, not exactly. In the game, when you hatch a game, you get the equivalent in money. 1 step = 1$ (only when you hatch the game)
Shiny Rate for the Shops are 1/4096 (without any influence like the ShiningCharm). However Summons are set to be eggs and so are influenced by the Shiny Rules put for each method.

Now let’s focus on each gameplay style.

The Relaxing Mode :
That mode was the way I wanted to make the game for my friends and I. But since I push that to the public, in the end it’ll be ONE of the way to play the game.

Base Shiny Rate : 1/4096. Maximum Shiny Rate : 1/64. (the Maximum Shiny Rate can change if it becomes too easy. However don’t except anything higher than 1/250). Everything is chain based. Pretty much, the more you’ll hatch a specific kind of egg, the better your rate will be (capped at 100 hatches). For example : I hatched 0 Ditto Egg, my Shiny Rate will be 1/4096 for it. However if I hatched 100 Zapdos Egg, I’ll have 1/64 chance to hatch a Shiny Zapdos. It’s based for EACH Pokémon and hatching 100 eggs of a specific Pokémon will NOT make all the Pokémon with a 1/64 Rate. Also you can take breaks and hatch other Pokémon at any time, nothing BREAKS the count of Hatched egg. You can check the Pokédex to know how much you hatched. The Ubercharm is necessary for that

You get eggs more often. If you have the Ubercharm, the routine to check if an egg is available in the daycare is reduced by 10. Rather than checked every 250 steps, it’ll check every 25 eggs. That way you can get your eggs faster. If you buy the OvalCharm AND you own the Ubercharm, then once an egg is available at the daycare, it’ll never stop giving you eggs until you decide to reject an egg. It’s a way to fill your boxes fast and then hatch them in bulk. It might seems really strong, so that’s why I did a double check here.

If you have a Egg Hatching Boosting Ability in your team (like Flame Body), then you’ll hatch your eggs 10 times faster. I took the steps from Gen 2/Gen 7 data, so for example, a 5120 egg steps Pokémon will hatch in only 512 steps. It helps to hatch fast, however since you get 1$ = 1step you’ll only get 512$ and not 5120$ once hatching the game. You can get a Slugma in the daycare.

The Authentic Mode :

Shiny Rate : 1/4096. Only the Shiny Charm can give you a little boost. At the moment, Masuda has been removed (because of how I hardcoded things first) BUT I plan to add it back to the game soon, I just want to introduce it in a good way, which is more… Tedious
Egg generation follows the rules of the basic games. You put two parents, have a % to get an egg every 250 (okay not 255, I changed that) steps. You can boost that by owning the OvalCharm like in real games. It’ll boost the % to get an egg, but will not influence how often the check is done.
Egg Hatching is accurate to Gen 2/Gen 7 data (and pretty much like online hatching games)

It’s important for me to explain that both are not set when you start the game. You can make some adjustement and take one rule in the Authentic mode and one in the Relaxing Mode. I could decide to go for huge Shiny Rate, but still take my time to hatch the eggs by not using a Pokémon with an egg hatching boosting ability.

III/ Plans :
I’ve to admit, I don’t have huge plans for the game after that. I’ve a lot of work left, but I think the core gameplay is here and looks like what I wanted. But here’s a little to-do list :

Add all the summons / forms of Pokémon
Add more routes to give more vibes / ideas for hatching places
More custom in the sprites (trainers etc)
Better mapping
More items

Remember Ducumon Website just uploaded and stored this game. You can download it on the Source link! We don’t force you to download from Ducumon Website!

This game is a Fan-made Game. It’s Playable in English.



Pokemon Hatching Project v1.3.0 + Resources (Playable)

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