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Pokemon Super Gold 97

Name: Pokemon Super Gold 97
Remade by: lvl_3 (pkmncrystal97)
Remade from: Pokemon Gold
Source-link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=430526
Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonROMhacks/comments/ezjktf/pokemon_gold_97_complete/
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Super Gold 97 by lvl_3! It’s a GBC Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Gold!

It’s fully complete with Pokemon Gold and Silver Beta features and some new features, a new map, a new story, and more… Well, It’s complete in English. And now, Let’s play!

With the release of the Spaceworld 97 demo, I was inspired to create a game that would represent what I felt like a “finished” version of that demo could look like. How would the game turned out if it continued on the path that was shown at that event? Well, that’s what I set out to create, and what you can find here!

You are a new trainer who sets out on a journey to help Professor Oak with researching Pokemon, very much like the very first games. This story is built on the foundation that was pulled from the demo itself, and has you traverse Nihon, based on the entirety of Japan, while you collect badges and catch Pokemon. You’ll also have to face off against Team Rocket, who are building a machine that would give them incredible power over Pokemon! Silver is portrayed in the manner that he was in the demo – not as an antagonist, but as an energetic rival, kind of similar to gen 4’s Barry. The story is admittedly kind of simple, but intentionally so. It was written to feel like the story that might have been in the demo had it been completed.

– Current Version is v7.21 – Game is fully feature complete, may have minor bug fix updates in the future
– Graphics fully pulled from the Spaceworld demo, complete with Pokemon sprites, overworld tilesets, trainer sprites, etc, along with a handful of sprites I had to redesign myself to better match the art style of the demo
– Interface elements such as Pokedex, status screen, etc have been redesigned to appear similar to the demo
– Pikachu minigame! (press Left +B on title screen and wait for music to end)
– 251 Pokemon, the complete Pokedex as it appeared in the demo. The main way that this differs from what would have been in an “official” game is that all 251 Pokemon are obtainable in one save file
– New key items that match the story presented in the game
– Evolutionary stones that match the Demo (Heart Stone, Poison Stone) as well as an additional Covenant Orb that allows for the evolution of Pokemon that would normally require trading
– New in-game status booster held items, pulled from the demo
– 8 badges, Pokemon League, a full length game
– A new original postgame map not present in the Spaceworld demo
– Type chart inspired by the demo
– Full support for the original Game Boy
– Full support for the Super Game Boy
– Full support for the Game Boy Color (with two different color modes)
– Improved level curve compared to final Gold and levels are generally higher, leading to a slightly tougher game but still not overly difficult
– Additional rematches for Gym Leaders and Pokemon League
– Skateboard!
– Additional moves based on scrapped moves from the demo
– Several Beta music tracks
– Expanded bedroom decoration system


Q: How do I get Surf?

A: Defeat Team Rocket in the Slowpoke Well, then talk to the old man in the house next to it.

Q: How do I get Rock Smash?

A: You are given Rock Smash when you complete the Radio Tower. You cannot get it before the Team Rocket event there.

Q: How do I get Waterfall?

A: The route between Silent Town and Kanto has rocks blocking the way. Approach it from the Kanto side and talk to the man by the rocks.

Q: How do I get fly?

A: Talk to the sailor in the Alloy City cafe.

Q: Where is Whitney? She’s not in the gym.

A: Make sure you’ve both rescued the girl from the mine, and defeated Team Rocket at the Aquarium. Whitney will appear in the gym once both of those things are done.

Q: I can’t go north from Westport City, a rock blocks the path! Where do I go?

A: Make sure you’ve defeated Bugsy, taken the ferry from the dock in West City to go to Teknos, then complete the events there (Rescue girl, defeat Team Rocket, defeat Whitney). Then you will get a call from Prof.Oak asking you to meet him in Birdon Town, and the rocks blocking the way will be gone.

Q: How do I get the Kanto starters and other Nihon starters?

A: Defeat the Elite Four, then in the postgame islands, there are NPCs in Amami Town, Nago Village, and Ryukyu City that give you the Kanto starters. The other two Nihon starters can be obtained by defeating the unofficial gym in Ryukyu City and by finding all of the NPCs to go to the game house on Route 102.

Q: Where are the NPCs that go to the game house on Route 102?

A: The first one is in the milk bar in Birdon Town, the second one is in the Game Corner in Kanto, and the third one is in the large house in Kume City, so you cannot complete this objective until the postgame.

Q: How do I get Ho-Oh?

A: You need to have done two things – climb the 5 Floor Tower and get the monk’s blessing, and defeat Team Rocket completely in the Radio Tower. After that, there’s an old man NPC in Alloy City who will trigger the Ho-Oh event when talked to. After that, meet him at the top of the 5 Floor Tower and you will be able to encounter Ho-Oh.

Q: How do I get the legendary beasts?

A: Complete the Ho-Oh event, then they will spawn in the Magma Shaft, Ampare Cavern, and Whirl Island.

Q: How do I get the Kanto legendary birds?

A: They’re in the postgame area, in Iced Cavern, Charred Summit, and Joule Cave. They won’t appear unless you have the Tri-Wing with you. You obtain this item from an NPC in Iejima Town after ridding the Hydro Plant of bikers.

Q: Where is Mewtwo/Mew?

A: Mewtwo is in the abandoned laboratory in the Isen Strait. It’s hidden, you’ll have to surf around the top right corner to find it. Mew is located on Tropical Island.


– Initial release

– Changed color of Pokegear to match map design from beta

– fixed Rocket NPC to block National Park entrance
– fixed encounter rates during Eevee swarm

– Fixed issue where NPC in Nanjo forest wouldn’t give you Wisdom Orb if your bag was full
– Fixed issue that caused NPCs to not appear on Tatsugo Path

– Updated League pokecenter design
– Fixed dialoge in Prince City trainer house to match Elite Four trainer types
– New NPCs on motobu path
– Extended cutscene in Hydro Plant

– removed Mail options from PC (mail is not in game)
– fixed some bugs related to bug catching contest

– Added more fruit trees
– Adjusted copyright intro positioning
– Adjusted mountain tile corners to be more consistent across tilesets
– changed fruit tree sprite to match older version
– adjusted final rival battle in Nanjo forest
– fixed collision issue in Teknos gym

– Adjusted NPC trainer rosters so more pokemon will be seen for pokedex if all trainers are battled
– Slight adjustments to Blue Forest and Nihon tilesets

– added new NPC to Alloy City
– added new trainers to routes 106, 107, 109, 117

– Minor dialogue changes for Okera
– Mart updates, added new items to some more marts

– fixed tile issue in Kanto region

– minor tileset fixes
– minor dialogue fixes

– added swimmer trainers to route 118
– fixed player fishing sprite to match main sprite

– fixed issue where Misty would not battle on Elite 4 rematches

– fixed map border issue on Koban Island
– fixed issue where Kurt’s house wouldn’t lock when he’s in 5 floor tower

– fixed issue where Eevee wouldn’t show that it is compatible with certain evo stones

– Ken is now in the game as player’s brother
– Title screen flame animation
(Thanks to ZumiIsawhat? for assistance with this!)

– Title screen color adjustment
– Fixed issue with decoration system
– Traveling Doll salesman now wanders the world
– Decorations available as Game Corner prizes
– New music from earlier versions of the game
– fixed minor tileset issues
– fixed issue where scientist in Sanskrit Ruins would re appear
– Trophies for defeating Elite 4 and Blue
– Unown Doll as reward for catching all Unown

– Imposter Oak > Impostor Oak
– minor text fixes

– removed unfinished script for permanently removing smash rocks in Sunpoint
– fixed graphical glitch on clock reset screen when playing on CGB
– fixed Team Rocket radio takeover dialogue

– minor text fixes on route 101 and in trainer’s school
– added more mom phone dialogue

– Can no longer ride bike and skateboard on second floor of gates
– capitalization for “LEAGUE challenge” has been made consistent
– stats for Luxwan have been boosted slightly
– “Boulders may now be moved!” changed to “Heavy objects may now be moved!”
– Collision issue in Aquarium 1F has been fixed
– Rival battle in Stand City now has Straigar instead of Tyker
– Wild Magikarp levels in Endon Cave have been decreased slightly
– Apricorn balls now function properly
– Minor text fixes in Alloy Cafe
– Capitalization issue fixed with Elder in Alloy City
– NPC who tells schedule of Fast Ship doesn’t appear until Fuel line is fixed
– Boulder Mine 1F item ball is now Sharp Horns instead of X Attack
– All instances of “BADGEs” is now “BADGES”
– Spelling issue “rasing” fixed to “raising” in Endon Cave
– Spelling issue “though” fixed to “through” on Route 104
– Route 105 hidden item changed from Potion to Super Potion
– Route 106 Potion changed to Super Potion, Poke Ball changed to Great Ball
– Camper dialogue on Route 112 changed
– Issue where old man in Stand City gate said Pokemon were feeling better early has been fixed
– Additional dialogue added to Rocket blocking route south of Stand City
– Issue where Whitney would move back to doorway in Aquarium fixed
– Unobtainable items in Victory Road 1F have been relocated

– Geodude and Rhyhorn line can now learn Rock Slide via level up
– fixed issue where Diato Ranch and Great East Strait had no wild water encounters
– fixed issue where status effects wouldn’t affect catch rate of wild mons
– changed dialogue for trainer who heals pokemon on Mt Fuji
– improved cutscene when scientist revives fossil Pokemon

– moved a berry tree from Tatsugo Path to Weathered Trail due to outdoor sprite limitations

– Caterpie and Weedle now appear in Silent Hills
– Boulder Mine B5F is now ice themed, has Warfurs encounters
– Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee can no longer be encountered in Kikai Caldera
– Politoed can no longer be encountered on Tropical Island
– New cries taken from Reforged for Molambino and Palssio/Cubburn lines
– Issue fixed where you could stand on top of NPC while being judged for Bug Catching Contest

– Fixed issue where you could trap yourself with a boulder in Alloy City Gym

– Bumped Rival’s levels in Slowpoke Well

– Changed all instances of “TAILs” to “TAILS” and “BALLs” to “BALLS”
– Added NPC to island in Kikai Strait
– Fixed tileset issue in Kanto Laboratory

– Changed all instances of “POTIONs” to “POTIONS” and “EGGs” to “EGGS”

– Changed all isntances of “BIKERs” to “BIKERS”
– Complete re-work of Grenmar’s status and learnset
– Rival’s Grenmar’s moves adjusted to match new learnset
– New learnset for Quagsire

– Combed through all trainers with defined movesets to make sure that their mons couldn’t learn moves they can’t actually learn
– Muk can now learn Earthquake via TM
– Ekans line now learns Crunch
– Clefairy line now learns Mimic
– Slowbro and Slowking now learn Body Slam
– Magnemite line now learns Thunderbolt
– Exeggcute now learns Synthesis
– Palssio line now learns Powder Snow
– Natu line now learns Quick Attack
– Lurreel now learns Crunch
– Girafarig now learns Crunch
– Disturban now learns Crunch
– Moibelle line now learns Bite
– Warfurs line now learns Low Kick and Slash

– Changed all instances of “badge” to “BADGE”

– Added Sage Yurei to Birdon Gym
– Added Skier Clarissa to Blue Forest Gym
– Slight redesign of Blue Forest Gym
– Bumped Mimmeo’s stats
– Fixed border tile issue in Alloy City
– Fixed border tile issue in Kanto Region
– Added NPC in Kanto Region to block border tile issue from being visible
– Fixed border tile issue in Route 104
– Fixed border tile issue in Route 103
– Unused routes “Route U4U” and “Route U5U” were redesigned to be attached to the sides of other maps to fix border tile issues
– Redesigned whirlpool graphic so it matches beta in-game
– Fixed issue where border could be bypassed on Great East Strait

– Changed Boulder Mine B2F X Defend item to Steel Shell
– Changed Team Rocket Base B2F Full Heal item to Energy Wall
– Changed Whirl Island B1F Calcium item to Detect Orb
– Changed Whirl Island B2F Full Restore item to Poison Stone
– Added Covenant Orb item to Isen Lab
– Made Amulet Coin available in Impostor Oak’s house in Nago if missed on Ship Base
– Added Clerk and shopper NPC to Westport Underground

– Fixed text error in Bipulla’s Pokedex entry

– Added cutscene where Whitney talks to player after beating Rockets in Aquarium

– Changed all instances of “email” to “e-mail”

– Replaced all references of “ranch” in reference to Daito Ranch as “RANCH”

– Added sound effect to light switches in Stand Gym
– Added sound effect to player’s PC when checking email from Oak at start

– Made Pinsir and Scyther available in Jade forest
– Made Murkrow available on Routes 104 and 105
– For some reason “TREEMON_CITY” maps weren’t spawning headbutt tree Mons, no idea why, but changed those maps to use previously unused “TREEMON_CANYON” Mons, which work properly
– Bugsy’s first battle now has Pinsir instead of Tricules
– Falkner’s levels boosted slightly
– Scizor and Tricules now available in Nanjo Forest
– Moved unused sign text to be inaccessible in Stand City

– Reading email is now mandatory at start of game, Ken will block you
– Changed some instances of “Hey kid” to “Hey, kid” and “Hey PLAYER” to “Hey, PLAYER”

– Fixed issue where gate between Route 105 and 106 would crash game

– Major Pokedex redesign! Thanks a ton to ZumiIsawhat? for doing this
– Slight redesign to Pokegear clock, now has border you select in options around clock
– Fixed issue where slowpoke vendor on Route 103 could talk to you while facing the wrong way
– Fixed issue where a bug catcher in Westport Gym could spot you through a tree

– Title screen intro animation because ZumiIsawhat? is some sort of wizard
– Fixed issue where reading sign outside of Kurt’s house would give you Monk’s blessing without climbing the tower

– Brought over stereo versions of beta music from Reforged

– fixed main menu music to also be in stereo, missed that one initially

– Tweaks to Pokedex interface to make it cleaner
– Fixed issue where player wouldn’t face NPC while doing catching tutorial on Route 101

– Color palettes more closely match beta when playing on Super Game Boy
– “Gold Version” logo matches beta
– Professor Oak sprite in intro matches beta
– Professor Oak has you set the time in his intro speech
– Professor Oak has you name rival in intro speech instead of mom
– Slowking instead of Marill in intro to match beta
– Map transitions now match beta
– New battle transitions pulled from beta for trainer and gym battles
– Revamped cutscenes for when getting pokemon from lab at beginning of game, redone to closely match beta

– Minor tweaks to dialogue in Oak’s lab
– Fixed issue where loading older saves might show two Blues in Oak’s lab

– Fixed issue where Oak’s Aide would still be in lab even if he was also in Pagota pokecenter
– Fixed issue where Blue would still be in lab even if he was also in Slowpoke Well

– Fixed map label for Kanto Hotel and fixed dialogue within map
– Changed trade in Teknos City from Bellsprout>Stromen to Stromen>Warfurs

– Minor grammar fix in mom’s speech at beginning of game
– Fixed issue where player sprite wouldn’t load properly during the “shrinking” part in the intro sequence

– Fixed minor tileset issue in ice path tileset

– Added Pikachu minigame (press left + B on title screen and wait) (Thanks to Zumi again for more wizardry!)
– Tweaked morning color scheme to be more accurate to beta
– Slightly modified SGB border to include accented “e”

– Fixed minor issue with Sanskrit tileset
– Changed instances of screen fading white for scripted warps to fading black for warps to match standard warp fadeout
– Changed Mew teleporting to fade to white instead of black

In-progress 5.00
– CGB uses individual tile and sprite based colors pulled from demo
– Not fully tested yet, not sure if it’s going in the released game

In-progress 5.01
– More work on new GBC color scheme
– Changed color constants to be more consistent

In-progress 5.02
– Fixed issue with RED and YELLOW sprites in CGB mode
– More adjustments to overworld sprite color assignments

In-progress 5.03
– Fixed issue with blue shade on some indoor tilesets

In-progress 5.04
– More tileset and sprite color corrections

In-progress 5.05
– Merged Zumi’s additions (redesigned menu and options for GBC color mode)
– Fixed issue where in GBC mode that grass you walk through appears red

– New GBC color mode released!
– Within the options menu on GBC only, a color palette option can change between Super Game Boy colors and custom Game Boy Color colors
– Redesigned options menu
– Individually assigned colors for all overworld tiles and sprites

– Fixed some issues with blue forest tileset to make map transitions smoother in GBC mode

– Added arrows indicating entrance to Silent Hills
– Updated Alloy City and Stand City maps to accomodate slight tileset change
– Palette fixes for Player’s house and Forest tilesets
– Fixed issue where headbutt tree animation was red instead of green

– Fixed issue where cut trees would appear red while being cut
– Made trainer HUD pokeballs appear green instead of B/W in GBC mode

– Made bricks in gate tileset blue in GBC mode
– All standard guard houses now have orange guards on mainland, yellow guards on the islands
– Fixed minor issue with sanskrit tileset and game corner tileset

– Fixed a few tileset color issues in blue forest and forest tilesets
– blank pokeball icons in trainer hud are now light green instead of black to match demo

– Fixed minor issues in many tilesets where brown and gray tiles weren’t colored properly

– Fixed issue where certain tiles would appear to glow during nighttime

– Fixed issue where flowers didn’t match tileset while map was loading when exiting Geoff’s hosue on Route 104
– Fixed grammar error for fisher in Pallet Town
– no more updates today

– Just kidding, one more update
– Fixed issue where tall grass wasn’t able to be cut on several tilesets

– Added ability to name mother
– Added text for PC in Rival’s house
– Changed dialogue for Rival’s brother to match beta
– Fixed “email” to “e-mail” in message from Oak

– Added Covenant Orb pickups to Boulder Mine B4F, Slowpoke well, and Whirl Island B2F

– Fixed some coloration issues with docks tileset

– Fixed more coloration issues with docks tileset that I should have fixed five minutes ago

– Fixed issue where opposing trainer overworld sprite would turn gray during the transition at start of battle in GBC mode

– Fixed an instance of “AIDEs” to “AIDES” in a call from PROF.OAK
– Added a function to rename Mother on older save files – Talk to the sign outside of your house to give your mother a name. This can be used to fix a common issue where older save files would show your mom’s name as the player’s name in the PokeGear phone.

– Fixed issue where yellow-colored trainers would still appear gray during transition at beginning of battle in GBC mode
– Lots of text consistency fixes. “TRAINER” to “Trainer”, “XXX TYPE” to “Xxx-type”

– Fixed issue where textboxes would appear blue at night while on GBC in GBC mode, now both GBC mode and SGB mode use white textboxes on GBC

– Fixed issue where tree in Jade Forest could not be cut down

– Fixed issue where Rival overworld sprite could have graphical glitches during Slowpoke Well encounter
– Made old man in Slowpoke Well walk slower like an old man would
– Added new items pickups to Endon Cave
– Made some more water Pokemon able to learn Waterfall because not having a Pokemon that can learn it is the worst

– Mapped out new locations in Ryukyu City

– Added scripts for hotel receptionist
– Added Professor Oak battle

– Restaurant Game Corner scripts set up
– Theatre scripts and Kimono Girls set up
– Added NPCS to first floor of hotel

– Added NPCS to rest of hotel

– New location, Ryukyu Hotel released!
– Added trainers to hotel rooms
– Tweaks to NPC scripts

– Fixed issue where debug scripts were left active in Ryukyu City

– Fixed issue where Nurse in Sunpoint and Kikai Pokecenters would flash with Pokeballs while healing

– Fixed minor map border issue in Urasoe Park

– Tweaked morning overworld color settings on GBC mode to match the SGB mode more closely

– Tweaks to underground and lighthouse tileset palettes
– Silver now walks faster when chasing after Impostor Oak
– Fixed Imposter Oak sprite in Stand City so he appears gray instead of orange
– Fixed issue with staircase tile in deepwater passage

– Tweaked dialogue for executive in rocket base
– Brought over Tyker/Straigar cries from Reforged
– Lots and lots of behind-the-scenes renames of event flags

– Fixed issue where warp to crown path was set up incorrectly

– Fixed some grammar issues with Giovanni’s speech in radio tower
– Fixed a few color issues with elite four room tileset

– Redid grammar on location signage to be consistent with final game
– Fixed issue where sign was not visible in Amami Town
– Made workaround for strange bug where some old saves show receptionist sprite instead of officer sprite on Route 113 – Enter route then fly somewhere else to fix issue

– Fixed coloration issue in dept store maps
– Cubburn line can now learn Crunch

– Minor fixes to port tileset
– Fixed issue where the pond on route 112 didn’t have any encounters
– Minor text fix in dialogue from warp guy at Amami Docks
– Better coloration for office tileset

– Fixed issue where Kikai Village roofs were red instead of brown in GBC mode

– Fixed issue where guard in gate to Iejima Town was orange instead of yellow
– Adjusted a few marts, more repels and escape ropes in stock

– When fighting Blue, he is labeled as just “BLUE” instead of “LEADER BLUE” since he’s not a leader in this game

– Fixed issues with tropical tileset coloration
– Fixed tile issue on Rainbow Island

– Minor coloration fixes in Cave and Dark Cave tilesets

– Fixed issue where fence in MooMoo house in Daito Ranch was blue instead of brown
– Minor grammar fixes

– Various tileset and color fixes, nothing important

– Lots of behind-the-scenes changes
– Renamed Headbutt tree groups
– Removed fishing data from maps that don’t have water to fish in
– Renamed all internal references of “Ruins of Alph” to “Sanskrit Ruins”
– Only gameplay change- Starmie can no longer be caught in Kikai Strait, keeping consistent with stone evo Mons not being catchable in the wild

– Fixed issue where rematches with Schoolboy Alan could have incorrect parties
– Fixed issue where rematches with Pokemaniac Brent could have incorrect parties
– Fixed issue where phone calls from Pokemaniac Brent could mention catching a Clefable, which is not possible to do
– Fixed issue where phone calls from Fisher Tully could mention catching a Clefable, which is not possible to do
– Minor grammar fixes

– Fixed issue where a warp in the Westport department basement was incorrectly placed
– Cleaned up some dialogue

– Fixed issue with tileset in Iced Cavern

– Fixed issue with tileset in Iced Cavern again because I’m dumb
– Fixed spelling error in Buena’s dialogue in Radio Tower 2f

One major change

– renamed several of the beta Pokemon to use the Nob Ogasawara names

Many, many minor changes (99% of players will never notice any of these)

External changes

– moved a few fruit trees around so their berries made more sense for the location
– fixed an issue where the scientist that appears outside the Sanskrit Ruins could walk through you on his way back to the lab
– enhanced cutscene for getting Ship Key
– enhanced cutscene for old sailor starting Ho-Oh event
– menu for choosing destination from Westport Docks
– a few more Pokemon have wild held items, and all wild held items have a 25% chance of appearing now
– minor wild Pokemon distribution changes, usually just changes to distribution between morn/day/night to make times more distinct
– fixed issue where Slowbro and Slowking’s Pokedex entries still mentioned Shellder instead of Disturban
– moved version number up slightly so it always appears even when changing the time or starting a new game
– all days of week are capitalized in text
– fixed typo in Psychic Rodney’s dialogue
– slight redesign to Jade Forest, added ledges
– slight redesign to Ampare Cavern, removed unecessary water that had no encounters
– added sign to Route 118
– Cleaned up dialogue of Youngster in Kanto Battle Club who gives you Togepi
– Togepi no longer has 1% chance of appearing on Rainbow Island – battle club is only method to obtain
– Added old lady to house in Kume City who tells of the legend of the 3 Legendary Birds, to advise you to find the Tri-Wing
– improved cutscene for when Legendary Beasts are released after encountering Ho-Oh
– made the upstairs of Pokemon Centers use gray palette instead of green
– fixed issue where Agatha could be rebattled multiple times in the same encounter
– fixed issue where Dodaerie was able to breed
– Made Disturban part of the Ground Egg Group
– Cleaned up dialogue of fisherman on Koban Island
– Fixed issue where an item in Magma Shaft was unobtainable
– Added an aide to Professor Oak’s old lab
– Added a new NPC to Pagota Trainer School who will tell you which Game Boy system you are playing on
– minor interface changes – HP now displays above Pokemon name, like the demo
– Added icon of Pokeball to show which stat screen you are viewing
– Font change for Trainer Status screen for “STATUS” and “BADGES”, pulled from Demo
– fixed minor graphical issue in Pokedex when switching between page one and two of an entry
– boy in Nanjo Forest now gives Lucky Egg instead of Wisdom Orb
– slight redesign of Weathered Trail – water is no longer acessible since it doesn’t need to be, no encounters

Internal changes (only changed in the code, doesn’t change anything in the game)

– renamed mart names to closer match where they are actually located
– renamed fruit trees to match their locations
– many map names are renamed internally to match what they actually are (ex > Victory Road to Mt.Fuji Interior)
– renamed Elite Four rooms to match who is actually in them
– Renamed all fishgroups to Water 1-8
– lots of renamed events to match item pickups
– lots of renamed scripts to match what they are (dialogue, signs, etc)

– minor graphical update to Pokemon status screen, dashed lines like in the Demo
– fixed issue where the water in Nanjo Forest didn’t have any encounters
– fixed issue where Diato Ranch had no fishing encounters
– fixed issue where wild Igglybuf could have the Polkadot Bow instead of Jigglypuff- corrected to Jigglypuff
– Togepi is now in Fairy Egg group instead of Flying
– Fixed issue where Silver’s dialogue would close on its own afer he says he’s leaving for the lab
– Cleaned up the dialogue for when you name your mom
– Cleaned up Ken’s dialogue
– Grenmar can now learn TMs for Headbutt and Protect
– Bellignan no longer has egg moves, since that doesn’t make sense anyways
– Bipulla and Girafarig are now Normal/Dark instead of Dark/Normal
– Bipulla no longer can learn Rock Smash
– Tricules no longer has egg moves, since that doesn’t make sense anyways
– Fixed a few minor grammar issues
– Fixed issue where the Rocket Grunt with the Ship Key could disappear early when running away
– Fixed issue where HP restore animation would play on incorrect HP bar
– Ho-Oh now learns Sky Attack to take advantage of its Flying type
– more behind-the-scenes event and script label fixes

– New UI for trainer card and badge screen, matches demo

– Moibelle and Belledam now learn Heal Bell, as it was originally a signature move in the Demo
– New in-battle graphics for Heal Bell, Safeguard, Sweet Kiss, and Curse, pulled from Demo
– The League is referred to inconsistently in-game as either “Nihon League” or “Pokemon League” so now the sign on Mt. Fuji says “Nihon Pokemon League”, so both are technically correct
– Fixed incorrect sprite for Red in the Badge screen, now matches his in-battle sprite

– Fixed inconsistency where guide referred to the trophy you get from defeating Blue as the “Silver Trophy” but the game labeled it as the “Blue Trophy”. Is consistently called “Silver Trophy” now.
– Fixed issue where the transition when starting the battle with Blue used the normal battle transition instead of the “Blinds” transition usually used by Gym Leaders and other important battles.

– Dark loses its weakness to fighting to align with type chart in guide

– Ability to print your party is restored if you have a GB Printer, scientist in the Kanto Laboratory will do it

– Skipped 7.07 because “Super Gold 97 v7.07” has too many 7s in it
– changed “SCIENTISTs” to “SCIENTISTS” in dialogue outside Kanto Laboratory
– fixed Pichu design on Pokedex diploma to match design from demo, added back animated sprites to credits scene (thanks to FrenchOrange for these graphics)
– Developer will only give you the diploma after catching all 251 Pokemon, used to be 249, a leftover from final Gold where Celebi and Mew weren’t required

– Redesigned PokeGear to match the demo (thanks to Seasick for this!)
– Slight redesign to Pokedex

– Redesigned Pack menu to match the demo (thanks again to Seasick for this!)

– Made PokeGear tuning selector black to fix issue where the color of the selector would change to match the color of the player sprite

It’s a GBC Rom in English. It’s Completed!



Pokemon Gold 97 v7.21 (Completed)

–CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below–

Pokemon Gold 97 v7.21 CIA (Completed)

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