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Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza

Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza
Name: Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza
Remade by: Tim and Games
Based on: Pokemon Silver
Source link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=469623
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon Website and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza by Tim and Games. It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Emerald.

It’s a QoL Hack ROM with all pokemon are lv 100, you can have battle with all gym leaders like in Mega Man, Master Ball when you start, Quick travel building, Mega Evolution, and more… It’s playable and complete in English. And now, Let’s play!

Pokémon Limited Emerald is a short challenge game that focuses only on a handful of big and challenging non-linear fights and resource management.
At the same time it removes all the useless fluff from A for another annoying roadblock, to E for endless boring evil team gauntlets, to G for gruelling grinding, to P for pointless plot to Z for… zomething.

The Great Bossing Bashing
All Gym Leaders are in one place and like in a Mega Man game, players can freely choose who to take on first.
Defeating a boss grants rewards, which further strengthen the team and help with future fights.
All Pokémon are lv. 100 to allow for this freedom and remove level grinding at the same time.

Resource Management
To make catching lv. 100 mons manageable only Master Balls exist, but they are limited. The player starts with 5 and can’t buy any more.
But they can win a few extras (17 total) by defeating leaders.
This encourages flexible and creative planning and routing depending on the situation the player might be in.

Money is tight, since there are not many battles. The shop may have some really good items, but they are costly…

For a single Heart Scale the move tutor can help your Pokémon learn new moves besides the 4 they come with. But of course, Heart Scales are limited as well.
You might find some lying around or win them from Gym Leaders.

Absolutely NO GRINDING
Here is a list of things that you won’t be getting hand cramps doing:
● Berry grinding
● EV grinding (neither you nor opponents get them)
● Money/Item grinding
● Friendship Grinding
● Lv. Grinding

This is a Decomp hack and as such benefitted from the works of many great hackers. The main one being DizzyEgg and their Battle Engine, Pokémon Expansion and Item Expansion.

● Tactical boss fights with modern mechanics against strong opponents with competitive teams
● Absolute freedom in how you want to tackle the game’s Gyms and in what order
● No wasting time on things that have nothing to do with the boss fights (Plot, waddling through huge routes, only a handful of regular trainers whom are all optional)
● Access to all routes and areas after only a few minutes
● Small region and routes
● Adjusted old routes and some new areas/routes
● Tight resource management
● Marts have really good and useful items, but you need to decide what you can afford
● Adjusted TM’s
● Pokémon, moves, abilities, mechanics and items up to gen 7 (and some from gen 8)
● Around 75 available Pokémon to the player (all of which have been buffed/adjusted)
● Adjusted learn sets, abilities, base stats, types and moves
● Mega Evolutions
● Adjusted in-game trades in Petalburg City
● NPC that gives a limited amount of berries
● New dialogue and personalities for the Gym Leaders and even some “hidden” “lore”

● BW repel system
● Running in doors
● Early bike in Oldale
● Press R in the stat summary to check your IV’s, L for EV’s (should be 0) and Start to go back to the regular stats screen
● Stats colored depending on nature (positive stat is red and negative is blue)
● Quick travel building from Petalburg City to Rustboro City
● Faster healing in Pokémon Centers
● Trainers use custom balls and one trainer even has nicknames
● Gym signs and the guy in the Pokémon League building give hints as to what kinds of teams the bosses might be using (helps if you want to play blind)

A quick message to Nuzlockers (and other challenge runners)
That being said I believe this could be a great game for nuzlocking in particular.
I think the freedom of choosing who to fight and when can be really interesting for a Nuzlocke.
The rewards you keep getting allow you to flexibly adjust to the situation and since all routes are available from the start you have a million options for creative encounter routing.
Plus, it’s short and doesn’t waste a lot of time on plot, boring gauntlets or tedious midgame’s (or tedious early game’s, or tedious late game’s).

But because of the concept of the game there are not too many different areas to get encounters from.
With standard rules (one Pokémon per area even if the area has multiple floors or rooms) it ends up being 11 encounters. That might not be enough.
So an idea from me:
The total amount of Master Balls you can get in the hack is 22. So maybe allowing yourself to catch 2 Pokémon per area could improve the experience. Mathematically it would work out perfectly.
Crazy coincidence that.

Anyway. If you decide to do a challenge run of this game, please tell me about your experience with it. I’m already curious.

Known Issues
● Rival doesn’t show when going back through Oldale after beating them or is in a weird spot. Don’t worry about it
● Scorching Sands doesn’t have an animation
● The mega symbol looks weird on lv 100 Pokémon
● A visual bug with the mega symbol in double battles
● If you enter a double battle with only one Pokémon in your party, it will be duplicated for the fight. Doesn’t mess up the game though

Remember Ducumon Website just uploaded and stored this game. You can download it on the Source link! We don’t force you to download from Ducumon Website!

This game is a GBA Hack ROM! It’s Complete in English!

Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza

Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza Cheat Codes
Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza v1 (Complete)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—–

Pokemon Limited Emerald Boss Bash Bonanza v1 CIA (Complete)

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