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Pokemon Platinum 2021

Pokemon Platinum 2021
Name: Pokemon Platinum 2021
Remade by: Nach0
Based on: Pokemon Platinum
Source link – credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj-qL916wnMUymsC6VBr5xA
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Platinum 2021 by Nach0! It’s an NDS ROM and based on Pokemon Platinum.

It’s a quality of life Hack ROM with unique events activated, some pokemon have new types, and more… it’s completed and had documentation in Spanish! And now, let’s play!

– Unlimited MTs, create many strategies and use them to your liking!

– More useful and improved MOs.ª
Your little Bidoof will no longer necessarily need to learn them, and if he does, he will be more powerful.

– Road or City Blockades that need an MO were removed.
Now, the locks will be removed after a certain event, or they will not be at all.
(For technical reasons, you still need Strength and Surf in the Distortion World, and Surf / Waterfall / Rock Climber on Victoria Street, but nothing else).

– Items from Pokémon Stores with better prices.

– Secondary seller of Pokémon Stores will have better Items.
Buy Heart Scales in Prairie City! The Move-Reminder will thank you.

– Classic Exchange evolutions now occur per level, although the previous method is maintained in case someone needs it.

– Evolutions by Exchange + Item: They are also maintained, the possibility of evolving by level with the respective Item equipped was added.
(Example: Porygon and Equipped Upgrade + 1 Level> Porygon2) .ª

– A greater variety of Pokémon by Routes, you can create a more varied Team.

– Sauteed capture tutorial, you already know how to do it!

– 10 Potions delivered on Route 201, and 10 Pokéballs by your counterpart.

– Need to use Clear on certain Routes or Caves removed, replaced by a shade of darkness.

– Balanced Trainers, Pokémon, Level Curve and Gym Leaders.ª

– Certain names of Pokémon Characters and Movements were replaced, to give a neutral environment:
(Example above, Galaxy Commanders are now Mars and Jupites, Helio is Cyrus, etc. Examples of Movements here below)

– All Pokémon in the Regional Pokédex that can be captured.ª

– Improved and simplified dialogues, for more efficient and faster progress.

– Many more Fire-, Electric- and Water-Type Pokémon available to catch along the Routes.

– Unique / Exclusive Events activated.
[Spiritomb, Darkrai, Shaymin, (Forms of Rotom, including their types), Arceus, Regigigas and Manaphy (The latter has a secret location, find it!)].

– The Nature Information was changed, now you can see which characteristic goes up and which one goes down.

– Many movements were modified to improve their use, both in Power and PP.

– Certain Pokémon evolve to a lower or higher Level.

– Pokémon that evolve by Friendship, now do so by level.ª

– Some Pokémon (not many) have new types.ª

ª: More specific information in the Documents that come with the Game.
The documentation brings: Evolutions, Events, Movements, Pokémon Stats, Abilities, Teams in important fights.

Remember Ducumon Website just uploaded and stored this game. You can download it on the Source link! We don’t force you to download from Ducumon Website!

This game is an NDS Hack ROM! It’s Completed in Spanish!

Pokemon Platinum 2021

Pokemon Platinum 2021 Stats Pokémon
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Pokémon con diferentes Tipos
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Movimientos
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Habilidades
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Evoluciones
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Encuentros Salvajes
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Bloqueos por Rutas
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Archivo 490M – Manaphy.
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Equipo Elite 4 – Cintia
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Equipo de Team Galaxia.
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Equipo de los Líderes
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Eventos Pokémon
Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Platinum 2021 Cheat Codes
Dowload Pokemon Platinum 2021 v1.2 + Documenations (Completed)

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