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Pokemon Omega Red v4.2 Rival Ver English Patched v0.5

Pokemon Omega Red v4.2
Name: Pokemon Omega Red v4.2 Rival Ver
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source link – credit: https://whackahack.com/foro/threads/pokemon-omega-red-v-4-2-no-oficial-y-pokemon-omega-red-rival-ver-no-oficial.66586/
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Omega Red v4.2 Rival Ver English Patched v0.5 by JOLT STEVEN, CARLOSONICOOL, and translated by Pokemoner from Ducumon Website! It’s the improved version of Pokemon Omega Red v4.0! Carlosonicool improved something and make Rival Ver where you can play as Gary/Blue! With English Patched v0.5, I translated all moves into English! That’s enough to play! And now, Let’s play it! It’s completed!

Q: Wow, a Rival Ver?
You can play as Green / Blue / Blue / Gary

Q: Wooow, but … for sure he will have a new adventure being 100% accurate to the Rival’s perspective, right?
Well … no, I already said that I am not a programming genius to do such a feat, so the rival ver only consists of a Re-skin of Red, changing it for Green, and vice versa, in addition to slight changes

Hooola what colleagues comment, here CARLOSONICOOL, maybe you know me for being the one who made most of the Leaf sprites for this wonderful HackRom, (which to be honest, I don’t know if Jolt Steven gave me the respective credits, both to me, like Khät), and well, not long ago I started playing the latest version that came out of HackRom, 4.1, but there were / remained, a couple of things that did not completely convince me of the game, so, I decided to customize it to My taste, however, in the end I also decided to publish it here, so that you also enjoy it if you like it, although, something to highlight is that I am not a programming genius, or something like that, for so do not expect too much of these versions, since, as I said, they are not official …

– List of changes

And now, the part that many have bored them, but I think it is interesting, and it is necessary for many to know about the changes I made, so that they do not expect too much, since, as I said, I am not a programming genius, and Believe me when I tell you that there were several changes that I wanted to make, but due to my lack of knowledge in certain sections I could not, but having said that, let’s go with the list!

– Music:
The original HackRom in the battle themes, had Hoenn themes, so (although many have to hate this, but I prefer it that way), to recover its essence, I put the original Fire Red themes (That is, those of Kanto), and I also changed the themes of Vs Rival, and Vs Rocket Grunt, since it did not convince me at all (especially that of Rival), and EYE, Vs Rival, NOT VS CHAMPION, that one continues intact as it should be.

– Sprites of the OW, and battle:
The characters to whom I changed the sprites in the OW, and most likely, in their battle pose, are: the Rival, the leaders, the elite 4, the Ornithologist, and some who another one that I don’t want to mention to keep me surprised, but those would be the most important, although something to note here is that, some battle sprites such as Sabrina or Blaine, are the same as in the original Fire Red, but with a palette color latest since,not find good sprites for them, yet

– Sprites of the OW centered:
This has something to do with what was before, but I opted to separate it, so I will be short, basically, center the Sprites of the OW of all the characters, so that they move normally and not amorphously, this includes the bike animations, and the fishing rods (They weren’t quite right, but I did my best).
– Change your name, and your rival:
Basically that’s what, now you can put your personalized name on the rival, Where do you do it? At the bottom of Paleta Town, where there are two people, an Old Man, and a Scientist, I hope this serves them.

– Pikachu
sprite changed: Simple, the original Hackrom sprite from the current initial one, is UGLY, or well, ugly compared to the sprite from before, and that’s what I did, I changed it to the one from before.

– Battle translation:
There is not much to add here either, I have translated the phrases that your player mentions when you are in battle, when you try to capture a POKéMON, and when you catch it for the Pokedex, I also translated a couple more things, but it is better find out on your own.

– Sprites of the protagonists changed: I
just did not feel comfortable with the HGSS Red Sprite on my coach card, too serious for me, plus I loved the pose of the original Red Fire Red, so thanks tohyo-oppafor those beautiful Sprites, for both Red and Leaf.

– Sprites of the backpack changed:
I did not feel comfortable that RED uses the backpack of Diamond and Pearl, so, I grabbed the original sprites of the Red Fire backpack, I “updated” the color palette, and it was better than it I expected, and I put it on both for Red and Leaf, although the Rival see, it has a white backpack for things that I will mention later.

– Improved animation of when your character throws a Pokeball:
Thanks to POKéMON GS Chronicles, I was able to complete the missing frame for this hackrom, although, to go a bit more in line with the original Fire Red, I opted to change the first frame from Red, to I like it, but who knows the rest, anything …

– The NPC’S that give you POKéMON are back: I
wasn’t going to wait that long just to have my Greninja, since the Mysterious Gift code to redeem it only works when you have already obtained the 7 GYM medals, that is, almost at the end of the adventure, so, that … get back the NPC’s that gave you initials and alola forms; and the Mysterious Gift, it still serves you, so, you could have 2 Cyndaquils, or 2 Torchics before passing the League, because that’s another, all the initials, you can get them before passing the league, and that meant, change the position of some of these to accomplish this goal, so good luck adventurer.

– And to finish … Leaf OW Sprites Update:
How could it not? It was my first modification in this Hackrom, thanks a lot to Khät, since without her, I don’t know how things would have happened, I would like to leave the credits to him it deserves, but I only found this:
Leaf Sprites from Khät
In any case, updating these sprites basically consists of a new color palette, as I felt like the old one was getting too old, and there was no better way to finish my changes in this hackrom than with this.

– Bonus:
This is more than anything a clarification, although I gave general credits to Lightbulb15 for the Sprites of the OW, as far as the Rival is concerned, all the Sprites were made by me, both as a Rival, as a Player in the Rival View (obviously based on the Green of HGSS), but the point is that, in the same way in which it concerns the sprites of that publication that only had 1 frame, and I took the trouble to finish them, giving them even the respective animations of walk around (even though they don’t use them), so if anyone needs them for any project, they are completely free to use those Sprites, as long as the respective credits are given to both Lightbulb15 and me.

– Bonus 2:
Although it has nothing to do with the changes I made, I would like to mention it (although it is already a bit late), the covers of the Hackrom that I put for this publication, are totally made by me (except the artworks of the characters and the Pokémon, which are obviously owned by Game Freak), but the recreation of the Hackrom logo belongs to me, so if someone thinks to use it, they are totally free to do so, as long as they leave the credits, (although I am also thinking of publishing it in somewhere to use)
– Things discarded:
– Initial change for the Rival View: I
could easily put Eevee as the initial Pokémon for Green, but the problem was that, since instead, I still cannot put a Pikachu as the Initial Pokémon for the Rival, in this case Red, so a excuse

– Change of the backpack for the Rival See:
The original idea was to put the fanny pack that Green carries as a backpack, but the problem is that I could not find the respective Sprites, so it occurred to me to use the black and white backpack 2 that several Hackroms use, but I could not find a way to insert it correctly, so, I opted to put the standard backpack, but in white, referring to the respective Green fanny pack.

– Change of Tilesets for Palette Town and Azulona City:
In Palette Town I simply wanted the typical flower field that is when leaving your house, but I could not because of color palette issues, on the other hand with Azulona City, I wanted to change to some Tilesets to make the casino more identifiable, but due to block position issues, it was difficult for me, and I gave up.

– Initial change of place for the Rival View:
I wanted that in the Green View, the player will start from the respective Green house, but due to programming issues this is not possible, breaking the game every time it was started.

– Change Red for Green in the intro of Porfesor Oak for the Rival see:
Due to palette issues this could not be done.

– Change the themes of gym leaders and team rocket for the second generation remixes:
For instrumentation issues, this could not be, but if anyone knows about this, they are totally free to inform me and offer their help.

– Call Rival Ver, POKéMON ALPHA BLUE: It
would have been great, right? well, due to title screen issues, this couldn’t be done, so that’s why it stays as POKéMON OMEGA RED [Rival View].

– Change the Sprite of the Snorlax that covers the routes, for its unique HGSS sprite:
As a curious fact, this was one of the things that JOLT STEVEN had asked me but that due to my complications, I never did it, and now I could not, for Sprite import issues in the OWM.

– Change the Tilesets of the gyms: I
simply felt that the gyms had some sprites … old, for what are the Sprites of the 4th generation Tilesets that the Hackrom uses, but because of my inexperience (is that a word?) In this section, I could not change them, mainly, I wanted to change the one of Celestial City, but since …

This game is a GBA Hack ROM! It’s Completed in Spanish!
English Version 0.5: All moves are translated into English!

Pokemon Ashen Frost

Cheat Codes:
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Dowload Pokemon Omega Red v4.2 Rival Ver English Patch v0.5 (Completed)
Dowload Pokemon Omega Red v4.2 Rival Ver (Completed)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—–

Dowload Pokemon Omega Red v4.2 Rival Ver English Patch v0.5 CIA (Completed)
Dowload Pokemon Omega Red v4.2 Rival Ver CIA (Completed)

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