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Pokemon Stadium Japanese

Name: Pokmon Stadium Japanese
Platform: Nintendo 64
Developer: Nintendo, HAL Laboratory
Publisher: Nintendo
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokmon Stadium Japanese! It’s an N64 ROM and releases in Japan! It’s different from the Pokemon Stadium Global Version! In this game, you just have only 40 Pokemon available for battles. And now, let’s play!

Pokémon Stadium (Japanese: ポケモンスタジアム Pokémon Stadium, subtitled in English as Pocket Monsters’ Stadium) is the first game of the Pokémon Stadium series. It was released exclusively in Japan on August 1, 1998.

All modes except Battle require a Game Boy game saved at a Pokémon Center and connected via Transfer Pak. If a Game Boy game is connected but not saved at a Pokémon Center, the game displays an error message.

Battle (バトル): Players can battle against other humans or computer-controlled opponents.
Organize (せいとん): Players can transfer Pokémon and items between their party, PC boxes, and storage boxes in the game.
List (いちらん): A list of a player’s Pokémon and their stats can be examined.
Pokédex (ずかん, or Encyclopedia): Players can view their Pokédex in 3D.
Register (とうろく): A team can be registered.
Party (てもち): The player can examine their current party.
GB (Game Boy Tower in international versions): A Generation I game can be played on the Nintendo 64.
Many of these features were integrated into Oak’s Lab in future Pokémon Stadium games.

Battle Mode
Battle Mode features two modes: Free Battle (フリーバトル) and Tournament (トーナメント).

Free Battle
In Free Battle, a player can battle against another human or a computer-controlled player under one of three rulesets: the L1-30 Division, the L50-55 Division, or Free Battle, where Pokémon of any level may be used.

Aside from battling with their own Game Boy Pokémon, there are eight pre-configured Trainers that players may use, with Pokémon ranging from level 20 to 100.

This mode features two tournaments based upon official Pokémon tournaments.

L1-30 Division: This tournament is based on the Nintendo Cup ’98. There are four divisions: the Monster Ball, Super Ball, Hyper Ball, and Master Ball.
L50-55 Division: This tournament is based on the Nintendo Cup ’97. The total levels of the three Pokémon selected cannot exceed 155. The opponents in this mode are based on actual competitors in the 1997 tournament.
Unlike future Pokémon Stadium games, there are no Continues.

The credits roll after a tournament is cleared.

After one of the tournaments is cleared, the player obtains a Doduo Game Boy upgrade that allows the Game Boy games to be played with frameskip at double speed. When both tournaments are cleared, the Dodrio Game Boy is obtained, allowing the games to be played with frameskip at triple speed.

Available Pokémon
There are only 40 Pokémon available for battles. Most of these Pokémon were used in official tournaments, with a few Pokémon added for type balance. Below is a list of the Pokémon that were included in the game.

This game is an N64 ROM. It’s in Japanese.

Pokmon Stadium Japanese

Dowload Pokmon Stadium Japanese

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