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Pokemon Rocket Recruit

Name: Pokemon Rocket Recruit
Created by: Hornet
Source Link: https://reliccastle.com/threads/3564/
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Rocket Recruit by Hornet! It’s a Fan-made Game and you can play it on PC or Android if you use Joiplay Emulator! You off into the nearby town in search of a job but you join Team Rocket. It’s completed in English. And now, Let’s play!

The Story revolves around Jimmy, a kid who stays inside playing video games all day and night. One morning Jimmy’s Grandma finds him passed out in front of the TV again, so she decides to put her foot down. She sends Jimmy off into the nearby town in search of a job. Somewhere along the way though, Jimmy gets recruited as the newest member of Team Rocket!

Some parts of the game will be incomplete as of right now, such as music elements missing and sprite errors. Please report any game-breaking bugs to me ASAP so I can get them fixed. I Should be rolling out more Versions of the game with more complete details.

Remember Ducumon Website just uploaded and stored this game. You can download it on the Source link! We don’t force you to download from Ducumon Website!

This game is a Fan-made Game. It’s Completed in English.

Pokemon Rocket Recruit

Dowload Pokemon Rocket Recruit v1.1 (Back-up Link – Completed)


Dowload Pokemon Rocket Recruit v1.1 (Offcial Link – Completed)

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