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Pokemon Aureolin

Name: Pokemon Aureolin
Created by: Charizardthree
Charizardthree’s youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/charizardthree/
Source link: https://reliccastle.com/threads/3217/
Hello, Welcome back to Ducumon.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Aureolin by Charizardthree! It’s a RPGXP Game, Fan-made Game and you can play it on PC or Android through Joiplay Emulator.

A new Region is waiting for you! You can try to clear the story, catch over 400 pokemon with Mega Evolution and G-Max and more… It’s completed in English!

Travel your way through the Chroma Region, defeat the Gyms and earn the title of Pokemon League Champion!
On your way collect a team of powerful Pokemon and meet Team Rumble who wish to capture the all of the Legendary Pokemon in the region but may risk upsetting the balance of nature in the process.

Team Rumble have their sights set on the legendary Pokemon of the Chroma Region.
They believe that humans are to blame for the state of the planet and the Pokemon will soon be sick of us treating the world the way we do.
In fear of a Pokemon rebellion Team Rumble strive to capture the strongest Pokemon so that they can use them as a means of fighting back!
Someone needs to stop them from upsetting the natural balance!

Once you’ve become the champion a new challenge awaits…
Note: Placeholder sprites have been used for evil team, but will be changed in the future.

A wide variety of Pokemon from each generation even some from sword and shield (400+ Pokédex)
Double battles as the main form of battles rather than the normal single battle style in most games
Mega Evolution
New evolution methods for Pokemon who once needed trade evolutions
Over-World Wild Pokemon Encounters
8 Gyms + Extra “Stadiums” for challenging battles
Opponents with mythical and legendary Pokemon
Brand new moves
New Level-Up move pools
Brand new items in battle which set up effects like weather and terrain
Existing Regional Variants + New Chromian Variants
Branched Ending
Optional Level Scaling
Mid Battle Dialogue
NEW: G-Max/Mega Evolution Hybrid forms (G-max which now works like a mega form instead)

Coming Soon
Difficulty level (Normal/Hard mode)

Bug Fixes (WIP)
– Some regional variants & Pokemon from later gens need TM lists to be sorted
– Some regional variants need their typing and movepools fixed
– Magmarizer to be added at Sorrel Oasis Market
– Sun Stone to be added at Thyme City Dept Store
– Add in an option to turn wild Pokemon level scaling on and off
– Add in the scripts so that the overworld encounters to scale with your team
– Some overworld encounters are now appearing wrong
– Ski Resort Pool area is inaccessible
– Re-entering Team Rumble Hideout procs conversation with Rival every time
– Some new moves have incorrect description being shown
– New Move: Sweet Song needs balancing – Effect proc rate needs to be lowered
– Safari zone bridge error
– Cilantro Gym Walk on walls
– Tournament stat boosts need sorting, only speed boosts seem to be activating
– Chromian Bellossom Ability change to Healer & Hidden ability to pixilate
– change bus system so that you can travel a little more freely between cities
– Level scaling in safari Zone doesn’t work
– Alolan Raichu needs sprite size sorting
– Move relearner is not appearing in Ski resort
– Trainer Growlithe having wild charge move early game

The following things will take more time to sort out if anyone could report anything they find that would really help
– Various text bugs i.e. Colours, format, etc…
– Some sprites are appearing to high
– Wimpod
– Rockruff (Back)
– Perserker (Back)
– Yamask-G
– Grubbin
– Bergmite
– Costume Shop
– Update Movepools of more Pokemon
– List of available Pokemon with where to find them
– Issue with accessing Hall of Fame from PC
– Issue with Pokemon reaching level 100

Other things
These are things which have been noted but would like to know what you think before I change the game to much:
– Needs more plot between routes?
– Difficulty setting?
– Discord Server?
– Speed up button?
– Other Starters as gift Pokemon?

Q and A
– How do I play this on my phone?
This is not a rom and has been made on RPG maker, so far I do not know of anyway of being able to play these games on a phone, The author said.
But you can play via Joiplay Emulator. It’s working!

– What emulators do I need to play this?
This is a game made using RPG maker and Pokemon essentials and does not require an emulator to be played

– How to evolve Farfetch’d-G
Evolves at level 30

– How do you evolve Pokemon who evolve through trade?
All Pokemon will evolve with some method or other in game, you may need to give Pokemon their appropriate items and level them up
I.e. Give Poliwhirl a Kings Rock and level it up to obtain Politoed

– How do you evolve Chromian Forms
All first Stage Chromian Forms will evolve via happiness and then any further evolutions should occur as normal
Note some Chromian forms like Oddish may only have one of the two evolutions with Chromian forms (Bellossom)

– How do I evolve Magnezone?
Level up at the powerplant. This is the same for Probopass

– How do I get back from the slopes?
Interact with the bus stop sign

– What do I do once I have defeated Taison?
Taison is the last battle of the game and will stand to be the end.
I am working on plans for a post game based on feedback but I would like to make sure all bugs are fixed first.

– What is the Unknown Area on the map?
This is an area which plays a part depending on what route you pick.
This can be explored in a post game if people want to see it.

– Will “Insert Pokemon Name Here” get a chromian form?
I’m going to just keep Chromian forms as this game gets updates from time to time but new forms take a while to make.
If anyone wants to create new Chromian forms and send them through I’ll be happy to take a look at adding them in.

– Why do you not have custom music?
I don’t have any experience nor software to create my own music for fangames.
If anyone wanted to work on some and send it through I would be happy to give it a listen and maybe put it in if I feel it fits the game.

This game is RPGXP Game. It’s Completed in English!

Pokemon Aureolin

Download Pokemon Aureolin v1.2 (Completed – Offcial Link)

—Back-up Link Below—-

Download Pokemon Aureolin v1.2 (Completed – Back-up Link)

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