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Pokemon Frontier Feldspar

Name: Pokemon Frontier Feldspar
Created by: TritraSerpifeu
Source link: gamejolt.com/games/PFF/574710
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Frontier Feldspar by TritraSerpifeu! It’s an open-world game where you can have more places to explore, a lot of mini-games, new forms, Fakemon, Moemon, and battle tower.

It’s completed in English. It’s an RPGXP, Fan-made game and you can play it on PC or Android through Joiplay Emulator! And now, Let’s play!

Pokemon Frontier Feldspar is a Pokemon Fangame made in Pokemon Essentials V.17.2 where you play a trainer who arrives in the Zulo Area. An area that has four places:

The Electric wonderland is full of electric types!
The Canyon with many layers and pokemon to find!
The Little Island was thanks to the Quick Champ program. You can get eight badges in no time

And the main attraction:
The Paradise for Trainers with seven fun activities to participate!
The Game is basically an open world where you explore these four places. The main idea will be that you explore the Places to get new Pokemon to do better in the Activities of the Battle Frontier. Although due to many secrets and new forms of old pokemon. You can have fun if you only explore and ignore the Battle Part!

Feature List!
-New forms of old pokemon. Some are Moemon, some are Regional Variants!
-The Birthsigns by Lucidious89 are in the game, giving all the Pokemon in the Zulo Area a unique birth sign!
-Many minigames to help pass the time! Including Triple Triad, Human v Human Battles, Digging in Gen 4 Underground style, and more!
-Mints from Gen 8 return, making getting competitive Pokemon much easier!
-A battle frontier with 7 activities, each requiring other skills to become good at them!

This game is RPGXP Game, Fan-made Game! It’s a Completed in English!



Download Pokemon Frontier Feldspar v1.0.1 (Completed – Official Link)

—Back-up Link Below—
Using the back-up link if the official link isn’t working!

Download Yu-Gi-Oh POKeDUEL v1.0 CIA (Completed)

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