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Pokemon Cross Stadium

Name: Pokemon Cross Stadium
Hacked by: chygames
Twitter page: https://twitter.com/pkmncrosstadium
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEP48CaFm02Eulr22u-qNYg
Twitch Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/chygames
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Cross Stadium by chygames! It’s an N64 Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Stadium.

It’s the same as Pokemon Stadium in English. But IV, EV, or AI were improved. It upgrades the power and movement effect the same as now. The final battle is harder now. And now, Let’s play!

The most important modifications of this game are going to be listed:

-Modification of the pokemon used by the game’s trainers, as well as the pokemon for rent. In both cases, the IVs / EVs and movesets were improved. Also, many trainers change, random trainers, being replaced by real people or iconic characters from the franchise (Videogames, Anime, and Manga)

-The AI ​​was improved, making their plays and strategies more dangerous, bringing an interesting sense of challenge to the gameplay.

-Adaptation of the type table to how it is today, solving old bugs (ghost did not affect psychic, for example)

-Upgrade the power and movement effects, making the attacks of yesteryear work as they would today (Blizzard with 110 power and 70% accuracy when in the past it hit 120 with 90% accuracy, for example.), As well as upgrade the types of some attacks (Karate Chop was Normal-type and now it becomes a fighting type, for example.)

-Adaptation of movements without effect or useless in the original Stadium so that they become useful and serve to balance the pokemon and the types in general (Whirlwind becomes Hurricane effect, Splash increases 2 attack levels, Roar becomes Howl Z, Teleport becomes Calm Mind, etc.) in addition to empowering other attacks since his Effects in the Stadium cannot be adapted to how they are currently (Hyper Beam, Sky Attack, …)

-Modification of the base statistics of some Pokemon, being changed as has been done over the generations with Pokemon such as Raichu, Dodrio, or Pidgeot, among others (with exceptions such as Victreebel or Exeggutor)

-The final battle will become more It lasts, as you will not fight with Mewtwo alone, as he will be accompanied.

Rebalances Some attacks have been updated:
Fire Blast, Blizzard or Thunder for example

No effect attacks gain utility:
Roar, Splash, Teleport or Whirlwind eg.

Other unhelpful attacks change a lot:
Razor Wind, Water Gun, Cut or Bite eg.

Some double turn attack was checked:
Hyper Beam, Solar Beam, Sky Attack, …

Updated the list of Attacks by Pokemon
Aerodactyl learn Earthquake, rock slide
Exeggute learns Mega Drain
Dragonite learns Fly and Earthquake
Clefable Learns Softboiled
And a long list of examples.

Changes in the type of some attacks:
Bite (Bite) is now a Ghost-type due to the Sinister type not existing, but both types share offensive strengths.
Karate Chop or Gust pass to the original types they have now.

Modification of the Base Stats:
Readaptation of the base stats to balance the advantage that special attackers had in this game with the existence of the unified Special stat.
All Pokemon have been assigned the highest Special Atk / Df value in subsequent generations to make it their unique special value in this game.

Game changes:
Karate Chop 100 80 (Cross Chop) (Fight)
Bite 60 100 30% recoil (Ghost)
Teleport – 100 Calm Mind Psychic
Gust 110 70 Hurricane Flying
Rage 120 100 Outrage Dragon
Razor Wind 60 95 Air Cutter Flying
Water Gun 80 100 Scald Water
Mega Punch 75 100 Drain Punch Fight
Thrash 120 100 2-3 turns Normal
Cut 70 100 Shadow Claw / Night Slash Ghost
Gust 40 100 Tornado Flying
Wing Attack 60 100 Aerial Ace Flying
Minimize – 100 +2 Normal evasion
Horn Attack 120 85 Megahorn Bug
Fly 90 95 1-Fly 2-Attack Flying
Vine Whip 120 85 Power Whip Grass
Jump Kick 100 95 you get damaged if you fail Fight
High Jump Kick 130 90 you get damaged if you fail Fight
Tackle 50 100 5th Gen Normal
Wrap 15 90 Normal Catch
Double Edge 120 100 25% Recoil Normal
Pin Missile 25 95 hits 2 to 5 times Bug
Roar – 100 Z-Howl (+2 Attack) Normal
Rock Throw 60 95 Rock Tomb Rock
Rock Slide 75 90 30% Flinch Rock
Strenght 100 80 Stone Edge Rock
Psywave 100 100 psystrike Psychic
Splash – 100 Z-Splash (+2 Attack) Normal
Thunder Wave – 90 Paralysis (Nerf) Electric
Tri Attack 80 100 10% Normal Burn
Disable – 100 Randomly nullifies a Normal attack
Thundershock 80 100 Discharge Electric
Thunder 110 70 30% Paralysis Electric
Thunderbolt 90 100 10% Paralysis Electric
Fire Blast 110 85 10% Burn Fire
Flamethrower 90 100 10% Burn Fire
Ice Beam 90 100 10% Freeze Ice
Blizzard 110 70 10% Freeze Ice
Surf 90 100 Nerf Water
Hydro Pump 110 80 Nerf Water
Hyper Beam 165 90 Always recharges Normal
Peck 60 100 Pluck Flying
Low Kick 60 100 30% Flinch Fight
Absorb 40 100 MegaDrain Grass
Mega Drain 75 100 Giga Drain Grass
Growth – 100 Raises +2 Special Normal
Petal Dance 120 100 2-3 Turns and Confuse Grass
Dig 80 100 1st Dig 2nd Attack Ground
Harden – 100 Raise +2 Defense Normal
Selfdestruct 100×2 100 Normal Sacrifice
Explosion 125×2 100 Normal Sacrifice
Lick 30 100 30% Ghost paralysis
Sludge 90 100 30% poison Poison
Fire Spin 35 85 Trap Fire
Skull Bash 130 100 1ºCharge 2nd Attack Normal
Waterfall 80 100 30% Flinch Water
Kinesis – 90 Low -2 Psychic Accuracy
Glare – 100 Paralysis (Buff) Normal
Poison Gas – 90 Poison (Buff) Poison
Leech Life 80 100 Drain 50% HP (Buff) Bug
Dizzy Punch 70 100 10% Normal Confusion
Sky Attack 120 100 Brave Bird Flying
Vice grip 80 100 X-Scissor Bug
Bubble 60 100 Water Pulse Water
Ember (Ember) 80 100 Lava Plume (30% Burn) Fire
Fury Attack 80 95 Drill Run (% Crit) Ground
Pound 102 100 Return Normal
Scratch 102 100 Frustration Normal
Take Down 90 100 Wild Charge (Recoil) Electric
Barrage 25 100 Bullet Seed Grass
Skull Bash 150 80 Head Smash (Recoil) Rock
Constrict 20 100 Infestation Bug
Whirlwind 75 95 Air Slash (30% Flinch) Flying
Slam 65 100 Knock Off (Sinister) Ghost
Spike Cannon 25 100 Icicle Spear Ice

Later and at the last minute as well, the stats bases of some Pokemon have been updated, which since the first generation have been changing progressively until today.


Butterfree: +10 Special Points
Beedrill: +10 Attack points
Pidgeot: +10 points in speed
Arbok: +10 points in attack
Pikachu: Let’s Go Stats
Raichu: +10 points in speed
Nidoqueen: +10 Attack points
Nidoking: +10 points in Attack
Clefable: +10 points in Special
Wigglytuff: +10 points in Special
Vileplume: +10 Special Points
Dugtrio: +20 Attack Points
Poliwrath: +10 Attack Points
Golem: +10 Attack Points
Farfetch’d: +25 Attack Points
Dodrío: +10 Points in Speed
Electrode: +10 Points in Speed
Eevee: Let’s Go Stats

This game is an N64 Hack ROM. It’s Completed in English! It will be updated in the future!



Download Pokemon Cross Stadium v2.1 (Completed)

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