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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Keep Going! Wildfire Adventure Squad

Name: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Keep Going! Wildfire Adventure Squad
Translated by: Specialagentape and his team
Source: Click Here!
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventure Squad Series Wii English Patched by Specialagentape and his team. It’s a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon on Wii!

It has 493 Pokemon ingame. It has 3 versions and I’m playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Go For It! Radiant Adventure Squad! It’s full English now. And now, Let’s play!

FAQ about the game/translation:
1:Which version should I play? What’s the difference?
The games have the same plot, but Pokémon appearing in dungeons differ between the three.
-Radiant version has primarily Elecric-type/yellow-colored starters
-Tempest version has primarily Water-type/blue-colored starters
-Wildfire version has primarly Fire-type/red-colored starters
The save files for all three games are linked. Recruiting a team member or placing an item
in storage allows it to be used in all three games, so please pick whichever one you’d like.

2:What should I expect from the game compared to the other Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games?
These games were released on the Japanese Wii Shop Channel for 1,200 Nintendo Points each;
that’s about a third of the price of a regular Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game. The plot is relatively light, but the games include every Pokémon through Generation 4 and have unique mechanics that haven’t reappeared in the series since.

3: Why these titles over X title? Why was this term translated this way?
The three subtitles were named after Looplets in Super Mystery Dungeon; the set included
names of other games in the series, and we wanted to preserve the connection to the 3DS
title, as characters and items from this game also made appearances there. Names of new mechanics and items have been localized to the best of our ability.

4:Do passwords to unlock Pokémon still work in the translation?
The new Buddy Passwords can be found by pushing the Home button on your Wii console or emulator,
then clicking Operations Guide. Due to a few changes to the name entry screen, the passwords are different from the original Japanese game. We opted not to use certain currently-in-use terms among fans, like “Pal Password”, over concerns that those looking for the updated passwords from this game only find the listings from the original release. Note that the online manual for this game is inactive, and may crash, so please do not attempt to access it via the Operations Guide screen.

5:Are event Pokémon included in the game/can every Pokémon be recruited? Is there online support?
This translation is pre-patched with Wiimmfi and RiiConnect24. Our team worked with the server owners to restore these lost events. All of the known event Pokémon have been restored and should be fully functional. From the Main Menu, turn the Distribution Service on to allow connection to RiiConnect24,
and check for Wii-Mail on your home menu. To receive the other event Pokémon, access Wonder Mail W to see a list of event missions and enter Buddy Passwords for other exclusive Pokémon.

For information on setting your system up for Wiimmfi support, please check https://wii.guide/wiimmfi.html
For information on setting your system up for RiiConnect24 support, please check https://wii.guide/riiconnect24

Events distributed:
-Wiimmfi: Dialga, Giratina, and Arceus are available at all times via Wonder Mail W.
-RiiConnect24: cycles Mew, Darkrai, Jirachi and Palkia on a monthly basis, with the Pokémon switching on the first of each month.
Your Wii Console’s date must be set to match the current timeframe or the events will not work. Talk to Farfetch’d after receiving
the Wii-Mail to activate them.

Friend Rescues are not currently supported as of 4-28-2020 (v1.0 release date).
If they are restored in the future, the changes necessary are server-side, so there should be no need to update
the patch. Dates sent via Wii-Mail reflect the original distributions and may not be accurate, but the events
will be in rotation each month.

6: How do I make this work on my PAL/NTSC/etc. Wii:
You can use ShowMiiWads to change the .wad file’s region. For PAL users: Due to a difference in the way the
games are rendered between NTSC/PAL the game may show a black screen upon loading. This is remedied by going
into Wii System Settings > Screen and changing the display settings from 60hz mode to 50hz mode.

7:Are the games canon to the series?
A few characters and items originating in this game also appear as cameos in Super Mystery Dungeon,
but its plot and events are overall not connected. We worked to keep those references intact and

8: Why am I getting doubled inputs (Dolphin)?
This game supports multiple controller types. By default, Dolphin has both the Wii Remote and a standard controller sumultaneously enabled. Please go into your controller settings and disable the Wii Remote or controller so that only one is active.

Additional Info/Technical Modifications:

This game’s item database was modified from Explorers of Sky’s. Unused items in the code were found
to have leftover data from this port; most were fully functional, and some even had unique models, so
these have been restored. They have not been added into the main game, however, so they require
Action Replay/cheats to access. In the original Japanese game, these did not have their names (these were blank)
and all displayed as Plain Seeds until a bit was unset in order to re-enable them.

These include the following fully-functional items:
-Trap Scarf, Goggle Specs, Space Globe, the Seven Treasures, Amber Tear, Gabite Scale, Sizebust Orb
Lost Loot, Gold Fang, Corsola Twig, Cacnea Spike, Rare Fossil, Tight Belt, Wonder Chest,
Unown Stones, some TMs, and the color Bow items.

Partial functionality exists for the following items, which may have unique models not seen elsewhere:
-Link Box (opens the move menu, but does not allow move linking; code does still exist for
linking, however, which seems to work fine even with the Stack mechanic)
-Exclusive Items: No functionality, but some have unique models.

Unused moves from Rescue Team: Excavate, and Spin Slash, remained in the code but had their names blanked out. These have been assigned their proper names, but beyond script modifications, remained untouched. Please enjoy discovering some of these unique development relics via cheats.

Item Icons from Super Mystery Dungeon have been upscaled and used in the game. These were not in the
original Japanese release.

SOS Mail system has been reworked to use keywords from Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald’s EasyChat as a basis for
space reasons.

-1.03 Team Name limit extended from 5 to 8. No other changes. Go into the Main Menu->Others->Team Name to update
your team name with this new limit, if you like.
.Added “Change Nickname” option to party menu to allow people who originally played the Japanese game to correct
their names (or anyone to change nickname whenever, really.)
.Typo fixes to Pokémon names, misc script fixes
.Corrected error with header patch
-1.01 Fix error with descriptions of: Mud-Slap through Leer. Typo/linebreak error fixes.
-1.0 initial release

Known Errors:
-Slowking’s team sort menu does not properly sort alphabetically due to changes to the name screen.

-DS Download Play features have not been translated. They are still functional, but your team
leader’s name may appear incorrectly and move names remain in Japanese.

This game is a Wii ROM. It’s Completed in Full English!



Download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Keep Going! Wildfire Adventure Squad English Patched v1.03 (Completed)

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