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Pokemon Jade

Name: Pokemon Jade
Created by: Pepperton
Pokemon Jade Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0nKbqf6OnA3eqP-0IJ1QNg
Source Link: https://reliccastle.com/threads/1644/
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Jade by Pepperton. It’s an RPGXP Game, you can play on PC or Android through Joiplay.

You are a trainer in Ario, it’s based off Australia. You have over 100 Fakemon, a new pokemon league, new custom UI, a new story, and more things… Let’s play!

Team Wild is a team of rebel bandits who mainly scourge around Goldwhite Desert in the eastern bounds of Ario. They’re constantly searching for something but it’s not easy to know what. The player is slowly made aware of Team Wild’s ultimate plan, and what they’re searching for.

It seems that deep in the ruins of Goldwhite Desert lies an extremely powerful and mysterious legendary Pokemon. However, the only way to encounter this Pokemon is by using a key that is hidden somewhere in the mystery of Ario, and there are several riddles scattered throughout the region that, if solved and pieced together, lead one to the key needed to unleash this beast.

Team Wild’s leader wants to capture this legendary Pokemon because it has the amazing ability to wipe the memory of entire populations. The leader wants to use this power to clean the Pokemon world’s memory of how Pokemon ought to be treated and afterwards create a new society in which Pokemon are seen as currency, and slaves of sorts. He’ll be able to put himself at the top of the ladder in this new society as the owner of the most rare and unique Pokemon in all of Ario, the legendary Pokemon, therefore become the unrivaled dictator of Ario. It’s up to you to stop Team Wild from realizing this terrifying reality!

100+ New Pokemon – The Ario Region is inhabited only by Pokemon native to its land, based off the beautiful Australia. In this tropical region you’ll find tons of new faces to bond with! The number is subject to change, could be more or less.
8 Gyms, Elite Four and a Champion – This game follows the traditional system, but don’t fret, each gym leader will come with interesting puzzles and challenges galore!
Completely Original Region – Ario is like no other region in the original Pokemon games. It features multiple climates and atmospheres that’ll keep gameplay feeling fresh.
Custom UI – Several gameplay mechanics will be revamped to have new, custom UI.
And much more! – The game has been in development for roughly six months to this point, and a lot is still to be laid out, so expect this list to grow much more as time goes on!

Q: Is the game finished?
A: No.

Q: When will the game be finished?
A: Not sure. Hopefully before 2021.

Q: When does the current beta end?
A: Beta v2.x goes up to the 6th gym.

Q: When does X Pokemon evolve?
A: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UW1NF015lusLw-JEN2M7tkqUmC27nsUXo4D6FNShruM/edit?usp=sharing

Q: Can I catch X Pokemon in the current beta?
A: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UW1NF015lusLw-JEN2M7tkqUmC27nsUXo4D6FNShruM/edit?usp=sharing

Q: Where do I catch X Pokemon?
A: For now, use the in-game Pokedex Area feature. Eventually, we’ll update the document referenced above with this information.

Q: Can I see the full Pokedex?
A: Sure. https://i.imgur.com/Yci2ZWA.png (designs & sprites not final)

Q: Where do I get Rock Smash?
A: After defeating the 2nd gym, on your way to the next route, you should see your rival in the middle of the street. They will give you Rock Smash.

Q: Where do I get Fly?
A: From a woman in a house in Jadelaide Town.

Q: Where do I get Cut?
A: From a man in a house in Sunnyvale City.

Q: Where do I get Strength?
A: From a man in a house in Lydney City.

Q: Where do I get Rock Climb?
A: It’s in a pokeball in Goldwhite Desert Caverns.

Q: Where do I get the Lucky Egg?
A: It’s in a hidden area between the buildings to the right of M&K Tower in Melbourne City.

Q: Are there shiny Pokemon available?
A: Currently, no.

Q: Is there a wiki?
A: No. There might be one in the future, particularly if we get people who can help put it together, but for now, no. We’d rather focus on completing the game.

Q: Are you looking to add someone to the team?
A: We would greatly benefit from: UI designers, QA testers, people to help make a wiki
We don’t need, but would appreciate: Musicians/composers, pixel artists, concept/digital artists
If you are interested in joining the team, please DM Pepperton on any platform or post in the #recruiting channel of our official Discord – https://discord.gg/agUYVDs.

Beta v2.1 – Released August 2, 2020
Length: Six gyms
-Build ends after you defeat the 6th gym
-Content is about ~11-12 hrs according to early estimates.
-90+ obtainable Pokemon

Known glitches for Pokemon Jade v2.1 as of 8/2/20:
-Pressing F12 may cause your game to crash, avoid doing so.
-If you use Teleport after entering the Team Wild HQ on Drottnest Island and before visiting any other town, you will be teleported to the middle of the ocean and get stuck. (fixed, pending new release)

-If you are resuming from a previous save file where you completed all of Beta v1.x content, you may get a repeat of the rival phone call that occurs at the tail end of the beta the next time you enter Merth Village.
-Grass powder moves can affect grass types
-Certain evolved Pokemon have the same base EXP as their baby forms (fixed, pending new release)
-Electrics types not immune to paralysis
-Rock Climb animation does not alter the character’s color tone based on time of day (fixed, pending new release)
-Various minor collision bugs

DEPRECATED BUGS (bugs that exist in versions prior to most recent):
-Going back and talking to Flo after you obtain Key Riddle 1 crashes the game. (fixed in v2.1)
-Talking to the bug catcher in Melbourne who wants to trade for a Granpede crashes the game. (fixed in v2.1)
-Shadow pixel bugs with main characters and gym leader Wendy (fixed in v2.1)
-If you fish while surfing, you momentarily stand in the water before resuming the surf animation (fixed in v2.1)
-If you surf in Route 11, the wild Pokemon battle back will be the wild grass battle back (fixed in v2.1)
-You can get around the Ibex Coral Reef entrance and walk on water + reach the edge of the map (fixed in v2.1)
-You can find Poochyena in Kakaru Rainforest (Deep) (fixed in v2.1)

If you have a question not listed here, please post it in the #questions channel of our official Discord.

This game is an RPGXP Game. It’s Beta in English.



Pokemon Jade – Evolution
Download Pokemon Jade Beta 2.1 (Beta – Official Link)

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Download Pokemon Jade Beta 2.1 (Beta – Back-up Link)

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