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Ad place #1

Pokemon Radical Red

Name: Pokemon Radical Red
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: soupercell and koala4
Source Link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10181443
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/aK7MVzE
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Radical Red. It’s Feature Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red by soupercell and koala4.

Oh well, It’s the same as all Feature Hack ROMs I posted. It has a lot of feature such as moves up to gen 8, including some moves from Isle of Armor DLC, Mega Evolution, Fairy Type, PSS System, Abilities up to Gen 8, Pokemon up to Gen 8, Trainer AI is smarter, and more and more… And now, Let’s play because it’s playable.

Physical/Special split + Fairy Typing
All Pokémon up to Gen 8 obtainable (with some exceptions, see further down)
Moves up to Gen 8, including some of the Isle of Armor DLC moves!
Updated Pokémon sprites
Mega Evolution
Abilities up to Gen 8
All important battle items (with some exceptions)
Raid Battles
Reusable TMs
Expanded TM list
Additional move tutors
EV Training Gear
Ability popups during battle
Gen 8 Exp Share
Hidden Abilities
Day and Night
DexNav, which allows you to search for Pokemon with hidden abilities and other neat things!
Even faster turbo speed (!!!)
Abilities like Magma Armor have field effects like recent Gens
Destiny Knot, Everstone have updated breeding mechanics
… and more!

Additional Features
Much higher difficulty
Bosses have max IVs with proper EV spreads (barring the early bosses), along with optimized movesets/hold items
Improved AI
Battle style forced to Set
Can’t access bag against Gym Leaders and other select bosses
Similar to Pokemon Clover, there is a soft level cap based on the next boss battle. Many “challenge” hacks can easily be beaten by simply spamming turbo boost and overlevelling. This prevents you from doing so, instead allowing you to reevaluate your team and strategy to defeat bosses.
Bosses near the end will randomly choose between 1 of 3 teams
Elite Four Members each have a Legendary
Gym Leaders have access to Mega Evolution before you do
Some optional side bosses will have their levels scale according to your team
Johto Gym Leaders as additional side bosses(Some mandatory, but mostly optional)
Brendan as an additional Rival
Archer and Ariana present as Admins
Thief/Magician won’t steal from trainers
An additional Team Rocket event right before the 8th gym
My own curated buffs to a lot of deserving Pokémon, including Megas!
May include type changes, stat changes, ability changes, an additional learnsets
Brand new abilities (Some taken from Clover, others exclusive to this game)
A revamped Game Corner
No more coins/Coin Case, just exchange with regular Pokecoins
Sells pseudo legends for a steep price, with options to upgrade to Shiny
Sells even more TMs
IV grade and colored natures on Summary Screen
An IV perfecter in Celadon for a very steep price
EV checker/reducer in Saffron
An ability swapper also in Saffron, along with an option to swap to Hidden Ability in exchange for an item
EV training areas with its corresponding EV training gear
Move relearner moved to Cerulean
Move tutor that teaches Egg moves
Additional Legendaries obtainable before the Elite Four: Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion, Keldeo.
Roamers: Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, Latios, Latias, Victini, Meloetta
Unobtainable Pokemon as of Version 2.2b:
Unown Heatran Regigigas Cresselia
Lugia Ho-Oh Kyogre Groudon
Rayquaza Dialga Palkia Giratina
Reshiram Zekrom Kyurem-Black Kyurem-White
Xernas Yveltal Cosmog (can be found in a Wonder Egg, though) Cosmoem
Solgaleo Lunala Necrozma Forms Zacian
Zamazenta Eternatus Calyrex forms
Deoxys Magearna Darkrai Shaymin-Sky
Arceus Marshadow
Gym leaders may ask for rematches or side quests for their Mega Stones and other rewards
Day care south of Cerulean now can hold two Pokemon allowing for earlier breeding
… and more!

Quality of Life changes
Thanks to CFRU:
No need to teach HMs (Even Dig and Teleport show up as Field Moves if you have the TM and a Pokemon that is capable of learning it – does not need to be taught!)
Use DexNav to easily get a specific encounter you want, in addition to a chance of getting Egg Moves, better IVs, Hidden Abilities, and higher Shiny odds!
Press Start in the bag to sort items
Use L to toggle Auto Run
Can select multiple key items
Press L on a move you’re using in battle to check its info
Toggleable Gen 6 Exp Share
Pokemon receive boosted EXP when above 220 points of affection
Item Image on obtain
Base stats on Pokedex summary screen
Press B on the Bike gives a boost
Removed Poison damage in OW

Other significant QOL improvements:
Lucky Egg boost increased from 1.5x to 2.5x
A Nature Changer in every Pokemon Center!
Frisk now boosts chance of Wild Pokemon holding items(along with Super Luck and CompoundEyes) for maximum item farming efficiency
Macho Brace EV multiplier boosted from 2x to 4x (16x after becoming Champion)
Power Item EV Yield boosted from 8 to 24 (They give 252 EVs after becoming Champion)
Consumable held items come back after trainer battles (but not wild or raid battles)
Pokemon holding Amulet Coin do not need to participate in battle in order to receive the prize money boost
Thiefed items go straight to the bag
Shadow Tag/Arena Trap on Wild Pokemon no longer prevents the player fleeing from battle
Magma Armor/Steam Engine/Flame Body now reduce egg steps by 4x instead of 2x
Macho Brace/EV training items reduce speed by slightly less
Catch rate universally increased after becoming Champion
Significantly reduced the price of Potions (Potion->Full Restore, Revives, Paralyz Heal, etc) as they have much less use in this game. Price of Repels have also been reduced.
Eviolite prevents your Pokemon from evolving (like Everstone)

A little guide on the difficulty options..
Hardest to Easiest
Hardcore Mode goes without saying this is the hardest mode; there is some consideration made for the player (hence the presence of Min Grinding Mode) but it’s filled with a lot of unfair obstacles and silly team compositions. I wouldn’t advise nuzlocking this at the moment (i would presume it’d be quite difficult even with knowledge of the boss teams) but I know that won’t stop some of you lol
Restrict Mode prevents you from using a lot of the broken team compositions/set-up cheese, so it’s a bit harder than normal RR without the Hardcore ridiculousness
Restrict Mode + Min Grinding much less grindy than the above option while also making the early game-mid game much easier. Probably the preferable option if you’re streaming a nuzlocke.
Normal RR a little grindy but it’s what I originally envisioned 🙂 and you can use a lot of the broken Pokemon to its full potential, so that’s always fun
Min Grinding ModeIf you just want to play RR without the grind but still keep a bit of the challenge, then this is it. Another option if you’re streaming a nuzlocke but don’t like the restrictions of Restricted Mode. Game is overall slightly easier than normal RR since you’re on a much more even playing field.
Easy Mode This is actually potentially easier than Easy Mode + Min Grinding Mode since you can use EVs to your advantage (as Boss pokemon won’t have them), although the early game is slightly more difficult & most people playing this game mode won’t bother with optimizing EVs. I will stress Easy Mode is still more difficult than vanilla games and your traditional ROM hack.
Easy Mode + Min Grinding Mode Pretty much allows you to play Min Grinding Mode while also being able to use items and Switch Mode. The early game is also a lot easier here as opposed to normal Easy Mode

I get a warning about real time clock not being enabled. I can’t save in-game. Day/night cycle isn’t working. What to do?
Make sure your emulator has Real Time Clock (RTC) enabled. Also, save type HAS to be set to flash 128K. If you started playing without this, you will have to start over. Delete your save file, make sure your emulator is set up correctly and ONLY THEN open the rom. If you did everything correctly, there shouldn’t be a warning about RTC not being enabled anymore.

What about HM moves? Do I need HM slave(s)?
No, HM moves have been reworked, you no longer need to teach it to your Pokémon to progress the game. All you need is the corresponding badge and the HM in your bag.

Where is the move relearner?
The move relearner is in Cerulean City, he wants shrooms in return.

Is there an EV checker/EV subtracter? Is there a way to change Pokémon’s ability?
Yes, there are nerds in Saffron City’s fan club house.

Where is the name rater?
The name rater is in Lavender Town, same as in vanilla FR/LG.

Where is the happiness checker guy?
Happiness checker guy is in Cerulean City, replacing the Barry Master guy from vanilla FR/LG. In the house next to him is also a guy that can groom your Pokemon to increase their happiness.

Are Sevii Islands available?
As of now, the game ends after becoming the Champion. Sevii Islands are currently not part of the game.

How does the EXP. Share work?
It’s gen 8 EXP. Share. The EXP from battles is distributed amongst ALL of your party Pokemon even if some of them did not participate in the battle. You receive it early on, before the 1st gym battle. It can be toggled.

My Pokemon get almost no experience from battles? Is my game broken???
If your Pokemon gets reduced amount of experience, it means it hit a level cap before the next important battle (gym leaders, Team Rocket boss, E4 etc.). When you beat the next important battle, the level cap will increase again.

The game is too hard! Make it easier!
The point of this hack was to make it hard and challenging in a reasonable way, not just increasing level curve like crazy. If it’s too hard for you, then this hack is probably not for you.

Where can I restore fossil Pokémon?
Same as in vanilla FRLG, Cinnabar Island’s Pokémon Lab.

How do I transform the three forces of nature Pokémon to their alternate forms?
Talk to a scientist in Cinnabar Island’s Pokémon Lab.

Is there an egg tutor?
Yes, he is located in Fuchsia City. He wants Heart Scales in return.

Are there any other move tutors?

What are the chances of finding a Pokemon with hidden ability using Dex Nav?
the odds of finding hidden ability is 5% at search level 10, 15% at search level 25, 20% at search level 50, 23% at search level 100

How do I mega evolve?
You get Mega Ring after finishing the Silph Co. event, right before Sabrina. If you have the proper mega stone equipped, you can mega evolve your Pokémon during battle by pressing the select button before selecting a move.

How do I update the game to a newer version without having to start over?
Save your current progress using the in-game save (not save state!) in a safe place. (a Pokémon Center for example)
Close the game and delete the patched .gba file. (or better, move it to a different folder in case you mess this up)
Place the newly patched .gba game into the same folder where your previous version was. Make sure the name of your game and save file is the same.
Open the newly patched .gba and load your save.

Where do I find Mega Stones for my starter Pokémon?
Go to the building that connects Cycling Road and Celadon City, and talk to the aid upstairs.

What are the level caps for each boss?
15, //Before Brock
27, //Before Misty
34, //Before Surge
44, //Before Erika
47, //Before Celadon Giovanni
56, //Before Archer/Ariana Tag battle
57, //Before Giovanni Saffron
59, //Before Sabrina
68, //Before Koga
73, //Before May
76, //Before Blaine
79, //Before Archer/Ariana B2b
80, //Before Giovanni Cerulean Boss
81, //Before Claire
82, //Before Brendan
85, //Before E4

Changelog 4.0:
Old 3.1 saves are compatible, but you might lose out on some of the new pokemon and items! Progress on your Pokedex can also be reset! It is highly recommended that you start a brand new save from the beginning!
General Changes
New Dex! Check out dex.radicalred.net for the up to date pokemon changes! [Huge huge thank you to Ash and Yda for setting this up!]
Added two new RR-exclusive Sevii evolution lines: Noivern, and Lokix!
Sevii Nymble is currently bugged and is unobtainable from the Sevii egg, it’ll be fixed in the next update!
Added all Gen 9 Pokemon (including Iron Leaves & Walking Wake) and Gen 9 Moves/Abilities
Revival Blessing, Doodle, Order Up, and Spicy Extract are currently unimplemented so their respective Pokemon cannot learn them.
Tidy Up currently doesn’t remove hazards/substitute
To save space, the Paradox Pokemon use the same cries as their contemporary forms & have the same Dex numbers.
Tera is not implemented
Mycellium Might, Guard Dog, Costar, Opportunist, Commander, Cud Chew are not implemented
Protean, Dauntless Shield, Intrepid Sword, and Battle Bond nerfs from Gen 9 were not applied!
Hail has been updated to snow in Gen 9. No longer causes residual damage at end of turn, but boosts defense of Ice types by 50%. Snow no longer boosts the chances of frostbite.
Various (mostly useless) abilities were removed to fit Gen 9 abilities: Klutz, Aura Break, Pastel Veil, Color Change, Anticipation, Mirror Armor, Power Spot, Healer
Blademaster has been changed to Sharpness from Gen 9, which boosts the power of slashing/cutting moves by 50%.
Gym rematches are now required in non-Hardcore mode before fighting Koga (Brock, Misty, Surge)
Pewter City Gym has sand in overworld for rematch
Cerulean City Gym rains in overworld for rematch
Surge has auto electric terrain for rematch
Erika has auto grassy terrain for rematch
Route 20 now has permanent snow [Pryce Location]
Cinnabar Gym has sun in overworld
Buff to partner Lance in the Gio 3 Tag fight to be less frustrating
Fishing will now never fail
EZCatch cheat code allows every ball to have 100% catch rate
Surge no longer gives Light Clay in rematch, can now be found across Celadon City pond
Celadon Starter Eggs have all starters in its pool now [Including gen9!]
Route 21 opens up from Pallet Town after receiving Pokedex for a small patch of grass for additional early game encounters.
Additional new area in Viridian Forest with additional encounters
Replace Hisuian Egg option from Egg Giver to Paldean Eggs
Can now go into Stat Scanner straight from the summary screen (including in battle and in PC)
Added evolution methods viewable in Stat Scanner
Add Gen 9 moves to Learnset Randomizer
Made Anti-AI abuse in Hardcore Mode more lenient
Cerulean Cave Tyranitarite->Diancite
Remove Diancite from One Island rewards
Nerd in Saffron House sells EV Training Gear, Destiny Knot. Old EV training NPCs in various areas removed.
Reinserted the battle textbox to fix trades/egg hatching crashing on Bizhawk/real hardware, big shoutouts to Plaininsane for helping out with this
Erika no longer gives Snivy on rematch
Islet in Route 24 now has Tyranitarite
Mega Stone giver in Route 16 no longer gives Hoenn Mega Stones, only Kanto
Brendan gives Sceptilite instead of Destiny Knot at his fight before Victory Road
May gives Blazikenite instead of Torchic as reward after Cinnabar fight
Misty gives Finizen as rematch gift instead of Froakie
Zygarde-10 award at One Island changed to Booster Energy
Roamers Raikou/Entei/Suicune/Meloetta/Victini -> Chien Pao/Wo Chien/Ting Lu/Chi Yu/Walking Wake
Add Frigibax to Game Corner
Changed Chuck Reward from Crabrawler/Clobbopus->Aqua Breed Tauros/Blaze Breed Tauros
Improve Raid Den sprite – Thanks to Plaininsane!
Meteorite at Pewter Museum now changes Deoxys form
Cinnabar scientist now gives DNA Splicers if you show him Reshiram Kyurem or Zekrom
Update Hisuian mon evolution methods so they don’t require ‘Hisuian’ potential (evolution methods reflected in Stat Scanner).
Setting Hisuian potential by NPC in Saffron removed
Hisuian Ball now a Pokeball you can switch to
Celadon Dream Ball drop->Loaded Dice
Second Seviian Egg in Fuschia pokecenter
Moved fossil shard guy to Vermillion Fan Club + moved up evolutions to be a bit earlier for a lot of the fossil mons

TM Changes
Pokemart in Cerulean now has a different stock of TMs added in this update
Icy Wind, Pluck, Snarl, Aerial Ace, Smack Down
TM15 Electroweb available in new Viridian Forest area
Add TM56 Hone Claws to Game Corner
TM40 Aerial Ace->Low Kick
TM15 Hyper Beam->Electroweb
TM87 Swagger->Aerial Ace
TM in Rocket Hideout -> TM105 Trailblaze
Short Kid in Route 14->Item drop TM02 Dragon Claw
Small area past the water in Viridian City now has TM120 Ice Spinner
Brendan gives TM68 Dual Chop in Silph Co instead of Treecko
Psyshock TM in Underground Path in easy/normal mode only
Route 7-8
Mudkip Kid now gives TM Earthquake as first reward instead of Mudkip

Pokemon General Changes
Altaria can learn Will-O-Wisp from TM
Annihilape can learn
Focus Punch from TM
Iron Tail from TM
Dual Chop from TM
Work Up from TM
Power-Up Punch from TM
Strength from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Araquanid learns Wave Crash at Level 50
Arboliva can learn
Draining Kiss from TM
Grassy Glide from TM
Arbok learns Shed Tail at Level 69
Arcanine-H and Growlithe-H learn Wild Charge from ™
Arctozolt 80 Speed->55 Speed, SpDef 55->80 (revert to vanilla)
Armaldo Ability 2 None->Skill Link, HP 75->100, SpA 70->45,
can learn Pin Missile from move tutor
Armorouge HA -> Mega Launcher
Articuno learns
Haze at Level 1,
Bleakwind Storm at Level 60
Articuno-G, Zapdos-G, Moltres-G learn Tailwind at Level 1
Banette can learn Swords Dance from TM
Baxcalibur can learn
Snowscape from TM
Dual Chop from TM
Stone Edge from TM
Draco Barrage from TM
Rock Slide from TM
Frost Breath from TM
Strength from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Basculegion, Basculegion-F Ability Reckless->Swift Swim
learns Wave Crash at Level 60
Beartic can learn Earthquake from TM
Beautifly learns Silk Trap at Level 20
Beldum Hidden Ability None->Magnet Pull
Bellibolt can learn
Electroweb from TM
Teleport from TM
Rising Voltage from TM
Surf from TM
Bombirdier HP 70->85, can learn
Defog from TM
Smack Down fromTM
Bouffalant learns Raging Bull at Level 36
Brambleghast can learn Poltergeist from TM
Breloom can learn
Bulldoze from TM
Gunk Shot from Move Tutor
Bronzong learns Spin Out at Level 54
Brute Bonnet Hidden Ability None->Poison Heal, can learn
Leaf Blade at Level 49 instead of Giga Drain
Earthquake from TM
Grassy Glide from TM
Knock Off from Tutor
Camerupt learns Hydro Steam at Level 56
Carracosta learns
Salt Cure at Level 4
Wave Crash at Level 51
Centiskorch-S can learn Smack Down from TM
Celebi learns Lumina Crash at Level 34
Ceruledge can learn
Solar Blade from TM
Poltergeist from TM
Cetitan can learn
Snowscape from TM
Stealth Rock from TM
Frost Breath from TM
Strength from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Chesnaught learns Body Press from TM
Cinderace can learn Swords Dance from TM
Coalossal learns Hydro Steam at Level 47
Corsola learns Salt Cure at Level 1
Crabominable learns Gigaton Hammer at Level 54
Cyclizar can learn
Draco Barrage from TM
Scale Shot from TM
Delphox can learn Focus Blast from TM
Dhelmise Steelworker->Steely Spirit
Dialga can learn Focus Blast from TM
Dondozo can learn Bulldoze from TM
Drapion Attack 80->90 [Reverted to Vanilla]
Dudunsparce can learn
Iron Tail from TM
Dragon Dance from TM
Charge Beam from TM
Thunder Wave from TM
Gyro Ball from TM
Scale Shot from TM
Dual Wingbeat from TM
Strength from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Dugtrio, Dugtrio-A can learn Swords Dance from TM
Eelektross can learn
Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor
Liquidation from Move Tutor
Close Combat from Move Tutor
Electivire Electric/Fighting -> Electric, Ability 2 None->Vital Spirit Attack 113->123, SpA 105->95, can learn
Drain Punch from TM
Sunflora Grass/Fire->Grass, can learn
Spiky Shield on Evolution instead of Flame Burst
Sleep Powder at Level 7 instead of Grass whistle
Developer’s note: Sunflora and Electivire were initially changed to their respective typings because they were unique typings on top of the fact that the typings made some sense thematically. Given the release of Gen 9, these typings were not only matched by Scovillain/Pawmot, but their niches nearly identical with similar stat spreads and main abilities. Because of this, we’ve decided to make the unfortunate decision to revert these Pokemon to their original typing.
Empoleon learns Make It Rain at Level 54
Espeon can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
Esper Wing removed from Latios/Latias, Articuno-G, Lunala learnsets
Espratha can learn
Future Sight from TM
Acrobatics from TM
Fly from TM
Farigiraf HA Cud Chew->Parental Bond, can learn
Iron Tail from TM
Reflect from TM
Expanding Force from TM
Work Up from TM
Strength from HM
Flash from HM
Cut from HM
Feraligatr learns
Aqua Tail on evolution
Triple Dive at level 52
Flamigo HP 82->92, SpDef 64->74, can learn
Defog from TM
Triple Axel from TM
Pluck from TM
Dual Wingbeat from TM
Flygon learns Sandsear Storm at Level 56
Forretress learns Spin Out at Level 54
Furfrou learns
Body Slam from Move Tutor
Stomping Tantrum from Move Tutor
Thunder Fang from Move Tutor
Ice Fang from Move Tutor
Fire Fang from Move Tutor
Psychic Fangs from Move Tutor
Play Rough from Move Tutor
Gallade learns Aqua Cutter at Level 1
Galarian Ponyta/Rapidash Pastel Veil->Immunity, Anticipation -> Flash Fire
Garchomp can learn
Thunder Fang from Move Tutor
Liquidation from Move Tutor
Gastrodon can learn Stealth Rock from TM
Girafarig HA Parental Bond->Inner Focus (Parental Bond on Farigiraf!),
Girafarig no longer learns Boomburst
Golduck can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
Golurk learns Rage Fist at Level 63
Grafaiai learns
Double-Edge at Level 54
Sketch at Level 82
Granbull learns Raging Bull at Level 48
Greninja can learn Swords Dance from TM
Groudon can learn
Will-O-Wisp from TM
Rock Blast from TM
Body Press from TM
Grumpig can learn
Dazzling Gleam from TM
Earth Power from Move Tutor,
Haxorus can learn
Glaive Rush at Level 66
Iron Head from Move Tutor
Heatran can learn Power Gem from Move Tutor
Hisuian Braviary HA Competitive->Tinted Lens
Hitmontop learns Spin Out at Level 42 instead of Gyro Ball
Hitmonlee learns Aqua Step at Level 54
Hitmonchan learns Jet Punch at Level 1
Houndstone can learn
Shadow Claw from TM
Poltergeist from TM
Cut from HM
Strength from HM
Huntail learns Wave Crash at Level 64
Hydreigon can learn Stealth Rock from TM
Impidimp now learns Parting Shot from Egg Move
Iron Bundle can learn Surf from HM
Iron Hands can learn
Plasma Fists at Level 56
Knock Off from Tutor
Iron Jugulis learns
Aeroblast at Level 77
Nasty Plot from Move Tutor
Iron Leaves Hidden Ability None->Sharpness, learns
Bullet Seed from TM
Psychic from TM
Teleport from TM
Grassy Glide from TM
Expanding Force from TM
Cut from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Iron Thorns Hidden Ability None->Solid Rock, can learn
Bolt Strike at Level 84
Accelerock at Level 49 instead of Sandstorm
Iron Valiant can learn Dual Chop from TM
Kilowattrel can learn
Electroweb from TM
Defog from TM
Steel Wing from TM
Rising Voltage from TM
Flash from HM
Heat Wave from tutor
Kingambit can learn
Rock Polish from TM
Aerial Ace from TM
Power-Up Punch from TM
Cut from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Klawf can learn
Hone Claws from TM
Rock Polish from TM
Superpower from TM
Body Press from TM
Cut from HM
Strength from HM
Klinklang Steelworker->Steely Spirit
Krookodile can learn Gunk Shot from Move Tutor
Koraidon can learn
Dual Chop from TM
Draco Barrage from TM
Landorus can learn Nasty Plot from Move Tutor
Landorus, Tornadus, Thunderus, Enamorus learn Sandsear Storm, Bleakwind Storm, Wildbolt Storm, Springtide Storm respectively at Lvl 58
Lokix can learn
Dual Chop from TM
Triple Axel from TM
Ludicolo learns Aqua Step at Level 40
Lunatone learns Lumina Crash at Level 29
Lycanroc Midnight learns Stone Axe at Level 37 instead of Scary Face
Magcargo can learn Body Press by TM
Magmortar learns Hydro Steam at Level 62
Maractus learns Flower Trick at Level 45
Maushold can learn Acrobatics from TM
Meowscarada can learn
Dig from TM
Grassy Glide from TM
Triple Axel from TM
Work Up from TM
Power-Up Punch from TM
Cut from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Metang/Metagross Hidden Ability None->Tough Claws
Mewtwo can learn
Power Gem from Move Tutor
Earth Power from Move Tutor
Muk, Muk-A can learn Drain Punch from TM
Oinkologne can learn
Earthquake from TM
Snarl from TM
Orthworm learns
Heavy Slam at level 56
Brick Break from TM
Dragon Tail from TM
Power-Up Punch from TM
Superpower from TM
Strength from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Palafin can learn
Scald from TM
Body Press from TM
Strength from HM
Pawmot can learn
Electroweb from TM
Drain Punch from TM
Power-Up Punch from TM
Strength from HM
Pidgey line Hidden Ability None->No Guard
Poliwrath learns Jet Punch at Level 56
Primeape can learn Stealth Rock from TM
Pyroar learns Torch Song at Level 70
Qwilfish HP 65->80, Ability 1 Prankster->Toxic Debris
Quaquaval can learn
Focus Punch from TM
Flip Turn from TM
Defog from TM
Shadow Claw from TM
Dual Chop from TM
Scald from TM
Pluck from TM
Strength from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Waterfall from HM
Quagsire can learn Stealth Rock from TM
Rabsca can learn
U-turn from TM
Teleport from TM
Meteor Beam from TM
Future Sight from TM
Rayquaza learns
U-turn from TM
Stealth Rock from TM
Regirock learns Salt Cure Level 58
Registeel has had Double Iron Bash moved to level 66
Regidrago can learn Earthquake from TM, Earth power from Move Tutor
Relicanth learns Wave Crash at Level 53
Revavroom can learn
Stealth Rock from TM
Flame Charge from TM
Sludge Wave from TM
Heat Crash from TM
Body Press from TM
U-Turn from TM
Strength from HM
Rock Smash from HM
Roaring Moon can learn
Draco Barrage from TM
Samurott-H learns Sucker Punch at Level 58
Sandy Shocks Hidden Ability None->Water Compaction
can learn Electroweb from TM
Scolipede can learn
Mortal Spin at Level 1
Gunk Shot from tutor
Scovillain Attack 108->78, Sp Attack 108->118, HP 65->85, can learn
Taunt from TM
Solar Blade from TM
Defog from TM
Grassy Glide from TM
Flame Charge from TM
Scorching Sands from TM
Scream Tail Hidden Ability None->Tangling Hair, SpA 65->85, can learn Moonblast at Level 77
Seismitoad learns Wave Crash at Level 56
Shiftry Ability Early Bird -> Wind Rider
learns Ceaseless Edge at Level 1
Skeledirge can learn
Bulldoze from TM
Scorching Sands from TM
Slither Wing Hidden Ability None->Multiscale
Sneasler Ability 2 Pressure -> Unburden
learns U-turn from TM
Spectrier can learn Draining Kiss, Psychic from TM
Spidops HP 60->85, Attack 79->89, SpA 52->32, can learn
Arm Thrust at Level 1
Sucker Punch at level 17
First Impression at level 22
Spikes at level 42
Toxic Spikes at level 45
Electroweb from TM
Hone Claws from TM
Silver Wind from TM
Dual Chop from TM
Steelix learns Spin Out at Level 58
Squawkabilly can learn
Defog from TM
Pluck from TM
Dual Wingbeat from TM
Acrobatics from TM
Stonjourner Power Spot-> Rocky Payload
Tapu Bulu can learn Grassy Glide from TM
Tatsugiri Base HP 68->78, Def 60->70. can learn
Scald from TM
Flip Turn from TM
Draco Barrage from TM
Waterfall from HM
Tauros learns Raging Bull at Level 35
Tinkaton Attack 75->85, Def 77->87
Toedscool line can learn Power Gem from tutor
Tropius Ability 2 Solar Power -> Wind Rider. learns
U-turn from TM
Body Press from TM
Turtonator learns Armor Cannon at Level 49
Urshifus can learn Swords Dance from TM
Veluza can learn
Flip Turn from TM
Cut from HM
Volcanion learns Hydro Steam at Level 70
Walking Wake learns
Draco Barrage from TM
Scald from TM
Whiscash can learn
Wave Crash at Level 72
Stealth Rock from TM
Wugtrio Attack 100->115, Spa 50->35, can learn
Earthquake from TM
Scald from TM
Ice Spinner from TM
Zangoose learns Agility at Level 45
Zarude can learn Swords Dance from TM
Zygarde-10 Power Construct->Inner Focus

Move/Ability Changes
Armor Cannon boosted by Mega Launcher
Blademaster->Sharpness, now boosts 1.5x for sword/slash moves instead of 1.2x, +1 crit ratio
Bleakwind Storm now has 20% chance to inflict frostbite, Springtide Storm can’t miss in rain
Bleakwind Storm, 80 Acc->90 Acc
Chloroblast 120 BP->150 BP + takes 50% in recoil instead of 33%
Dire Claw 70 BP->80 BP and regains sleep back
Esper Wing New Effect 80 BP 100 Acc Special Psychic Move with High Critical Hit Ratio and gives +1 Speed
Following changes have been made since Hail got buffed in transition to Snowstorm:
No end of turn damage, boosts Ice Type Defense by 50%
Remove Frostbite chance being 2x likely in Snowstorm
Remove Frostbite dealing more residual damage in Snowstorm
Glacial Lance 130 BP ->120 BP
Grassy Glide 70 BP->60 BP
Psyshield Bash 40% to raise defense->100%
Raging Bull: Type based on Primary Type rather than species specific (Raging Bull is Fairy for Granbull, Normal for Bouff/Tauros, Water/Fire for respective Tauros-P forms)
Recovering moves PP nerfs applied (All have 5 PP)
Sandsear Storm80 Acc->90 Acc
Spin Out BP 100->110 BP
Springtide Storm 80 Acc->90 Acc
Unbanned Storm Drain, Motor Drive from HC mode
Wicked Blow BP 80->75 BP
Wildbolt Storm 80 Acc->90 Acc
Pokemon Evolution Changes
Bisharp evolves into Kingambit at level 50
Cubone evolves to Marowak/Marowak-A based on time of day(rather than separate marowak species)
Exeggcute evolves to Exeggutor Alolan through Sun Stone
Koffing evolves to Weezing/Weezing-G based on time of day (rather than separate koffing-g species)
Mr-Mime Jr G evolves to Mr-Mime-G through Ice Stone
Pawmi evolves at 16, Pawmo evolves at 32
Tinkatink evolves at 23 rather than 24
Wugtrio evolves at level 22

Raid Changes
Mt Moon Raids starting at 3 stars->6 stars now have Regirock/Registeel/Regice
Pokemon Mansion 5 Stars Necrozma/Spectrier/Regidrago -> Hoopa/Spectrier/Regidrago
Pokemon Mansion 6 Stars Genesect/Tapu Lele/Diancie -> Tapu Lele
Power Plant 5 stars Dracozolt/Arctozolt/Regieleki -> Zeraora/Regieleki/Iron Valiant
Power Plant 6 stars Tapu Koko/Zeraora/Genesect -> Tapu Koko
Route 10 raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf
Route 13 Raids starting at 5 stars->6 stars now have Victini/Volcanion/Cresselia
Route 16 Raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Diancie/Zygarde-10/Iron-Thorns
Route 2 Raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Entei/Suicune/Raikou
Route 25 Raids starting at 4 stars->6 stars now have Necrozma/Celebi/Calyrex
Victory Road 5 stars Regirock/Registeel/Regice/Uxie/Mesprit -> Meloetta/Jirachi/Genesect
Victory Road 6 stars Hoopa/Cresselia/Zygarde/Jirachi/Volcanion -> Zygarde
Viridian Forest 5 stars Calyrex/Zarude/Shaymin -> Iron Leaves/Zarude/Shaymin
Viridian Forest 6 stars Celebi/Tapu Bulu/Azelf -> Tapu Bulu

Critical Bug Fixes From 3.1
The PokeVial Sturdy puzzle bug has been fixed
Freezing while hatching eggs on real hardware/Bizhawk has been fixed
Water Absorb not working on Water Gem has been fixed
Cursed body now works correctly on AI
Neutralizing Gas no longer causes weird glitches
Player’s Pokemon can no longer accidentally transforms in the Cerulean Cave Giovanni Fight/Pryce Seafoam fight
Fix New Game Plus code not giving Gyaradosite
Fix New Game Plus Seviian code missing some Seviians

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It’s Beta and maybe it can be updated in the future. But it’s playable so I will add it to the Completed Category!



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Download Pokemon Radical Red v4.0 (Completed)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–
It’s very risky because this game is tweaked too much! CIA Version won’t be working perfectly!

Download Pokemon Radical Red v4.0 CIA (Completed)

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