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Pokemon Shin Sekai

Name: Pokemon Shin Sekai
Created by: Amalgam fansub
Source Link: https://amalgam-fansub.lima-city.de/games/
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Shin Sekai by Amalgam Funsub. I actually posted Pokemon Furui Sekai by Amalgam Funsub too.

You can check if you want. This game is an RPGXP Game and you can play on PC or Android through Joiplay. It’s German so I don’t actually know more about this game… But I felt it’s a great game. Your Starter is Charmander, the game is starting at the maze. So well, it’s just beta 1… And now, Let’s play!

The story I heard about is old. Some say it is older than time itself. Nevertheless, it has survived all this time. The story itself begins before the dawn of time. Everything that existed at that time … was nothing. But then a wish arose out of nothing. The desire to be something. A light formed in nothing and something completely new emerged. Our ancestors called this being “The Creator”. And he created something we know as “life”.

On the first day, he created the messenger of time and space that formed the universe and continuity. Then he created empty spheres that should form the basis of future existence. On the second day, he created the messengers of the land, water, and sky that breathed life into the balls. But something was missing, living things, which should populate the planet. So on the third day, he created the messenger of creation. The messenger of creation spread its wings and flew all over the country. Everywhere he strewed seeds from which life should grow. After the Creator created the messengers of day and night on the fourth day, these living beings could prosper. But what the Creator didn’t know was that there was a dark side to his existence. When he woke up, part of the nothing was displaced.

Where there is light, there is also darkness. And the more this god created himself, the more shadows his activity cast. Thereupon a being emerged that was as powerful as the Creator himself. But it consisted only of darkness. Soon this darkness swept over the earth. On the fifth day, she created the messenger of destruction. This flew over the country and launched cocoons. They rested for a long time, but then the first living beings hatched from them. But instead of living peacefully with the Creator’s beings, they fought the beings because they were not like them. The beings of darkness had emotions such as anger or hate that the Creator’s beings did not know.

The Creator had no choice but to fight the dark. After a tough fight, he triumphed. He also wanted to destroy their descendants, but he took pity. He sealed the messenger of destruction and created the messenger of emotions. Guided by the messenger of life, they got involved with the beings and taught them how to deal with their emotions. It took a long time, but one day, the creatures and the darkness could live together peacefully. But what the Creator didn’t know was that he hadn’t wiped out the darkness.

This had saved itself. In the heart of his created beings. To prevent it from awakening again, the Creator created something. Something made of the remains of darkness. Six stones that should seal the darkness forever. Our ancestors called them “The Infinity Stones.” These have incredible power, in human hands, they would be catastrophic. The Creator hid them all over the world so they should never be found. This is the prologue to my real story.

According to the prophecy, the location of the stones is revealed when the messengers of creation and destruction rise again and go into battle against each other. Then I will … no, then SIGMA will gather these stones and I, Arhades, will take over the power to rise as God of a new world and to erase the plague that the darkness placed in this world. I will shape them according to my ideas and take the place of the Creator.

This game is an RPGXP Game in German! It’s Beta!



Download Pokemon Shin Sekai Beta 1 (Beta – Official Link)

—Back-up Link—-

Download Pokemon Shin Sekai Beta 1 (Beta – Back-up Link)

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