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Pokemon Delta Emerald 2020

Name: Pokemon Delta Emerald
Remade by: STikER
Remade from: Pokemon Emerald
Source Link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10142458#post10142458
Hello, welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Delta Emerald 2020 by STikER! Why it’s 2020 because my website actually has a pokemon delta emerald. Well, Pokemon Omega Ruby /Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Emerald are combined into this game. But it’s a GBA Hack Rom. It means you can have all events from Pokemon Omega Ruby, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and you can have Battle Frontier.

This game has over 20 new features in-game! All in one version if you want to play Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on GBA together. Well, when you have a fresh start, maybe you are boring because it’s the same as pokemon emerald. Lol, it’s the same, you are right but you should play up to the end because you can face and have a lot of new events and pokemon emerald doesn’t have. Anyway, Let’s play it now!

With the release of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in 2014 Hoenn Region received a complete overhaul with a familiar, but improved and expanded storyline, new battle mechanics, gameplay improvements and more and more. Some people theorized that Delta Emerald will be released alongside Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, but of course, it never happened. We’ve never received a full Hoenn experience in one package. Omega Ruby provided us an expanded look on Team Magma and Groudon, Alpha Sapphire did the same for Team Aqua and Kyogre, and neither of them had the Battle Frontier, which is an Emerald-only feature. Everything is just scattered between different games and we do not have an all-in-one version.
That’s what I was aiming for when creating this hack. I wanted to bring everything that ORAS improved on into one, complete Hoenn game.
New character designs and new dialogues from ORAS, updated movesets and abilities, Gen 4+ evolutions, Megas and many more!
So let’s have a closer look at new features!

Character Designs and Storyline updated, including:
Primal Kyogre, Primal Groudon and Mega Rayquaza incorporated into the story
Most of the trainer sprites are updated to the ones from ORAS
Almost all main story dialogues are updated to the ones from ORAS
Zinnia is included into the main plot, along with her theme songs
Wally can be encountered at the Battle Frontier in the postgame, instead of the Victory Road
also his ORAS theme songs are included as well
Steven is the Champion again and Wallace is the Sootopolis Gym Leader
Some Trainer teams are tweaked to be more akin to ORAS (Wally has a Gallade, Brendan/May has a fully evolved starter and so on)
and a lot of other things
Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade V1, which includes:
Gen 4-7 Moves and Abilities
Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversion
Physical/Special Split
Pokémon gain experience after capture
and many more
Pokémon stats updated to the standards of Gen 7
Updated Pokémon sprites and cries
Gen 4+ Evolutions of Gen 1-3 Pokémon with their respective Evolution methods and items
Hoenn Dex and National Dex are expanded to include new Pokémon
All 211 Hoenn Dex Pokémon are catchable without trading or events
All Trade evolutions now evolve also by just holding their evolution item and leveling up
(Machoke, Kadabra, Graveler and Haunter need a new Link Cable to evolve)
all non-Hoenn Dex Pokémon that are available in vanilla Emerald are also catchable (except Lugia and Ho-Oh), including all three Johto starters
Rematch trainers have higher-leveled Pokémon
Proper rematches for the Elite Four and the Champion
Game is fully decapitalized
Day and Night System
In-game trades are changed to ones from RS/ORAS
Menu colors from Ruby and Sapphire were restored
Items pocket is expanded from 30 to 60 possible items
Infinite TMs
Infinite Move Tutors
FireRed-style fishing
Pokémart items depend on your badge count
Running indoors
Eggs hatch at level 1
Poison survival at 1 HP
B2W2 Repel System
Max amount of money is 9,999,999
Nature-colored stats
ipatix HQ Sound Mixer

Compatibility with Mega Blue:
Delta Emerald is compatible with my other hack, Pokémon Mega Blue for the sake of the ability to fill up the National Dex. That means all Pokémon in both hacks have exact same index numbers and can be moved between games freely. There is only one problem here – Delta Emerald has more moves than Mega Blue, so many move slots don’t exist in the latter game. Here is a list of all Pokémon moves from Bulbapedia. Every move that comes in that list after Incinerate (No.510) must be removed from your Delta Emerald’s Pokémon’s movesets before performing a trade. Also, a lot of new moves can change after trading because of two different moves being assigned to the same index number between games. So He recommend you use trading between Delta Emerald and Mega Blue only to fill up your Pokédex and not for battling.

Doesn’t work on regular VBA, use VBA-M instead
Bugs that occur on mGBA (and probably on the actual GBA and the 3DS):
Highlighting Protector in the bag menu will crash the game
Torkoal’s attacks will freeze the game
Roaming Lati@s bugs:
Its HP and status resets between every battle
It doesn’t change location after fleeing
It continues to roam after capture or defeat
Breeding mechanics are partially broken:
New added Pokémon produce same species instead of their pre-evolved form (Leafeon produces another Leafeon, not an Eevee; bug may be exclusive to Eevee though)
Some Pokémon straight up never hatch (for example, Chingling)
Some Pokémon Eggs freeze the game when you try to take them from the Day-Care Man (for example Heracross, Pinsir)
It is recommended to save before taking an egg and backup that save file until the egg hatches
Battle facilities saving bug: loading save files made during your Battle Tent or any of Battle Frontier facilities challenge erases all your Pokédex data and all items from Items and Key items pockets. Could also occur when loading saves made during trades, but it’s not confirmed.
Be sure to use save states instead while challenging battle facilities. After your leave the facility, you can save your game manually and it will be fine
When you switch out Mega Evolved Pokémon, it reverts back to its regular form
Glitched rotating doors in Fortree Gym. Can be fixed by entering any menu
Sometimes Pokémon can Mega Evolve on their own
“Opposing trainer sends out your Pokémon” text appear in battle sometimes
Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza stay Primal/Mega after capture, they revert to their regular forms after any battle
Link features between two Delta Emerald roms don’t work (but seems like they work when connecting Delta Emerald to vanilla Emerald or any other game)
Numerous battle engine bugs (Ghost-type Pokémon immune to Fairy-type moves, missing move animations etc.)
Numerous minor graphical glitches

Version 1.1.4
Gardevoirite and Prism Scale can be obtained earlier now (check the documentation for details)
Matt in Seafloor Cavern is fixed
May’s team in Rustboro’s battle was changed from Treecko and Shroomish to Treecko and Wailmer
Several text errors fixes

Version 1.1.3
Dragon Pulse Move Tutor available in Meteor Falls
Chingling is now capturable at Mt. Pyre Summit
Steven’s Metagross now knows Hyper Beam instead of Giga Impact (which is too OP now)
Charizardite Y is now available in Scorched Slab instead of another Charizardite X
Bug when a lot of NPCs turn left when they shoudn’t is fixed
Yes, and text error fixes
Version 1.1.2
New Features
Slot machine’s colors are changed to the ones from Ruby (I just think red suits them better than green)
Some missing Mega Stones locations are fixed (for example, Ampharosite)
Rhyperior’s backsprite is fixed
Mega Salamence’s stats are fixed
Even more text error fixes

Version 1.1.1
New Features
You no longer need to smash rocks in Rusturf Tunnel to get HM04 Strength
Bugs on Route 121 and Mossdeep City where you take control of NPC and game just breaks are fixed permanently (cutscene on Route 121 is restored to how it originally was)
Froslass now can learn Ice Beam as intended
Charizardite X and Glalitite are at their respective places now
Artisan Cave’s wild encounter bug is fixed, now you can catch Smeargle there
Some more text error fixes
Version 1.1
New Features
FireRed-style fishing
Menu colors restored to what they were in RS
Some items were made accessible earlier for balance purposes
Pickup’s itempool is modified to exclude TMs (were replaced by Dawn, Shiny and Dusk Stones)
“????????” item is changed to what it was meant to be
NPC in Slateport doesn’t freeze the game anymore
Trainer with Lv.50 Masquerain in Flannery’s Gym is changed
Team Aqua cutscene on Route 121 doesn’t break the game anymore
Link Cable is again available at the Lilycove Department Store
Blackboard in Rustboro’s Trainer School doesn’t freeze the game anymore
Pelipper’s held item is fixed, it can now hold Lucky Eggs as was planned
Invisible wall in Pokémart is gone (now you can activate the Mystery Gift)
You cannot get endless Slowbronites from the old man anymore
Battle Pyramid is restored
Text error fixes

Version 1.0.2
“TRAceD” is changed to “traced”
Rival’s movement in Route 110 encounter were restored
Version 1.0.1
in-game trade at the Battle Frontier was changed back to what it was in the vanilla Emerald
Version 1.0
Initial release

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English! It’s Completed!



Cheat Codes:
Using Pokemon Emerald Cheat code
Download Pokemon Delta Emerald 2020 v1.1.4 (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Delta Emerald 2020 v1.1.4 CIA (Completed)

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