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Pokemon War vs TDB

Name: Pokemon War vs TDB
Created by: Helsinki
Source – credit: https://twitter.com/pokemonwarvstdb
So We will play Pokemon War VS TDB. It’s a Fanmade Game on PC and completed. Maybe you can know what you should do. Yup, you should defeat Team TDB and save the world without Toxic People, by the way using Pokemon Battle. Anyway, Have Fun with this game. It’s a Spanish Game and completed by Helsinki.

Unfortunately this world is consumed by toxic people, who have no heart and who act in order to harm others. We have all had in our neighborhood or urbanization the Fools of the Neighborhood or TdB, the typical neighbors who only dedicate themselves to disturbing, ringing, stamping in the windows, insulting, etc. The TdB have been reflected in the Pokémon world of the Community of Madrid. Prof. Oak proposes the initiative to use great resources like the Pokémon to stop the TdB at once, which apparently now all are together in an organization to play even more the united balls. The protagonist will undergo this macabre adventure receiving his first Pokémon in the Lighthouse and Refugee Center against the TdB and at the same time Oak’s laboratory. The mission is easy, help the so-called Inortaos, fighting the TdB, holding back all your plans while defeating the eight gym leaders to become an unheard of coach. It may seem easy at a glance, but coaches, TdB’s, gym leaders and other unexpected people can make things very difficult for you. Do you dare to participate in the operation: “War vs TdB”? You will be welcome but defeat is something that does not enter into the operation …

The region of the Community of Madrid has evolved! We have left behind the shabby graphics of GameBoy redoing all the maps with Pokémon style graphics HeartGold anf SoulSilver.
Edited the cover music
Added new events or side missions to have the ability to capture static Shinys Pokémon.
Changed the exterior and interior backgrounds depending on the theme or place.
The movement reminder was introduced in Arganda del Rey.
The levels or forms of evolution of some Pokémon were changed, as well as some movements. For example: Rhyhorn evolves to Rhydon at level 30 and places Rhypherior to level 50. Machoke evolves to Machamp at level 45, and so with the Pokémon that originally evolved by exchange or rare forms.
The difficulty now is not so reckless, in this beta at least there will be more access to recover your Pokémon along some routes that we have considered to be more complicated than others.
The Soundtrack was even better as we use soundtracks from different video games that we like and that fit well with certain sites and situations.
Some sprites also evolved, such as the PokéBalls, Rock Smash rocks and Cut trees, to a better quality in line with the aforementioned graphics.
There are mega-stones hidden by all the maps and you can megaevolve from the third medal.
First to seventh generation Pokémon, including alola forms and currently excluding Ultraentes.
Mythical music for an excellent setting for each place.
Humor is a predominant theme in this FanGame but without leaving the seriousness of the mission.
You also insist on the amount of events that you can find, in plan, that within each town or city has its history and you can look at information about a bike, or whatever.
The difficulty is quite difficult from the first route. A good team will have to be assembled from the beginning to succeed. This makes it clear that this FanGame is a game for children.
There are hidden and interesting objects from the first town, so, the curious player who looks at everything will be pleasantly rewarded.
Each beta contains 2 gym and we will get one per month, more or less.
The mega evolutions are accessible from almost the beginning of the game, another thing is to have the mega stone (which are well distributed throughout the game) and the corresponding Pokémon.
The Pokémon selection menu was replaced by one that He caught right here from Kyu.
Each gym leader has his characteristic movement and then we can get the MT of this. One thing He should have said before, the 8 gym leaders are YouTubers and each one will tell us their story.
The main menu is now the Sun and Moon thanks to the magnificent contribution of xPokeJose. The sprites of the protagonists are expressly selected and look pretty good. The protagonist will wear a biker suit every time he rides a bike.
more and more

The region is the Community of Madrid based on the original capital of Spain composed of: Torrejón de Ardoz, Torres de la Alameda, Loeches, Ribas, Paracuellos del Jarama, Alcalá de Henares, Leganés, Getafe, Arganda del Rey, Vallecas, Fuenlabrada, Móstoles and of course Madrid. In addition to other towns and cities that will be added in the post-game

It’s PC Game (RPGXP) and Completed. It’s Spanish!



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