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Pokemon Elf

Name: Pokemon Elf – 挂机吧小精灵
Developer: 厦门伟榕网络科技有限公司
Source – credit: http://www.9game.cn/gjbxjl/
Pokemon Elf (挂机吧小精灵) is an Online Game on Android. It’s a Chinese Game. So this game has a lot of Pokemon and you can equip the item into them. But some Pokemon in this game is a little different from Original Game!

“Pokemon Elf” is a card game of Pokémon Battle. It is a work full of memories and innovations in memories. We reinvented the classic theme of Pokémon and transformed it into a Pokémon card game. The gameplay, the battle process does not need to operate, just hang up easily. The game has Pokemon card elves collection, Pokemon evolution, Pokemon Dome across the service PK, Pokemon personal cross-service competition, Pokemon costumes to create and other gameplay, the game’s originality has increased the three characteristics of the pet reincarnation system, home system, treasure synthesis system. Bao Ke dream, go!

APK Version: The Version Pokemoner used when Pokemoner made gameplay!

Developer: Xiamen Weiwei Network Technology Co., Ltd. (厦门伟榕网络科技有限公司)

It’s an Android Game and Online. It’s Chinese!



Download Pokemon Elf (From 9game)

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Download Pokemon Elf APK (Back Up – I don’t updated it in the future)

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