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Pokemon Polka Aqua

Name: Pokemon Polka Aqua
Remake from: Pokemon Ruby
Remake by: Latios Azurill
Source – credit: https://latiosazurill.wixsite.com/pokemonpolkaaqua
What if many of the characters from various television shows and movies were in the Pokémon World? What kinds of adventures would unfold? How would all of these characters interact within the same universe? Where would you fit in? What is the true nature of Pokémon evolution? And just where does Azurill fit into all of this? After rescuing the friendly Professor Palm, it is time to find out! Set out on an adventure like no other, solving mysteries, saving the world, and training up your Pokémon!

* New Story
* TV Show and Movie Characters Drive the Plot
* Post-Game Plot
* New Locations Throughout Map
* A Variety of Pokemon from Every Generation
* Option to challenge Gym Leaders in Single or Double Battle Format
(The Either Option Chooses One of the Two Randomly).

* Gym Leaders can be Re-Battled Post-Game as Often as You Want
* Custom Shiny Palettes for a Variety of Pokemon
* Increased Shiny Odds
* Increased Experience Yield from Defeated Pokemon
* A Unique Set of Starter Pokemon
* The Reverse Stone – an Item Used to Un-Evolve Pokemon
* Key Items That can be Used in Place of Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, and Waterfall
* Form Changes for Many Pokemon
* Certain Pokemon Given New/Modified Secondary Types
* New Movesets for Most Pokemon
* Buffs to the Base Stats of Most Pokemon
* Buffs to the Base Power of Most Moves
* Changes to Certain TMs to Make Them More Useful
* Changes Certain Evolution Methods for Pokemon
* New Very Useful Held Items
* Cheaper Items at Marts
* Wider Selection of Items Available at Marts
* A Post-Game Gym with a Twist

Guide Through Story
* Denotes a Requirement
** Denotes an Option

* Start your adventure by moving to Newtown.
* Meet your rival, May or Brendan, the child of the local professor, Prof. Beech.
* Rescue Professor Palm from a Skitty on Route 1.
* Receive the Pokemon you used to rescue Prof. Palm at Prof. Beech’s Lab.
* Battle your rival on Route 2.
* Battle Prof. Palm before returning to lab to recieve the Pokedex.
* Receive the Pokedex from Prof. Beech in his lab.
* Travel to River City.
* Prof. Palm upgrades your Pokedex to National Mode, along with the Rotom Dex.
* Speak to Norman in the River City Gym and watch Wally catch a Ralts.
* Speak to Agent Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D. and receive a mischievous Pokemon.
* Travel to New York and challenge the New York City Gym.
* Speak to Lois Lane, standing right in front of Luthor Corp.
* Go to the top floor of Luthor Corp to learn about the recent break-in and homocide.
* Pick up the Luxury Ball on the floor at Luthor Corp.
* Travel downward to Stars Hollow.
* Challenge the unofficial Stars Hollow Gym.
* Watch the town meeting following your battle at the unofficial Stars Hollow Gym.
* Head past the New View Tunnel to Fairview.
* Speak to Agents Fitz and Simmons from S.H.I.E.L.D. in Fairview.
* Speak to Bree in her house, the rightmost house in the middle row in Fairview.
* Speak to Karen in her house, the leftmost house in the middle row in Fairview.
* Read the note in the bag in the hole dug behind Karen’s house in Fairview.
* Speak to Liv in Seattle.
* Speak to Don E in Seattle.
* Go to Tree Hill.
* Battle Wally and his Ralts.
* Get a Bicycle from Keith at his Auto Shop.
* Travel to Miami down Cycling Road.
* Speak to Prof. Palm in Miami to learn about his invention of the Reverse Stone.
* Find Blaine at the Miami Oceanic Museum, as Hydra tries to intervene.

** Battle all the trainers at the Seashore House to receive the Axe.
* Head back to Tree Hill through the path underneath Cycling Road.
* Battle your rival.
* Challenge the Tree Hill Gym.
* Battle the members of the Scott Family at their house just above Tree Hill.
* Pick up the HM for Rock Smash in the Scott Family’s house.

** Note that you can complete the Miami quest, battling the Scott Family, and challenging the Tree Hill Gym in any order you choose.

** Trade a Lum Berry, purchasable at the Miami Market, with the woman in the Tree Hill Pokemon Center for the Coin Case.

* Head back to the New View Tunnel to use Rock Smash and deliver the letter to Lex Luthor in the room initially blocked by the rock.
* Travel past Tree Hill to Philadelphia.
* Battle Prof. Palm in Philadelphia. Afterward, he will give you the Hammer.

** Prof. Palm’s house is in Philadelphia and he has an assistant right in front of City Hall there who sells Reverse Stones.
* Help the Charmed Ones by defeating Zankou at the Weather Institute.
* Battle your rival once again.
* Speak to various characters in the leftmost house in Mystic Falls regarding Caroline’s abduction.

** Receive the Bulldozer from Sabrina at Hilda’s Coffee House in Boston.
* Travel past Eastwick to Los Angeles.
* Challenge the Los Angeles Gym.
* Speak to Agent Coulson right next to the Los Angeles Gym.
* Speak to Chuck directly below where Agent Coulson was (above the beach).
* Go to the top of the tall building on the right side of Los Angeles.
* Speak to the members of APO.
* Battle Arvin Sloane upon leaving.
* Speak to Angel at the Hyperion Hotel, who asks you to find Willow in Sunnydale.
* Speak to Prof. Palm on the bridge the the left of Los Angeles, who gives you the Palm Scope when making an invisible Kecleon become visible.
* Travel to San Francisco.

** Battle your rival to gain access to the San Francisco Department Store.
* Challenge the San Francisco Gym.
* Take the Cross-Country Cable Car from San Francisco back to New York.
* Challenge the River City Gym. Norman then suggests you go see a friend of his, the Santa Barbara Police Chief.
* Go back to San Francisco via the Cross-Country Cable Car in order to head to Santa Barbara, located below the Safari Zone Gate.
* Speak to Shawn at Psych.
* Go the Santa Barbara Police Department.
* Once the detectives solve the murder, go back to Santa Barbara Police Department to receive the HM for Surf.

** At Tree Hill, Clark Kent asks you to go shut down a secret site funded by Luthor Corp, called Luthor Corp 33.1, located underneath Cycling Road.

* Head to the right of San Francisco.
* Travel through the maze of Route 19 (not around it) to gain access to Sunnydale.
* Battle Prof. Palm on Route 19.
* Challenge the Sunnydale Gym.
* Speak to Willow in her house in Sunnydale.
* Go back to San Francisco.
* In San Francisco, go to the basement of the Halliwell Manor.
* Once the power of the Nexus is unleashed, head back to Sunnydale.
* In Sunnydale, speak to Lex Luthor to receive the HM for Dive.
* Venture into the Hellmouth in order to defeat, or capture, the monster.
* Use Dive to access the house to the bottom-right of Sunnydale. In that house, use Floo Powder in order to go to Hogwarts.
* Go to the Forbidden Forest to challenge Aragog.
* Go to the Chamber of Secrets in the castle and battle Tom Riddle.
* Challenge the Hogwarts Gym.
* Fly back to Tree Hill and travel to the left of Rosewood, using Dive, to enter Storybrooke.
* Battle Prof. Palm in Storybrooke.
* Challenge the Storybrooke Gym.
* As Mr. Gold suggests, go defeat the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland.
* Find the Spaceship hidden under the rock next to the Roswell-side entrance inside Meteor Falls.
* Take the Spaceship to Max in the Crashdown Cafe in Roswell. He will give you the Go-Goggles for the Spaceship.
* Go to the top-right portion of the desert on Route 9.
* Speak to Jack who will take you down inside the tomb of Milo Rambaldi.
* Inside Rambaldi’s Tomb, use Dig from right in front of the Braille wall in the back-center.
* Go deeper into Rambaldi’s Tomb and battle Arvin Sloane once again.
* After Jack uses the C4 and gets you back outside, he will suggest going to Washington DC to meet the President.
* Travel to Washington DC (it is located under Route 18 – between Tree Hill and Santa Barbara).
* At the White House, speak to President Fitzgerald Grant.
* Afterward, speak to Olivia at OPA.
* Afterward, find Command in front of the Washington Monument (on the left) and battle him.
* Olivia will ensure he is taken into custody, but will receive a phone call that Azurill Isle was infiltrated by Hydra.
* Go to Azurill Isle Cave (located on Route 20 – above Sunnydale).
* Battle through Hydra Agents until you get to Grant Ward – then battle him.
* Agent Coulson will take Ward into custody, and Prof. Palm will give you the HM for Waterfall.
* Head to Victory Island, located at the rightmost part of the map.

** At Victory Island, you can pick up the Cascade Kit.
* Battle Prof. Palm once again.
* Travel through Victory Road.
* Battle Wally once again.
* There is an adorable Azurill that seems to have followed you from Azurill Isle Cave. It will challenge you.
* Battle the Pokemon League.
* Receive the SS Ticket and ride the SS Tidal between Miami and San Francisco.
* Pick up the Rare Candy on the floor in your cabin on the ship.
* Go to New York City. Speak to the invisible wall to the right of the gym.
* You will get transported to Star City, in a parallel universe.
* In Star City, the Green Arrow will knock you out and take you to his team’s hideout.
* Go to S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City to get help returning home.
* Help the Flash stop a Metahuman his team is calling Mind Man.
* Go back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Cisco will try opening a breach in the spacetime continuum.
* He will have accidentally sent you to National City in yet another parallel universe.
* After going to CatCo, Kara will send you back to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Cisco will try again to send you to your world.
* This time, he will send you to yet another, albeit familiar, parallel universe.
* You will be in the Enchanted Forest, behind Snow White’s Castle.
* Travel back to Storybrooke, where most of its residents will be cursed and missing.
* Go to Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop, where he will be facing his mother, the Black Fairy.
* Battle the Black Fairy. Mr. Gold will finish her off.
* Go back outside and speak to Emma during the final battle.
* Cisco will show up and tell you that you can return to S.T.A.R. Labs and his world any time you want from a portal in Portland.
* If you go back to Central City, you will find the Flash behind S.T.A.R. Labs. If you speak to him, something will attack.
* Afterward, if you speak to Cisco in front of S.T.A.R. Labs, something else will attack.
* After this, in Star City, you will find the Green Arrow facing Damien Darhk. If you speak to him, something else will attack.
* After this, Prof. Palm will appear in front of S.T.A.R. Labs, comment on how weird it is that you can travel between parallel universes, and ask for your help about a disaster at Azurill Isle.
* Go to Azurill Isle to stop a certain Pokemon from causing a disaster.

** At this point, the story of the game will be completed. There are, however, other sidequests and plenty of Legendary/Mythical Pokemon to obtain.

** You can re-battle any of the Gym Leaders at their gyms.

** You can re-battle the Pokemon League.

** You can battle your rival again at his/her house in Newtown.

** You can challenge Prof. Beech to a battle at Central Perk in New York City.

** You can challenge Prof. Palm to another battle at his house in Philadelphia.

** You can challenge the new gym in Hawaii, which includes a twist at the end.

Legendary & Mythical Pokemon Location Hints
* Articuno – Such a sacred bird!
* Zapdos – Such a sacred bird!
* Moltres – Such a sacred bird!
* Mewtwo – Nothing’s stopping it from claiming victory!
* Mew – Being everything’s common ancestor, I’ve always found this Pokemon so enchanting!
* Unown – 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
* Raikou – Perhaps you should view a new sense of locations…
* Entei – An inferno may lie beyond fruit.
* Suicune – You’re right if you seek the north wind.
* Lugia – Perhaps it’s underwater somewhere…
* Ho-Oh – You can alway count on Albus Dumbledore!
* Celebi – I wonder what the Time Stone does…
* Regirock – Maybe you should take a walk in the desert…
* Regice – Look in the middle of the sea!
* Registeel – When it rains, it pours…
* Latias – Take a nice trip in the south.
* Latios – You might take some time to find this one…
* Kyogre – Take a fun little trip to the islands!
* Groudon – Beware what may lie in the mouth of hell!
* Rayquaza – Just look sky high!
* Jirachi – I think it was featured in a movie…
* Deoxys – It came from space!
* Uxie – I guess it has plenty of knowledge of the weather!
* Mesprit – I guess it gets emotional over lakes!
* Azelf – I guess it has the willpower to avoid straying too far from its friends.
* Dialga – Be careful when you mess with the Speed Force!
* Palkia – Be careful when you mess with altering dimensions in space!
* Heatran – This thing’s a hazard – its devastation would surely be newsworthy!
* Regigigas – It’s amazingly powerful, but it’s got to be somewhere!
* Giratina – Be careful when you mess with the wrong person!
* Cresselia – Maybe it only exists in your dreams…
* Manaphy – How would a ranger find it?
* Darkrai – Maybe it only exists in your nightmares…
* Shaymin – Look to the sky!
* Arceus – A deity might appear somewhere!
* Victini – It sure does love lighthouses!
* Cobalion – It likes to fight in some rough terrain…
* Terrakion – I mean, it’s not in a tomb…
* Virizion – Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down.
* Reshiram – I wonder where one might find the truth…
* Zekrom – I wonder where one might find the ideal Pokeball to catch it…
* Kyurem – One might call this Pokemon chilling…
* Keldeo – It likes to fight early on…
* Meloetta – Music is an artistic expression of oneself!
* Genesect – Perhaps it’s hidden somewhere… if it’s even still around…
* Xerneas – The Tree of Life must appreciate flowing water…
* Yveltal – It’s honestly an infinite pain to find…
* Zygarde – Be careful when approaching the Basilisk…
* Diancie – I guess the diamonds disappeared at some point without a trace…
* Hoopa – Is anything supposed to make sense?!
* Volcanion – If you’ve proven yourself, you might find smoke above water…
* Cosmog – This will take a while to get…
* Necrozma – Eclipses don’t just happen every day…
* Magearna – This is one odd experiment…
* Marshadow – It hides in the shadows…
* Zeraora – It’s kind of a secret…
* Meltan – Such a curious, yet sacred, creature!


* Adds Key Item for some more HMs:
* Dive
* Waterfall


* Adds the Fairy type
* Changes some Pokemon typings to Fairy type
* Adds Physical/Special Split
* Adds some moves to take advantage of Physical/Special Split, including:
* Zing Zap
* Icicle Crash
* Aura Sphere
* Earth Power
* Flash Cannon
* Zen Headbutt
* Moonblast
* Pixie Kick (a new physical Fairy-type move with chance of flinching)
* Modifies some movesets of Pokemon to accommodate Physical/Special Split


* Introduces updated Repel system – asks if you want to use another Repel, and which type, when one expires
* Makes TMs reusable
* Updates the player’s map to fully represent the region of the game
* Adds evolution stones:
* Fire Stone
* Ice Stone
* Shiny Stone
* Dawn Stone
* Dusk Stone
* Oval Stone
* Changes some evolution methods of Pokemon to use the newly added evolution stones
* Adds some items for changing Pokemon forms:
* Alola Stone (Vulpix, Sandshrew)
* Gracidea (Shaymin)
* Treble Stone (Meloetta)
* Prison Bottle (Hoopa)
* Order Cube (Zygarde)
* Ultra Stone (Necrozma)


* Adds more custom shiny palettes for some additional Pokemon


* Fixes a glitch where a Poke Ball on the ground kept respawning
* Adds more custom shiny palettes for some additional Pokemon


* Fixes a glitch involving the move Flash Cannon
* Adds more custom shiny palettes for some additional Pokemon


* Adds more custom shiny palettes for some additional Pokemon
* Adds the option of a Lite Version of the game (separate file)
The Lite Version:
* Removes most buffs to base stats
* Removes most buffs to moves
* Removes some of the added secondary types to Pokemon
* Makes some boss battles easier


* Allows acquiring form-changing items from Gold’s shop in Storybrooke post-game
* Nerfs the first battle with Prof. Palm to be more like that battle in the sequel
* Adds more custom shiny palettes for some additional Pokemon



Download Pokemon Polka Aqua v1.4 – Pokemon Info
Pokemon Polka Aqua – Evolution/Form/Type Changes
Download Pokemon Polka Aqua v1.36 – 20200806 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Polka Aqua v1.36 Lite – 20200806 (Completed)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–

Download Pokemon Polka Aqua v1.36 – 20200806 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Polka Aqua v1.36 Lite- 20200806 CIA (Completed)

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