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Pokemon Gelb++

Name: Pokemon Gelb++
Remake by: Ebernacher90
Remake from: Pokemon Yellow
Source – credit: https://www.ducumon.click/forum/your-post/pokegelb
So, Gelb, it means Yellow. This game is similar to Pokemon Red ++. You can have more features in this game such as Fairy, Steel and Dark-type in this game.
Base stats up to Gen 7 with a few moves from Gen 7. And more and more features in this game. If you want to know more about this game, check the link in the description below.

All Pokéstats to gen 7 updated.
Fairy, Steel and Dark Type included.
The bite is now Dark Type, Gust is Flying and Karatechop is Fight Type.
A few moves update to gen 7
Steelix included but the sprites are garbage now I will fix this soon.
All 150 Pokemon catchable.
The type chart soon complete.

More Front and Backsprites + New Intro Logo
Rhyhorn and Onix Fronts

More new Back and Frontsprites

More new Back and Frontsprites
New Version corrected more back sprites positions.
Change back sprites Position, to see them clearer on screen.
No changes only engine Updates not relevant to the game itself

Fixed Pidgey Line Sprites

New Version with new Pidgey line
Also with new Pidgey line Sprites

New Version with fixed critical New game glitch

Newest Version updatetd to newest origin github pret/pokeyellow commit, no ingame changes
Fixes more by pokemon name
Add all fossils to Cinnebar Island mart
Fixed one Item name
Swapped Steel and Dark-type from Special to Attack
And other little changes
New original Red/Green pokemon battle Front sprites
Fixes in battle Animation issues
Frontsprite Crobat
Item name: Top-Äthert to – Top-Äther
Fixed back sprite Crobat
Fixed Typename Gheist to Geist
Fixed a Pokemon name: Tentoca – Tentoxa
Add Riperior

Add Protector
Magmorter and Electivire
Insert the two Items to evolve them
Magmarizer and Electirizer
Fixed Magmortar and Electivire Frpntsprites
Now with moveset fix
Fixed Itemnames from the new Evolution items, fixes Dex entries
New Pokemon Porygon2 and Porygon-Z
The Evolution Items to them
New Trainer Sprite Swimmer Feminim ans fixed many orginal game glitches and other improvements
Fixed Trainer DVs
New Version adds a few new things (I have forgotten what)
Fixed Rival2 Pokemon Team
The new version fixes and improve
All Trainernames translated to german
Crobat and Steelix back sprite now included
All 7 back sprites included from all 7 new mons
Backsprites by EeVeeEe
Add Koknodon and Rameidon to Pokedex
Decrease Price from Vitamins to 100
Fixed An error with IndigoPlateu has me a new Version with swapped the guy before cerulean cave to become lv 100 Because when loses vs Elite 4 you get in a glitched map
New Version decrease the Legend Birds from LV50 to LV2
Added full polished map support (it is not relevant for the game).
Improved Oakspeech
Included Nincada Line
New Pokemon Jirachi and Magnezone
Custom Pokémon Palettes ca 20 from 166
New Version with more Frontsprites in gen 4 style and custom palettes
More Frontspeites and custom palettes
Correctur: Frontsprites
Updates to newest pokeyellow Engine
added Pikachu/Raichu backsprites

Rhydon Front
Backsprites included from Onix, Rhyhorn and Rhydon

It’s GB Hack ROM in English!



Download Pokemon Gelb++ v0. (Completed)

—Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked below—

Download Pokemon Gelb++ v0. CIA (Completed)

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