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Pokemon Rocket Team Edition

Pokemon Rocket Team Edition
Name: Pokemon Rocket Team Edition
Hacked/Remaked by: Wyschydog
Based on: Pokemon Ruby
Source link/Author’s Website: http://www.pokemonhacking.it/showthread.php?tid=1395
So in this game… maybe you can have new intro… :))) nice nice boy… maybe it’s just little change but it’s fun… :))) Haha… ok, maybe some new songs in this game… well well well… nice :))) I don’t actually care about the music but if we can have new… :)) maybe so enjoy.. haha… So the storyline… you can see the name of the game is Pokemon Rocket Team Edition… :)) Yeah.. maybe we have some roms with that name but it has a difirrent storyline… I highly rate the storyline in this game. It’s good. hmm, maybe that’s all.

About Pokemon, hmm I don’t have more information about it so I can’t review… So when I made this video, I was playing beta version and maybe it’s canceled project. So sad about it. :(( it’s Italian Rom and not English. So sad too. But I think it’s great… maybe the author is so so busy and he can’t complete it But it’s Great. Thank you Wyschydog for hacking this game.

CIA Version is for Nintendo 3DS!

Pokemon Rocket Team Edition

Download Pokemon Rocket Team Edition (Beta – Canceled)
Download Pokemon Rocket Team Edition CIA (Beta – Canceled)

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